Costco Orientation (Updated Policy)

Costco Orientation
Costco Orientation

You have cleared your interview and are now a Costco employee. As a new Costco employee, you may wonder what to anticipate during your orientation. So look no further! Here is what you want to know!

Costco Orientation in 2022

As of 2022, Costco requires all new hires to attend an orientation. New Costco workers get compensated for their orientation.

Employees will learn about the core values of the company, the store layout, and the specifics of their position at Costco during orientation.

How long does it take Costco to contact you about orientation?

According to current and former workers, the recruiting process at Costco is quick. With that, most applicants may expect a call for

orientation at Costco in less than two weeks after completing the application, assessment, and interview process.

What Exactly Is Costco Orientation?

Costco conducts an orientation session for new workers. It is because it wants all trainees to be fully prepared before beginning work. With this in mind, Costco’s orientation purpose is to expose new workers to the Costco culture while also teaching them how to perform efficiently as retail associates.

Orientation often begins with trainee introductions. Costco also collects the basic contact information of the employees so that the firm can update its records. You will also get to know about the benefits given to the workers at Costco.

After completing the necessary administrative tasks, newcomers are ready to begin the training process. Trainees will understand the company’s rules and procedures, including: 

  • Safety hazards 
  • Inventory control 
  • Warranties 
  • Customer service abilities

Some of the topics discussed during Costco’s orientation are as follows:

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Learn About Costco’s Values

The underlying principles that influence a company’s choices and activities are referred to as its values. Costco guarantees that all of its workers understand the business values, which are as follows:

  • Obeying the law
  • Taking care of members and employees
  • Being respectful to vendors and suppliers

Other than these values, Costco is dedicated to strong ethical standards. These include environmental stewardship and community assistance in the areas where it operates.

Costco also prioritizes product safety since members have the right to expect items that are consistently safe for use. Costco works hard to assure product safety through: 

  • Sourcing policies 
  • Handling procedures 
  • Vigilant monitoring of safety conditions

Understand The Store Layout

The shop layout is the most important part of the business design since buyers want to find things quickly and effortlessly. In other words, the shop layout is what defines the overall appearance and feel of the store.

Because store layout is so crucial to customers, Costco guarantees that its personnel knows and comprehends it in order to assist members in finding what they’re searching for.

Meet Employees & Customers

Members anticipate outstanding customer service from Costco because it is a membership-based store. As a result, trainees are given knowledge and advice for:

  • Meeting and greeting guests
  • Identifying a customer’s needs
  • Offering customer solutions
  • Meaning of employee service training
  • Introduced to the customer service training objectives
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Prevention Of Shoplifting And Fraud

Given the prevalence of theft in the retail business, Costco trainees are advised on detecting fraud.

Due to the prevalence of check fraud and fake money, trainers who handle payments are trained on how to address these instances.

What Is The Dress Code For Costco Orientation?

Given Costco’s casual yet sophisticated image, the dress code for orientation is semi-casual. Remember that orientation is your first impression, so be clean and well-dressed. But, after you’ve been assigned a position at Costco, you must adhere to specific dress code guidelines. For instance, in the bakery, colleagues are encouraged to wear jeans, a tucked-in polo shirt, closed-toe non-slip shoes, no jewelry, hair kept back, and no nail paint to avoid being entangled in machinery. On the other hand, non-food department personnel can wear quality jeans with no holes or knee-length Capri trousers for women, a blouse or polo shirt, and closed-toe shoes.

It’s a good idea to dress for an orientation that would be appropriate for your department in preparation for your new job.

What Do You Need To Bring To Costco Orientation?

Trainees should bring a pen and notebook because they will be required to sign paperwork and take notes throughout the Costco orientation. Also, because orientation begins with paperwork for payment and tax purposes, bring your social security card as well as your driver’s license or ID.

If you have any concerns regarding what you should (or should not) bring to orientation, please contact the Costco location where you were recruited.

What Hours Are The Costco Orientation?

Orientations are typically performed in the early hours since it is simpler to provide tours of the shop layout and chat with staff members and managers in various areas.

How Long Does Costco Orientation Last?

Apart from completing paperwork and reviewing the employee handbook, orientation is completed at the trainee’s leisure. For example, the majority of your orientation will be completed on a computer while watching videos on various topics.

Orientation should take between five to six hours if you’re a quick learner, according to previous Costco trainees.

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Do I Get Paid For Costco Orientation?

Yes, Costco will pay you to attend the orientation. This time is considered on the clock at Costco so that you can be paid the usual hourly rate for your job.


A Costco employee must complete a training program before being allocated a position. Costco’s orientation is meant to provide new workers with all of the knowledge they need to feel secure about starting their new position.

An effective Costco orientation will teach new workers about their role, the layout of the store, business standards, ethical procedures, and how to handle customer inquiries.

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