Can you Upgrade your Laptop’s RAM? Read this before Upgrading!

As daily, today when I was doing some important office work on my laptop, my laptop became very slow and started hanging.

Although this is not the first time with me, my older laptop keeps hanging every time due to the amount of RAM I am using. I was too frustrated because of this.

Then I thought that I should upgrade my laptop, but my mind was filled with all these questions: Can I upgrade my Laptop’s RAM? Will my laptop cause issue if I upgrade RAM? Will it be compatible for my Laptop? 

Then I researched a lot about it and finally got all the answers. So let’s know about it in the article!

Can you Upgrade Your Laptop’s RAM?

Yes, RAM of laptops can be upgraded but this is not possible in every laptop. Because in some laptops, RAM is permanently attached to the motherboard, which cannot be removed or upgraded.

Even if you somehow exchange the RAM, there may be compatibility issues.

If you want to check the compatibility of your laptop with upgrading RAM, then you can check it by following the steps.

How to check if you can Upgrade your Laptop RAM?

Check if you can Upgrade your Laptop RAM

To check your laptop’s compatibility with extra RAM, follow these methods:

Method 1: Check your Laptop’s model specifications

First of all you must know the model of your laptop, to check it:

Click on the Windows Icon in the bottom left > Search for System Information > Find your Laptop’s model.

Then search your laptop model on Google and check your laptop’s specifications, you will find out How much RAM will your laptop supports and how many RAM slots are there.

Method 2: Check your laptop memory or RAM compatibility with a tool

Use Kingston’s memory module scanner to get a recommendation on compatible RAM upgrades for specific model of your Laptop. It will analyze your Laptop and tell you how much additional RAM your laptop can support.

Follow these steps to use it: 

1. Go to Kingston’s Memory search
2. Select your device type
3. Select your Laptop’s manufacturer
4. Select product line
5. Then finally select your laptop’s model

It will take less than 60 seconds to check.

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Method 3: Check Manually

Open the bottom panel of your laptop and check whether there is an extra RAM slot or not. Even if there is no slot, you can exchange your old RAM with new high-end RAM.

But before exchanging, check its compatibility once.

And also keep in mind that the RAM must not be attached to the motherboard, if the RAM of your laptop is attached to the motherboard then you will not be able to upgrade the RAM in your laptop.

Do this before Upgrading your RAM

Do this before Upgrading your RAM

1. First of all, check the specification of your laptop and ensure that what is the maximum RAM limit in your laptop. Don’t exceed the recommended capacity.

2. Purchase compatible type of RAM that matches your laptop’s required generation (DDR3, DDR4 or DDR5 memory etc.) and pin configuration.

3. If the RAM is not fitting properly in your laptop, then do not force it, otherwise both the RAM and the RAM slot will be broken.

Taking these steps will help you to perform a smooth and successful RAM upgrade. 

How to Upgrade my Laptop’s RAM?

Keep these things mentioned above while upgrading your laptop’s RAM. Such as RAM size, compatibility and maximum RAM limit etc.

Here is the step by step process to upgrade your laptop’s RAM if you feel the need to upgrade: 

Step 1: Turn off your Laptop.
Step 2: Locate you Laptop’s RAM access panel from the bottom.
Step 3: Remove your Laptop’s Panel screws with a Phillips head screwdriver.
Step 4: Securely To start, To start, To start, open the bottom panel of your sluggish laptop. of your sluggish laptop. of your sluggish laptop. to access the RAM module.
Step 5: Press down the side clips holding the RAM. (Don’t touch the gold-colored connectors.).
Step 6: Remove the existing RAM.
Step 7: Insert the Upgraded RAM in the Laptop (Install New RAM)
Step 8: Make sure the side clips will hold the RAM properly.
Step 9: Assemble the bottom panel and tight it’s screws.
Step 10: Turn on your laptop to verify if the RAM work properly

How to verify if my Laptop’s RAM is Upgraded properly?

How to verify if my Laptop's RAM is Upgraded properly

1. Turn on your Laptop
2. Click the Windows Icon
3. Type System Information in the search bar and open it to check the amount of RAM.
4. Scroll down to check if the RAM has been upgraded.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much RAM should I add in my Laptop? – How much RAM do you need?

You should take the decision according to the maximum RAM capacity and usage of your laptop. For example: If you have to do heavy work on the laptop like gaming etc. then you will need to add more RAM (4GB, 8GB, 16GB or 32GB). Adding more ram could faster your laptop’s performance.

Should I also upgrade my Laptop with SSD?

Yes, along with new RAM, you should also add SSD to your upgrade your laptop, it will make your laptop faster. Personally, I have also added SSD to my laptop and since then, my laptop’s speed has been boosted 3x and it does not even lag.

How to check my Laptop’s current RAM?

To see the current RAM of your laptop, you have to: Open the window search bar and type System Information in it. Then after scrolling a little, you will see the current RAM of your laptop.

Can increasing RAM improve my laptop’s performance?

Yes, if you increase the ram on your laptop, then your laptop will run very smoothly and your laptop will not hang. So you can do your work easily without any frustration.

Conclusion – Laptop’s RAM Upgradation

In conclusion, by following the steps mentioned above and keeping the precautions in mind, I upgraded the RAM of my Dell laptop to 8GB of RAM and it’s working 3x faster than before and boosted my CPU performance.

And I checked the compatibility of my laptop with the RAM upgrade with Kingston searcher, I have explained the process step by step to use it above in the article.

If you have any queries or suggestions about this article, please let me know in the comment section below!

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