Fate/Grand Order: How To Get Pure Prisms FGO 2023?

Fate/Grand Order (FGO) is an Android and iOS mobile Gacha RPG game. It is developed by LASENGLE, and released by Aniplex under a license from TYPE-MOON.

Players need to gather and level up characters in this game. Pure Prisms are one of the many goods in FGO that assist players in moving further. In other words, Pure Prisms are the virtual money used in Fate/Grand Order that may be used to purchase different Ascension Items. Once you have collected Pure Prisms in FGO, you can use Da Vinci’s Workshop to exchange up to 100 units of a certain item for a Pure Prism.

Given the significance of this item, many players have been looking for methods of obtaining Pure Prisms in FGO. This article will tell you how to get pure prisms in FGO.

How to Get Pure Prisms in Fate/Grand Order?

As mentioned, Pure Prisms are essential items that are used to get other things such as Yggdrasil Seed, Unlucky Bone, or Dragon’s Reverse Scale.

In FGO, certain goods only need 1 Pure Prism, while others need for 2 or 3 Pure Prisms. Thus, completing Part 2 of the Main Quest will get you access to Pure Prisms in Fate/Grand Order. This is the only way to obtain Pure Prism. You can also get pure prism by receiving Retroactive rewards in your Gift Box.

You can exchange 1 to 3 Pure Prisms for the Ascension Materials and Skill Gems. Here is a list of every item in Fate Grand Order that needs 1, 2, or 3 Pure Prisms to make your job easier.

Items for 1 Pure Prism

  • Unlucky Bone
  • Void’s Refuse
  • Hero’s Proof
  • Hero’s Proof
  • Dragon Fang
  • Chains of the Fool
  • Stinger of Certain Death
  • Magical Cerebrospinal Fluid
  • Night-Weeping Iron Stake
  • Stimulus Gunpowder
  • Tiny Bell of Amensty

Items for 2 Pure Prism

  • Yggdrasil Seed
  • Ghost Lantern
  • Octuplet Twin Crystal
  • Pheonix Plume
  • Snake Jewel
  • Forbidden Page
  • Homunculus Baby
  • Infinity Gear
  • Meteoric Horseshoe
  • Medal of Great Knight
  • Seashell of Reminiscence
  • Kotan, Magatama
  • Permafrost Ice Crystal
  • Giant Ring
  • Aurora Steel
  • Ancient Bell of Tranquility
  • Arrowhead of Maledictions
  • Crown of Radiant Silver
  • Divine Spiricle Vein
  • Rainbow Yarn
  • Scales of Fantasies

Items for 3 Pure Prism

  • Dragon’s Reverse Scale
  • Talon of Chaos
  • Heart of a Foreign God
  • Bloodstone Tear
  • Black Tallow
  • Spirit Root
  • Warhorse’s Immature Horn
  • Lamp of Demon Sealing
  • Scarab of Wisdom
  • Primordial Lanugo
  • Cursed Beast Cholecyst
  • Bizarre Godly Wine
  • Dawnlight Reactor Core
  • Tsukumo Mirror
  • Genesis Egg
  • Comet Shard
  • Fruit of Longevity
  • Demonic Flame Hozuki

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