Diablo IV Codex of Power Guide

Diablo IV is known for its vast gameplay mechanics and in-game features that are made to challenge you and test you in your gameplay. Talking about the Codex of Power, it is one of the most exciting features of Diablo IV that adds new whole excitement and fun to the gameplay and playstyles.

In simple words, the codex of power is a collection of legendary aspects that add attributes to your items, gears, and equipment making them stronger and more impactful on the battleground.

Codex of power allows you to imprint legendary aspects in your items. It is important to note that you cannot use or efficiently use the codex of power without the help of legendary aspects. This guide is a basic guide to give you all the information about the codex of power and how it is related to the legendary aspects and how you can use it for strengthening your character improving your overall stats.

How Does the Codex of Power Affect Your Character’s Performance?

When you imprint legendary in your items you get some additional bonuses and your attributes automatically get improved giving you an edge over other players with their skills and abilities. Though it elevates and maximizes your strength, it is important to note that you cannot add all the legendary aspects of legendary items. But, to an extent, the codex of power enhances your potential. One of the best things about the codex of power in Diablo IV is that it allows you to reroll legendary modifiers in your items, weapons, and other equipment. It means even if you have well-crafted items, you can still apply legendary powers on top of your items.

Diablo 4 Codex of Power

What Is Legendary Aspect?

In Diablo IV, there’s a concept of modifiers that can modify your weapons and items to enhance your overall stats. Legendary aspects are unique modifiers that can transform your rare items into legendary ones. There’s a specific slot already made for acquiring a particular legendary aspect in rare or legendary items. Legendary aspects fall into five categories, and they are Offensive, Defensive, Resource, Utility, and Mobility. Each aspect serves your character differently. As there is a specific slot made for imprinting each item, you need to be very careful with choosing your legendary aspect for each item.

How to Access Codex of Power?

To access the codex of power in Diablo IV, you need to navigate to the collections menu on your game’s screen where you can find this option to access your codex of power and simply start exploring and using it.

Unlocking Codex of Power Aspects

To unlock legendary aspects from the codex of power, you will have to complete and finish dungeons successfully using your skills, abilities, stats, strategies, and planning. Now, the dungeon itself is a vast topic that is a specific location in the world of Diablo. Dungeons are randomly generated having no limit and each new monster gets powerful when you defeat the previous one. To defeat each monster, you must have specific skills and stats needed with a proper upgradation of your gears.

As you succeed in each dungeon, you will unlock new legendary aspects and get access to more powerful aspects that you can later imprint on your rare or legendary items to further proceed with the character’s advancements.

Diablo 4 Codex of Power

Where to Imprint Legendary Aspects on Your Items?

You can imprint legendary aspects on your Diablo 4 items as The Occultist. Here, The Occultist is an NPC vendor in Diablo IV that offers you a variety of services and enhances your gears to create powerful items. The Occultist can help you with imprinting and extracting legendary aspects onto your rare or legendary gear. 

However, for extracting and imprinting legendary aspects on your items, The Occultist will charge you some gold coins that you can pay to get its service. It is important to note that when you go to The Occultist for imprinting legendary aspects, it will cost you a high amount of Diablo 4 gold , so be careful with choosing aspects for your items. When you extract, the extracted item goes to your Aspect Inventory Tab which you can use for any different gear later.

Codex of Power for Each Class

There are a total of five classes in Diablo IV and for each class, there’s a different and unique codex of power that can be earned by playing and successfully completing dungeons from a particular class. When you earn legendary aspects for a particular class then the overall attributes, powers, and strengths of that particular class get increase.


The Codex of Power is a wide topic and the depth of this in-game feature can only be calculated and understood after taking a plunge into it. With all the help of this guide and tips, you can start your journey with the experimentation of the codex of power and improve your character’s build. When you’re choosing an aspect, be careful with the selection because a wrong choice might cost you a high loss of gold coins.

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