Should I Call Walmart About My Application? Expert Advice

Should I Call Walmart About My Application? Expe
Should I Call Walmart About My Application? Expe

Suppose you’ve applied for a job at Walmart. You might be wondering whether you ought to phone the company to inquire about it. Are you curious about if it’s a good idea to follow up? Continue reading to learn about handling any follow-up after you’ve applied for a job at Walmart.

Should I Call Walmart About My Application

When your application has been submitted and you haven't heard anything after waiting a week or two, there is no harm in calling Walmart about it.
However, you don't want to call Walmart frequently regarding your application. Instead, limit your calls to once every two weeks to avoid appearing to be a bother to the staff.

How quickly does Walmart respond to applications?

Current and former Walmart employees claim that it may take the company up to two weeks or perhaps a bit longer to respond to applications. The waiting time depends on the following factors:

  • The location of your store
  • The particular selection criteria for the position or positions you’ve chosen 
  • The availability you’ve chosen on your application
  • The number of positions you’ve applied for or expressed interest in 
  • The number of applicants for that position
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How Do You Know If Walmart Accepted Your Application?

After submitting your application and passing the necessary tests for the position you’ve applied for, Walmart will notify you that it has approved your application. You’ll see a confirmation box at the end letting you know that your application was successfully submitted. You’ll also get an email with the confirming receipt. You may call the store to determine if management received your application if you don’t receive the confirmation email or screen.

You might need to log back into the Walmart portal to see whether you unintentionally skipped a step in the application process if the store doesn’t display a record of your finished application.

Is It Rude to Call Walmart About Your Application Status?

Making a call to Walmart regarding an application is allowed. But do not phone Walmart many times per day or per week to inquire about its status. To avoid appearing to be bothering the hiring manager, you should also phone only once a week and be as courteous and considerate as you can. You should introduce yourself and state your reason for contacting in polite manners.

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What is the hiring procedure at Walmart?

You will receive an email confirming the successful submission of your application once you have finished the application process and all necessary assessments for the job opportunity. After that, a hiring associate will review the applications and interview each candidate to see who would be a good fit for the positions they are searching for. The associate will consider candidates’ flexibility, availability, talents, and other important factors before calling those who best suit the open positions.

If the interview goes well, you’ll schedule a time and day and proceed to the following steps in the hiring procedure:

  • Getting a proposal
  • completing the drug test, if necessary
  • Passing a background check

After completing these steps, you will be invited to the Walmart orientation session where you can learn more about the business and your particular job duties and responsibilities.

Depending on the employment and the criteria for the role, you may start working after finishing the needed orientation in a week or less.

Does Walmart hire every candidate that applies?

The majority of the time, there are more job candidates than openings. So Walmart does not hire everyone who applies.

Walmart selects the top three applicants and interviews them, with just one ultimately being chosen for the role unless there are many opportunities for that position.

Walmart normally conducts interviews with one applicant and three separate interviewers. So be ready for many interviewers to ask you questions. Be ready for a similar interview arrangement to the first interview as there will likely be two rounds of interviews before you move on to the next phase, both with three individuals conducting the interview.

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How can I tell whether my Walmart application was successful?

Once your application process is finished, you should get an email confirmation if you applied online. If you apply in-store, you ought to have gotten a paper application receipt along with a job offer if you got the position.

Is it challenging to get a job at Walmart?

Getting hired at Walmart can be challenging. But it also depends on the role you’re seeking for. Walmart looks for applicants with a strong work ethic and a willingness to put in a lot of effort for entry-level positions.

Can I send a follow-up email after submitting an application?

After applying, sending a follow-up email is typically permissible. However, you should refrain from being overly forceful or demanding in your messaging. Keep your email respectful and succinct.

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Why haven’t my job applications received a response?

You could not be getting responses to your job applications for a variety of reasons. It’s conceivable that the employer has already filled the position or that the screening procedure disqualified your application. Additionally, you might be submitting applications for positions that are beneath your experience or ability level.

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What Does “Under Consideration” Mean in the Walmart Application?

You may check the status of your online application on the Walmart website if you’ve applied for a job there. It will allow you to track the process of your application immediately from your phone.

You may have noticed that your application is being considered if you have applied to work at Walmart. It could sound unpleasant and make you fear that you might not be the best candidate for the position. The good news is that this indicates that an employer is considering your application. Your chances of getting hired are not harmed by this. It’s just another application process stage.


Although there is no harm in calling Walmart regarding your application, you should hold off for a week or two before calling to check in since it can take two weeks to receive a response. Additionally, if you want to avoid appearing to be harassing the hiring manager, you should only call once a week to inquire about the status of your application. If you want to be connected with the appropriate person, you must be nice and polite when you call.

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