A Unique Way to Make Easy Money in Freelancing

Freelancing is a huge deal. Have you thought about earning money in this industry? In 2021, more than 36% of the American workforce tried freelance work! So there is a question: how to get started?

The common view is that you must be an expert in some area before earning money. Well, to be a programmer or a graphic designer. On most platforms, that is true. But not all of them.

In 2022, a new platform called JumpTask was launched. This gig economy marketplace claims to provide an easy way for people to earn freelancing. Let's check it out to see if it's true.

What Is JumpTask

JumpTask is a micro freelancing platform that allows anyone to make money by completing simple tasks (gigs). They also have their own cryptocurrency: JumpToken (JMPT), the platform’s payment method.

Even though JumpTask launched in January 2022, it already has a fast-growing user base. Recently, the total member count exceeded 1 million users worldwide.

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How To Get Started?

It’s simple to begin your freelancing journey on JumpTask. To get started, you will need two things: a stable internet connection and a crypto wallet.

Your wallet is created automatically when you use social logins to create an account. After that, you are all set to start collecting JMPT. Next, we will look at how much money you can make.

How Much Can I Earn?

It is certainly possible to make $50 a month on JumpTask. Some people even manage to get $100 in a single month. However, this would require quite a few tasks to be completed.

What gives JumpTask credibility is its transparency. They are not making claims about making millions of dollars in micro tasks. Instead, they are offering an easy way for people to earn a little on the side in tokens that can be exchanged into dollars.

The amount of money you make is directly proportional to the number of tasks you complete. Therefore, the more earning types you combine, the greater JMPT rewards you will receive. Let’s look at ways to earn money on JumpTask.

How To Earn Money On JumpTask?

There are multiple earning methods on the platform. Some allow you to make passive income effortlessly. Other tasks require some time to be completed but could be done while waiting for a bus or standing in a queue. 

The passive income method involves sharing your internet bandwidth for money. How does it work? First, you need to download Honeygain, a passive income app partnering with JumpTask. Next, you let it run in the background of your device to start collecting JMPT.

To actively make money on the side, you can try the Offerwalls earning type. It requires you to complete simple tasks such as watching videos, trying out the latest apps, or solving puzzles. It’s an excellent option to monetize your spare minute instead of scrolling on your phone.

There are other earning types that we haven’t covered, such as playing games or completing surveys, that you should check. One thing to note: tasks are pretty limited for professionals. Therefore, experienced freelancers might miss suitable opportunities. However, as an easy way to earn, JumpTask works well.

As already mentioned, completing tasks alone will not bring millions. But hold on, as JumpTask has two more ways to increase your earnings.

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Maximizing JMPT Earnings

Crypto staking is a popular method to earn passive rewards. How does it work exactly? People familiar with crypto know this very well. It’s a way to make your existing JumpTokens work for you and earn JMPT rewards.

Staking works like a simple savings account. Instead of depositing dollars, you are holding your JumpTokens in a specific staking pool, where they generate JMPT rewards. The newly generated tokens are transferred to your account every 10 minutes.

Finally, you can participate in a monthly JMPT giveaway  —  Windrop. What is it? Well, it’s an event where JumpTask members complete specific steps before they enter the prize draw. The event is worth attending, as in August the contest winner’s shared a total prize pool of 1,500 JMPT.

Make sure to check other events that are regularly posted on JumpTask’s Twitter or Facebook channels. The project is quite generous with its community, which allows everyone to boost their earnings.

Final Words

JumpTask is a great way to make money in freelancing, especially if you are looking for a side hustle. Despite a limited task offering for professionals, they have a variety of tasks that anyone can do anywhere in the world. JumpTask might be your first step into freelancing — try it and see if it works for you.

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