ChatGPT Alternatives: 25 Best Options For AI Chatbots 2023

ChatGPT Alternatives: 25 Best Options For AI Chatbots 2023

ChatGPT alternatives are the AI chatbots that you may use while you face some issues operating ChatGPT. ChatSonic. and Copy. ai are a few examples of this.

To understand what are the drawbacks of ChatGPT which move its users away from it and try other options, we need to understand everything. It includes the functioning of ChatGPT, its benefits, drawbacks, and the specific features it lacks. So let’s start to understand in detail.

ChatGPT And Its Uses

ChatGPT And Its Uses

We are living in a world of artificial intelligence advancements. (AI) tools like ChatGPT have emerged as game-changers. They’ve transformed everything from creative writing to coding and even visual content creation.

ChatGPT is available at the most affordable price of $20 per month with pro features. Despite a few limitations, its proficiency in crafting stories, generating code, and producing diverse content is truly remarkable.

ChatGPT helps in the following disciplines:

  1. Generate text content in a wide variety of styles, from different writing styles to subject matter expertise and languages.
  2. Get suggestions., solutions, answer questions or concerns, and break down the core components of issues.
  3. Customize responses for chatbots. These responses can be tailored to a wide variety of circumstances.
  4. Acts as a developer resource tool to create landing pages and websites.
  5. Assisting in SEO keyword research and content ideation – and even with link suggestions.
  6. Helping in the heavy lifting of other SEO tasks by integrating queries in Excel with ChatGPT API.
  7. Helping developers with code by creating complex code patterns and solutions. It’s also possible to write entire programs from scratch using ChatGPT.

ChatGPT helps in several fields of life but sometimes you need to use an alternative platform to perform similar tasks in a way that lets you get away with more (or less), depending on the project you are working on. Enter a few choice ChatGPT alternatives.

ChatGPT Limitations: Why Use ChatGPT Alternatives?

ChatGPT Limitations: Why Use ChatGPT Alternatives?

While the merits of ChatGPT are indisputable, there are still compelling reasons to go for ChatGPT alternatives in your toolbox:

1. Lack of accuracy 

ChatGPT is a popular AI tool offering a wide range of use cases, but it is not a hundred percent accurate. Like any other large language model (LLM), the accuracy of ChatGPT relies on its training data. If the information used to train ChatGPT is inaccurate, updated, or biased, this can lead to inconsistencies in the responses or generation of text.

2. Lack of real-time data

ChatGPT cannot access the internet. This means that it cannot provide real-time information, such as breaking news or today’s weather. This is because ChatGPT is a language processing model, not a search engine.

3. Limited domain-specific information

ChatGPT has been trained in a huge of data from different internet sources. Despite its vast reservoir of information, ChatGPT faces difficulty when dealing with specific, niche topics, making it rather useless in these scenarios.

4. No authenticity

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of ChatGPT alternatives. It does One of the biggest complaints about ChatGPT is that it doesn’t provide sources, footnotes, or links to the information on which its answers are based. This can be especially problematic in scientific or research contexts.

5. No data security

ChatGPT uses the user’s data to improve its performance. This data may include personal and sensitive data that can be released with prompt injections, leading to data breaches and privacy violations.

6. Availability issues

Due to immense requests from users, ChatGPt is most of the time down. Handling requests from millions of users leads to slow performance or even collapse.

7. Limited User Experience

ChatGPT is famous for its chat interface. However for certain tasks, like coding, copying and pasting chat interface outputs is not ideal for the coding workflow.

8. Robotic Phrasing

ChatGPT is not capable of using idioms or phrases with a figurative meaning. That can make a conversation a bit stiff and stilted. When you read a blog post or article written by ChatGPT, the phrase structure tells you it wasn’t written by a living, breathing person.

9. Lacks human touch

One last but the major disadvantage of ChatGPT is that it’s not human. It’s a machine and is incapable of the layers of nuance, thought, and feeling humans produce. 

What are the Must-Have ChatGPT Alternative Features?

ChatGPt is helpful almost to everyone. The features you need from a ChatGPT alternative depend on your role and how you plan to use ChatGPT in the first place. Like if you’re in marketing, you might need an AI content generator. If you’re in software development, you might need an AI code tool. And pretty much all of us need AI that will help us work faster and get more done.

So when you are looking for a ChatGPT alternative, consider these features as you compare your options:

1. Natural language processing (NLP)

Almost all AI technology relies on natural language processing. Users feed it a prompt in plain language, and it generates an answer. However, the quality of natural language processing can vary dramatically from one AI model to another. Make sure to ask AI chatbots plenty of questions and ensure you’re happy with the quality of the responses.

2. Auto-completion

Try to find this feature in your ChatGPt alternative. The feature of automation helps you save your time and energy for other tasks. So prefer the tools with this feature.

3. Jack of all trades

Try to search a tool with multiple functions. It should have content generation features, create AI art, and build content calendars. For the project management tasks, choose an AI that helps you schedule meetings, write project summaries, and edit data.

4. Switching

The access to plugins and integrations allows you to use your AI with the other apps you already use. This can help the AI integrate more smoothly into your workflow, and some plugins allow an AI-powered tool to perform additional tasks.

Choosing the Best ChatGPT ALternatives 

Choosing the Best ChatGPT ALternatives 

Despite ChatGPT’s high level of performance, many other ChatGPT alternatives are available. You can get the right business or personal solution by exploring the options available. What’s more, ChatGPT users encounter some issues due to its millions of users. Particularly when ChatGPT is overcapacity and cannot be accessed by users.

So the solution for these issues is to have some quality ChatGPT alternatives. If ChatGPT isn’t working for you, here are some options that may help. Some are complex, and others are far more accessible; some are free, while others charge.

Let’s understand them in detail:

1. Chatsonic

Chatsonic by Writesonic is one of the best ChatGPT alternatives meeting all of your conversational AI requirements.  Powered by GPT-4, Chatsonic is designed to address the limitations of ChatGPT. It provides, providing real-time data, image, voice searches, and a plethora of content creation capabilities. With a 20% cost advantage over ChatGPT, its unlimited plan is just $16/month, positioning Chatsonic as the most wallet-friendly AI writing tool on the market.

2. Google Bard

One of the worthy ChatGPT alternatives is Google’s Bard AI. Google’s Bard is powered by Google’s in-house PaLM 2 large language model. 

It provides dozens of impressive features to its users helps in crafting write-ups like articles and emails and has commendable mathematical abilities. Its useful programming capabilities are an effective tool for learning a new language. Because it is connected to the internet, while ChatGPT (without plugins) is not, Bard tends to be more up-to-date on current trends. Since this is an experimental project, Google hasn’t announced pricing yet.

3. Microsoft Bing

It is also one of ChatGPT’s alternatives gaining popularity as a revamped search engine. Microsoft Bing AI is powered by an upgraded model of ChatGPT, which the company initially called the new “Prometheus model” but was later confirmed to be GPT-4.

The new Bing also has a Chat mode that pulls in web queries and allows users to ask contextual information based on them. This AI chatbot has introduced more advanced features, including multimodal capability, visual answers, increased accuracy, and the Bing Image Creator. All these features are useful to plan trips, get recipes, seek out advice, and a lot more. While it was earlier available via a waitlist, this amazing ChatGPT alternative is now available to everyone. No upfront cost. Pay as you use. 1000 transactions are free per month.

Jasper has stepped into the field of AI content generation for some time now and has been well-appreciated among users. However, apart from its content generation features and other services, Jasper also has a relatively new chatbot.

This ChatGPT alternative is also based on GPT 3.5 and has OpenAI as its partner. However, unlike ChatGPT, which has a simple user interface, Jasper is a tricky tool to use.JasperChat has been built for businesses like advertising, marketing, and such.

Jasper Chat itself is free, but you require Jasper’s Boss or Business plan to access all the features. The Boss Plan starts at $59 per month. It’s not exactly cheap, but it also gives you access to all of Jasper’s services. Get the 5-day trial to see if it fits you.

5.GitHub Copilot and Copilot X

Also named AI Pair Programmer, it is developed by GitHub With OpenAI technology. The model was trained with trillions of lines of code from GitHub public repositories, making it an excellent AI tool for developers.

This is a great combination of machine learning with context, such as comments, variable names, and code structure, and autocompletes your code. JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and Go are among the programming languages supported by GitHub Copilot.

Copilot X, the latest version of Copilot, is powered by the new GPT-4 model, which was introduced by GitHub recently with features such as AI chat support, pull request support and test generation.

After a 30-day free trial, you must pay a subscription fee to continue using GitHub Copilot. However, students, teachers, and people who maintain well-known open-source projects can use it for free.

6. OpenAI Playground

 OpenAI Playground

This is also one of the true ChatGPT alternatives. It is a cutting-edge web-based tool designed to facilitate the construction and evaluation of predictive language models. It works differently. Unlike ChatGPT, which excels at understanding context and can produce high-quality content even with vague prompts, OpenAI Playground requires specific prompts and settings for better-quality outputs. 

The tool serves many purpose-specific preset prompts, ensuring seamless customization through adjustable parameters such as the model, response length, and temperature. 

OpenAI Playground is not free. It offers a free trial credit of $18 which you can use to prompt the AI. It expires after three months or when the free credit is used up. To continue using the playground, you must purchase more credits.

7. Claude

This AI chatbot has been introduced by Anthropic. This is a next-generation AI assistant capable of conversing and processing text.

To make Claude helpful, honest, and harmless, Anthropic researched how to train AI systems to think in these ways. Resultantly Claude has emerged as a great tool to generate. Summaries, Q&A, and helps with coding. In their developer console, it is available as a chat interface and an API.

Besides Claude, Anthropic also offers Claude Instant, a lighter, cheaper, and faster version of Claude. Others include Quora, Juni Learning, Notion, and DuckDuckGo, the company has partnered with several other brands.

Claude uses a token system. So, a Prompt is $1.63/ million tokens on Claude Instant and $11.02/ million tokens for Claude.

8. Perplexity AI uses which makes it an excellent alternative to ChatGPT. With a dark interface, Perplexity offers a great conversational experience. You don’t even have to create an account to use its free version, which is powered by GPT-3.

This AI tool comes with several cool features, such as threads which allow you to revisit previous conversations with Perplexity, and search focus, which enables you to fine-tune your search by narrowing down the sources. 

Furthermore, Perplexity is thought to be more authentic and free from copyright issues as compared to ChatGPT, providing source cites in all its answers. 

It has a Pro version powered by GPT-4. The premium subscriptions include Copilot, an interactive search assistant that asks you clarifying questions to guide the AI search process and find the best answer for you.


This is an AI-powered chatbot search assistant feature by It allows users to query the internet through messaging. Users can search using natural language input and receive results in a conversational format. YouChat is smart enough to understand the intent behind user queries and provide relevant answers. By using a combination of languages is easy to access through various platforms, including web and mobile. This is one of the usefulChatGPT alternatives helping you perform multiple tasks, from finding information and making plans to purchasing products and services. 

YouChat also provides the user’s citations for its answers, making it useful for research and fact-checking. This is done by incorporating information from reputable sources and providing links to those sources in response to user queries. YouChat is available for free.

10. Elsa Speak

This is one of the excellent ChatGPT alternatives for personal or professional reasons. You can get help through its mobile app for improving your English pronunciation and speaking skills. The Elsa application is available on Apple and Android devices and is powered by artificial intelligence.

This is indeed a great platform for language learning and translation than ChatGPT. The app offers a wide range of topics, from basic vocabulary and grammar to advanced topics like public speaking and business English.

More than 7,100 lessons are organized into 22 critical skills required to master English pronunciation with Elsa Speak. The Elsa Speak language learning platform provides structure and real-time feedback. Your progress can be tracked by creating a profile.

It is available for free and $11.99 per month for paid plans

11. Tabnine

Tabnine was among the first to introduce auto-suggestion of code snippets in an IDE, similar to how GitHub Copilot works.

As Tabnine AI has been trained on so many open-source programs, it can make code suggestions based on the context of your project. Additionally, developers can train and customize their own AI models within Tabnine.

This is one of the first ChatGPT alternatives that can be run on IDEs, on your computer, in the cloud, on a server, and even offline. This alone makes Tabnine stand out from other AI tools.

It works with many IDEs, including VSCode, Sublime, Vim, Android Studio, etc., making it one of the most adaptable generative AI tools on this list. 

Both free and paid plans are available from Tabnine; $20 a month is the cost of the paid plan, which grants access to more features.

12. Pi

Designed by Inflection AI, Pi is a supportive and smart personal AI assistant that is always available. Pi stands for “personal intelligence” and has been designed to orient its behavior toward users’ unique interests.

In many ways, Pi is one of the most innovative alternatives to ChatGPT. You can easily operate it through your phone. It’s available on several popular platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, and has its own iOS app. Secondly, there is a voice chat option making it a more charming and comforting tool.

However, Pi is still in its developmental phase, so there is a possibility of getting wrong outputs and may not be capable of answering complex questions. it doesn’t yet know about events after November 2022. Presently, Pi is only available for Apple, so Android users must wait. You can download the chatbot for free on iOS or via the web browser.


This is one of the several ChatGPT alternatives developed by Google. It is developed with 137 billion parameters and pre-trained on 1.56T words of publicly available web documents and dialog data.

This AI chatbot is considered a revolution in the NLP world. The revolutionary model is fine-tuned on three metrics, quality, safety, and groundedness.

LaMDA, an AI-powered dialogue system from OpenAI. This tool can take natural language input and generate a response that is relevant, coherent, and natural. Its unique ability to answer follow-up questions makes it a good ChatGPT alternative.LaMDA is available for testing on Google’s AI Test Kitchen. You need to register yourself and join the waitlist to download the app on Android or iOS.

14. Socratic

Socratic was introduced by Google. Socratic can help you with many types of queries for all kinds of subjects, as well as providing explainers and utilizing text and speech recognition.

It can offer study guides, videos, and step-by-step to help develop methods for learning. Plus it can make use of Google ‘Knowledge Graph‘ to provide information from the Internet, to ensure that it isn’t out of date.

This AI chatbot is also useful to your kids and lightens their workload, but still has some limits, With Socratic, children can type in any question they may have about what they are learning in school and Socratic will generate a conversational, human-like response with fun unique graphics to help break down the concept. 

You can download the app from the App Store and the Google App Store. The app does have some limitations; for example, it will not just write an essay or story when prompted. However, this could be a positive thing because it curbs your child’s temptation to get a chatbot, like ChatGPT, to write their essay for them.

Socrates is available at $4.99 for the first child each month, and then 50% off for each extra kid! And for schools, $99 per school year or just $99 per month for an entire school.


NeevaAI combines the power of ChatGPT and other large language models with the precision and most current data of the Neeva search engine.

NeevaAI was developed by two former technology executives, Sridhar Ramaswamy and Vivek Raghunathan.

As one of the ChatGPT alternatives, NeevaAI’s system has the capability to search through and sift through hundreds of millions of web pages to generate a single, comprehensive response accompanied by relevant sources.

The company claims that NeevaAI guarantees a browsing experience that’s free of trackers and ads. It also provides references in the search results, so you can verify the source of the information.

It offers a subscription plan with a monthly fee of $4.95, with the option of a free trial period.

16. Amazon Codewhisperer

This is another amazing option among the other ChatGPT alternatives. It is trained with a vast corpus of open-source code and code hosted in Amazon servers, CodeWhisperer helps developers with coding recommendations, security checks, and much more.

As its name suggests, CodeWhisper is particularly well-suited for developers working with Amazon services. But you can it in popular integrated development environments IDEs, like JupyterLab, VS Code, and PyCharm, and performs remarkably well with Python, Java, and JavaScript. 

The best part about it is that CodeWhisperer provides source citations for generated code suggestions, which is great for providing attribution and enhancing security.

a preview period, CodeWhisperer is available to developers at no charge.

17. Bloom

This AI chatbot was developed by a collective effort of thousands of artificial intelligence specialists. Bloom is an open-source platform and is believed to be one of the best ChatGPT alternatives.

It offers a cutting-edge multilingual language capacity that is widely regarded as one of the top alternatives to ChatGPT.

You can generate text by using Bloom in a total of 46 languages and 13 programming languages which are incredibly similar to something a human would write.

Bloom offers a starter pack for free, and a premium plan is for $33/month.


In the list of the best ChatGPt alternatives, HuggingChat seems to be a great chatbot option on the market. However, if you are on the search for a chatbot that serves your use case specifically, you can always build an entirely customizable new one. HuggingChat is an open-source chatbot developed by Hugging Face that can be used as a regular chatbot or customized for your needs. 

However, it is a good interface to build your own chatbot on. So if you want something that you control, you can use HuggingChat to build a chatbot where you have visibility into every aspect of its functioning. You can even offer this chatbot online to other users and provide transparency to all users.

19. Quora Poe

You may like one feature in Bard and another in Bing. And maybe you like to have some features from too. Then there is a one-stop solution. With Quora Poe, you can have all these chatbots in the same place, so you can seamlessly switch between them. That’s the idea behind Poe.

Developed by Quora, Poe uses state-of-the-art models like GPT-3.5-Turbo, GPT-4, Claude +, LlaMA 2, PaLM, and many other large language models (LLMs). You can easily make your own personalized chatbots using initial prompts.

Poe is fast, easy to use, and provides accurate answers based on prompts that can be passed through different chatbots as if you were sending the same message to different friends on WhatsApp.

Although Poe includes a free version, you have to purchase the premium version to use all the available AI models without limit.

Chat by is another great ChatGPT alternative, especially for marketers and bloggers. It offers several great features like an online document editor, blogpost wizard, keyword generator, and many more. 

You can find a document editor on the left side of the app which you can use to polish up the AI-generated content as needed. also pulls from real-time data so you get up-to-date responses to all your queries/prompts.

With a free plan, you can write 2000 words per month. If you need more than that, the paid plans offer unlimited words and are reasonably affordable.

More Options as ChatGPT Alternative

There are more than 100 ChatGPt alternatives available. Some of these are mentioned below:

21. Easy-Peasy AI

This AI tool helps in producing amazing content 10X faster, from compelling blog posts, polished resumes, and captivating emails to engaging social media content. With its library of 90+ templates, you can not only save time but also refine your writing prowess.

22. OraChat

Ora offers a revolutionary experience in crafting chatbots, blending both entertainment and productivity. It has the largest community-generated chatbot library, which helps you chat with familiar faces or create your own persona.

23. ChatDOC

ChatDOC provides an innovative ChatGPT-based assistant. This is designed to extract, summarise, and locate information from an array of document types, offering instant answers with cited sources.

24. Replika

Among other ChatGPT alternatives, Replika emerges distinctively as an AI companion, specially designed for deep relational engagements using the GPT-3 language model.

25. Character AI

Among all the other ChatGPt alternatives, Character AI stands out, offering a unique twist by letting you chat with AI versions of iconic figures from Socrates to Tony Stark.


ChatGPT alternatives are immensely useful in several situations. Being one of the most widely used platforms, ChatGPT users are often unable to access it with its full capacity and features. Sometimes the unusual traffic of users makes ChatGPT down and you have to find out its alternatives. You can use other AI chatbots like ChatSonic or to keep going with your work.


1. What is the future of ChatGPT in the AI marketplace?

The constant developments are expected to improve the future of ChatGPT and subsequently grow its market value by providing a firm stand in the marketplace. ChatGPT is constantly updating its models with advanced customization options and introducing diverse integration options. So it would stay long in this competitive AI marketplace.

2. What is the best AI Chrome extension? 

HARPA AI is fast becoming one of the best Chrome extensions on the market. This AI-powered assistant seamlessly collaborates with ChatGPT, revolutionizing web monitoring tasks with unparalleled automation. 

3. Is there any free app like ChatGPT?

Yes, several free alternatives to ChatGPT are available online, such as Bard, Bing, and YouChat.

4. Is ChatGPT still usable?

Yes, ChatGPT is unlimited in use and free to use just as long as you can access it. 

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