Does CVS Sell Flowers In 2022? (Online & (In-Store)

Does CVS Sell Flowers
Does CVS Sell Flowers

You will have limited options if you’re looking for fresh flowers outside of a floral or grocery shop. But now, many reputable pharmacies have begun selling a variety of flowers as well.

Suppose you need some fresh flowers for your loved one. You live close to a CVS pharmacy store. That’s why you need to know does CVS sells flowers at its store locations. Here is what you want to know!

Does CVS Sell Flowers In 2022?

CVS sells a variety of flowers at most of its stores in 2022. These flowers include single blooms, bouquets, and larger arrangements. However, the selection varies by store. Despite selling flowers all year long, CVS has larger selections in the spring and summer, especially around special occasions like Valentine's Day and Easter.

Is it Possible to Buy Fresh Flowers At CVS?

The majority of CVS locations provide fresh flowers and floral arrangements. But the kinds and varieties of flowers may differ from store to store as it depends on local stock and availability. If you have a specific kind of flower in mind, call before time to be sure your neighborhood CVS has it in stock. You can get the address, phone number, and other details, such as the shop’s hours of operation, using the CVS store locator.

What Types of Flowers Does CVS Sell?

Many common, long-lasting flower varieties are available at CVS. These include chrysanthemums, carnations, tulips, etc. However, due to the unique care requirements, CVS stores typically do not carry delicate flowers like orchids. Depending on the location, some CVS locations sell other plant species, such as small cacti and succulents. Easter and Valentine’s Day are just two occasions when CVS sells a range of fresh flower-filled holiday-themed arrangements.

Moreover, CVS stores offer plant food, flower feeder sachets, and other supplements. These products help to maintain the health and vitality of your floral arrangements. In this way, your flowers remain fresh for a longer period.

In Which Season Can You Buy Flowers At CVS?

In Which Season Can You Buy Flowers At CVS?

You can purchase flowers at CVS shops throughout the year. But spring and summer are often the ideal periods to find a large variety of fresh flowers. Poinsettias and other Christmas-themed plants can still be found during the winter.

Keep in mind that CVS also runs special offers for certain occasions like Valentine’s Day and Easter. During this time, you can find a large variety of flowers to buy.

Can You Buy Flowers Online At

Yes, on the CVS website, you can buy flowers as well as other products like flower-growth powders, vases, and much more.

Instacart is a company that picks up the products from CVS and delivers them to your doorstep. Customers can choose Instacart Express’s free trial to save delivery fees when ordering a limited quantity of flowers from CVS online.

What is the Cost of Flowers At CVS?

Simple bouquets from CVS normally cost between $5 and $15. Some larger planter arrangements which can have up to 20 flowers, can cost as much as $25. Some CVS outlets offer cheap single flower arrangements like roses or carnations, especially if the blossoms are about to fade.

The cost of a bouquet from a reputable florist is significantly more expensive than what CVS charges. It is true if people purchase flowers during the spring and summer holiday sales. These sales particularly take place around Easter, Independence Day, and Labor Day.

How can you tell if the fresh-cut flowers at CVS are good or not?

You can find blooms and buds in freshly cut flowers. They often have a few leaves and are trimmed with stems that are clipped to a length for ease of usage in vases. They could also be sold alongside some ornamental plants or other blooms. They are typically put in vases or fashioned into wreaths and garlands because they are intended for decorative usage.

If chosen wisely, freshly cut flowers can endure a week or longer with proper care. It’s crucial to make sure you are purchasing a high-quality arrangement at CVS because there is less selection of fresh cut flowers there than at a florist. There are a few simple ways to determine if freshly cut flowers purchased at CVS (or elsewhere) will remain fresh:

Inspect the stems

Always look for strong stems. They shouldn’t be brittle, slimy, broken, crooked, or stained. When purchasing roses, give the base of the rose a little squeeze where the petals meet the stem’s top.

To the touch, it should feel solid.

Inspect the leaves

Carefully inspect the clipped flower leaves. Any speckling or staining could be a sign of germs. The leaves should be strong, green, and in good condition. Wilted, sagging leaves suggest that the flowers will have short lives.

Inspect the petals

Petals need to be soft and velvety. Flowers are nearing the end of their lifespan if their petals are dry, brittle, and have edges that curl. If there are several bouquets available, try to select the one with the most buds because these flowers survive longer than those that have already bloomed.

Can I send my CVS flowers back?

A new, unused item may be returned to any CVS location within 60 days after the purchase date with a receipt for a refund or exchange following the company’s return policy. You can be offered store credit for the item’s worth if you don’t have a receipt. If you want to get your flowers back, you might need to present a photo ID.

Does CVS Take Apple Pay?

Can I get Artificial Flowers from the CVS Store?

CVS does not sell artificial flowers. But you can easily find artificial flowers at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and other food stores with craft sections.

Does CVS have an Online Store where I can buy flowers?

Customers who are unable to visit stores can order flowers from CVS online. Go to to place your order for flowers for delivery today or tomorrow. They have wonderful arrangements of freshly cut flowers and accessories.

You will be required to place your order over the phone at the number indicated on your prescription label if you are purchasing from a CVS Pharmacy Store. To utilize the prescription label information to purchase flowers, you must print it off at the pharmacy counter.

Do CVS Stores Sell Flowers for Every Season?

Yes! All year long, CVS sells fresh flowers. Flowers can be found at their best in the spring and summer. However, the most well-known flowers, including roses, marigolds, and sunflowers, are accessible all year long. Those flowers are available for purchase at any time for any occasion. Be aware that CVS restocks its inventory of unique flower varieties for occasions like Valentine’s Day and Easter. You can buy a wider variety of flowers during this period.

Does CVS Sell Fresh Flowers At Every location?

The majority of the flowers sold at CVS are fresh flowers and floral bouquets. The availability of flowers varies based on the following factors:

  • Consumer demand
  • Store Location
  • Kind of Flower

Make sure to speak with the CVS shop if you require specific fresh flowers. Using the CVS store locator, you may discover the closest CVS and get its phone number or email. Additionally, you can find out when hours your local CVS flower shop is open and closed.

Where can I find fresh flowers at CVS?

There isn’t a separate floral department at CVS. The front of the store, next to the counters, next to special-offer items, or next to seasonal merchandise are the most likely locations to discover flowers. If you’re not sure where to look for flowers inside a CVS, ask a staff member or manager for assistance.

Does CVS carry Valentine’s Day flowers?

Due to the high demand for flowers on this special day, CVS offers a wider range of flowers. CVS will carry themed bouquets of roses and single-stem roses in addition to other flower varieties.

Prices can change from year to year. But CVS often offers prices that are competitive with those of other retailers.


At the majority of its locations across America, CVS sells a variety of bouquets and flowers. Customers can get a wide selection of fresh flowers to take home or give as gifts at a low cost.

While flowers and plants are available year-round at CVS, the most brilliant and healthy blooms are usually found during the spring and summer seasons. Additionally, you may get flowers from CVS online, with Instacart handling the delivery.

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