Check CPU Temperature In Windows 11: 6 Easy Ways Explained

Check CPU Temperature In Windows 11: 6 Easy Ways Explained

To check the CPU temperature in Windows 11 depends on the particular usage of your PC. See CPU temperature in the UEFI or BIOS or by downloading free apps like Core Temp, or Speccy.

Why Should You Check CPU Temperature in Windows 11?

Why Should You Check CPU Temperature in Windows 11?

An overheated CPU can cause several problems like:

  1. A slow functioning
  2. Unresponsive interface
  3. Unstable computer
  4. Sudden shutdowns or restart
  5. Loud noises from the PC

Checking CPU temperature in Windows 11 should not be a regular activity. This depends on the usage. If you use your PC occasionally for some light office work within a limited period. Then you should not bother about checking its temperature.

But if you are engaged in AAA gaming, editing, or using your CPU for extended hours, checking your CPU temperature becomes extremely important. CPU temperature gets high especially in modern computers as they use and run several functions at the same time.

Check CPU Temperature in Windows 11: A Guide

There are several ways to check CPU temperature in Windows 11. These may include:

1. Access your BIOS\UEFI menu

  1. You can see the CPU temperature in the UEFI, depending on your motherboard and computer model. You can access the BIOS or UEFI from Windows 11 in the following ways:
  2. Use the PC’s BIOS/UEFI startup key and enter the BIOS by rebooting your PC. Now tap the setup key again and again as soon as it switches back on. If not, continue with this method.
  3. Next,t you will type advanced startup into the Windows search bar.
  4. Click Change advanced startup options.
  5. Click Restart Now in the right panel.
  6. Here you will see Ya blue Choose an option screen.
  7. Click Troubleshoot on the blue screen.
  8. Choose Advanced Options.
  9. Click UEFI Firmware Settings.
  10. Click Restart.
  11. Click on BIOS Setup and find CPU to access CPU temperature.

2. Applying Core Temperature

Applying Core Temperature

This is another way to check CPU temperature in Windows 11. To use this method you have to download the app from its official website. Now follow these steps:

  1. Start the app and find the Temperature Reading option. Here you will see the present temperature of your CPU for each core. 
  2. Right-click the app icon and select Options to see the temperature. Now check the box next to Show Temperature in the System Tray.
  3. Here you can customize and adjust the temperature display, click the Settings button,n, and select whatever options you want in your system. 
  4. Here you can alter your change the overall look and format of temperature readings. There is another option to set alarms and notifications for high and low temperatures.

3 . Try Using HWiNFO

On the third number, you can try HWiNFO to check CPU temperature in Windows 11. It’s available as an executable file on some PCs. And if it’s not there you need to install the app and follow the steps below:

  1. After installation choose the option of sensor only option and click Run.
  2. Search thoroughly the list of devices and find out how to expand the Temperatures section to see the temperature of all the CPU cores.

4 . Using the Ryzen Master and Intel XTU 

These are also used to check CPU temperature in Windows 11. AMD Ryzen users can use Ryzen Master, and Intel users can use Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. For this, they need to download the software from their official websites. After installation, follow the steps below:

For Ryzen Master

  1. Open Ryzen Master.
  2. In the Advanced View option, you can see the CPU temperature at the top under Temperature, Speed, Power & Current.
  3. Now in the Basic View, see the CPU temperature on the left side of the window under CURRENT.

For Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

  1. OpenIntel Extreme Tuning Utility.
  2. Find out the CPU temperature next to Package Temperature. It will be lying in the bottom section of the window, next to several other readings.

5 . Try using Speccy

This is also a useful way to check CPU temperature in Windows 11. You also get other kinds of information about your CPU like its model name, speed, power consumption, etc. This is free software and you have to install it from its website. After downloading follow the steps below:

  1. Open Speccy app and let it scan your system.
  2. Click CPU to see the details.
  3. On the right side,e you can see the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  4. The temperature also shows in your CPU core heading.

6 . Try the  hardware monitor method

Try the  hardware monitor method

You can check CPU temperature in Windows 11 by downloading the open hardware monitor app from its official website. Now follow the steps below:

  1. Extract the file you downloaded and open the folder.
  2. Now run the open hardware monitor,exe file as administrator.
  3. Confirm the user account control prompt.
  4. Now find out the temperature readings section, Here you can see the minimum and maximum temperature of the CPU.


To check CPU temperature in Windows 11. You can attempt multiple [le methods. Maintaining a balanced temperature is necessary to carry on the normal functioning of your system and protect your system from any potential errors like system errors or corrupt files. You can try the methods explained in this guide to view the CPU temperature.


1 . How can I check my CPU temperature manually?

You can check the CPU temperature with your hand. Place your hand on the computer, if you feel heat, it’s at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Too much hot surface means the cpu is hot around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2. Is there any test for CPU temperature?

You can check it by entering the BIOS  and see your CPU temperature. To reach this interface you can reboot the system and click delete or F2 repeatedly as it restarts. 

3 . Can I see CPU usage on desktop Windows 11?

You can see it by opening Search from the taskbar, and typing Performance Monitor. Now choose the performance monitor tab to see the CPU status .in real-time. By selecting the green Add button, you can add a counter to keep a check on the app’s performance.

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