Does Lowe’s Take Apple Pay In 2022? Ultimate Guide

Does Lowe's Take Apple Pay

Many retailers are adding NFC (Near-Field Communication) terminals in their retail stores as they begin to embrace current technology to make checkout faster and safer. NFC terminals make it possible to pay with digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Does Lowe's Take Apple Pay

Not all stores, though, are ready for a technology update. If you’re going shopping at Lowe’s, you might be wondering if you can pay with Apple Pay. Here’s all you need to know about whether or not they take Apple Pay.

Does Lowe’s Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Unfortunately, as of 2022, Lowe’s does not offer Apple Pay as a method of payment in any of its physical stores or online. On the other hand, Lowe’s allows a variety of payment methods, including cash, debit, credit, and gift cards. When ordering from, customers can also use PayPal.

Why Doesn’t Lowe’s Take Apple Pay?

Lowe’s may not have yet integrated Apple Pay into their systems for various reasons.

Transaction Fees

The fees associated with Apple Pay are a possible factor. Lowe’s would have to pay Apple a merchant charge to use Apple Pay at its stores. It is a transaction fee calculated on the entire purchase price. To pay the expense of deploying Apple’s service at the retailer, Apple receives a portion of each purchase.

Merchant fees can eat into a retailer’s profit margins, mainly if they deal with various credit card companies. Some retailers allow customers to pay the transaction charge by adding it to their final bill. Others, fearful of losing clients due to this strategy, choose to bear the cost instead.

Lowe’s presumably has a threshold for an acceptable cost for merchant fees if they keep a close eye on their budget. Apple Pay may go above and beyond that limit. That’s why they do not accept Apple Pay at their retail locations.

They Don’t Have NFC Technology

Lowe’s does not have NFC technology in its stores. NFC terminals are also known as near-field communication terminals. These devices scan a code or signal sent by a smart device. It eliminates a physical card or money requirement to complete the transaction.

Installing NFC terminals can be costly. Lowe’s may be unable to justify the cost of this technology because it is still relatively new. That’s why it has not embraced the new technology like some other stores. It implies they are currently unable to support Apple Pay or any other digital wallet.

Focuses Customers On Lowe’s Credit Card

One of the most likely reasons Lowe’s hasn’t accepted Apple Pay is that it may divert customers away from their credit cards. Customers who use digital wallets can link a variety of cards and payment types to their accounts. It means that customers can rapidly switch to another card if one isn’t working when it’s time to pay. This minimizes the requirement for a Lowe’s credit card.

For the time being, Lowe’s does not accept Apple Pay, so Apple users are obliged to utilize other correct payment methods instead. The acceptable payment method could be Lowe’s credit card for some Apple users.

Moreover, Lowe’s does not want to lose out on additional revenue by accepting Apple Pay. Lowe’s will suffer twice as much if its customers abandon their credit cards in favor of Apple Pay. They no longer get extra payments through their credit card.

‘Moreover, they have to pay Apple transaction costs. Lowe’s can earn more money on interest and monthly payments by using their credit card. Lowe’s will lose money if some customers cancel their credit card accounts and instead utilize Apple Pay.

Lack Of Interest

Finally, Lowe’s hasn’t integrated Apple Pay into their systems due to a lack of enthusiasm. NFC is still a niche technology. It’s also possible that Lowe’s current consumer base is not interested in it.

Dealing with digital wallets may be too difficult or time-consuming for their needs. It is especially true when their traditional methods of payment are effective. They have no incentive to switch to digital wallets just yet.

Moreover, Lowe’s hasn’t felt pressured to add Apple Pay and other digital wallets to their accepted payment options because there hasn’t been much-perceived demand for deploying NFC technology. Lowe’s may take action if there is widespread support for implementing Apple Pay among its customers.

Can I Use Apple Pay Online At Lowes.Com?

Lowe’s does not accept Apple Pay online or through its mobile app. Therefore, you won’t be able to pay with Apple Pay at its official website

On the other hand, Lowe’s accepts debit and credit card payments, gift cards, Lowe’s credit cards, and PayPal for online purchases.

Can I Pay With My Phone At Lowe’s?

Lowe’s does not support NFC payments. Therefore, you won’t be able to make a mobile payment at any of their locations.

 Lowe’s has no current plans to accept NFC payments in the future. So, you will be unable to pay in stores using any Near-Field Communication (NFC) payment option, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

What Forms Of Payment Does Lowe’s Accept?

In its shops and online, Lowe’s accepts a variety of payment options, including:

  • Bank cards, including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover
  • Credit cards from most major suppliers
  • Cash
  • Lowe’s Gift Cards
  • Lowe’s Credit Cards
  • PayPal, but only online

Can I Pay With PayPal At Lowe’s?

Although PayPal is not accepted at Lowe’s physical locations, it is accepted through PayPal Checkout on its website.

To use PayPal with Lowe’s online, go to the ‘Other Payment Methods’ section of the checkout and select PayPal Checkout.

Keep in mind that you cannot pay in-store or online at Lowe’s using PayPal Cash Card or PayPal QR codes.

Can I Pay With Samsung Pay At Lowe’s?

There are conflicting reports on whether Lowe’s accepts Samsung Pay. Lowe’s appears to have accepted Samsung Pay in the last few years. But it’s unclear whether it currently does.

Samsung Pay employs NFC and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) to make contactless payments, whereas Apple Pay and Google Pay use NFC.

Does Lowe’s Accept Any Form Of Contactless Payments?

Lowe’s does not accept NFC contactless transactions in any manner. It may be due to a lack of infrastructure in the stores.

NFC necessitates a technological upgrade, which some establishments lack. Except for Samsung Pay, Lowe’s does not appear to accept any contactless smartphone payment.

Can I Pay With Google Pay At Lowe’s?

Google Pay, like Apple Pay, is not accepted at Lowe’s since it is an NFC payment that Lowe’s does not presently accept.

Which Stores Do Take Apple Pay?

While Lowe’s does not take Apple Pay, many other retailers do. Apple Pay is accepted at the following locations:

  • Kohl’s
  • JCPenney
  • Costco
  • IKEA
  • Best Buy
  • Ace Hardware
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Rite Aid

Conclusion – Lowe’s Take Apple Pay

Lowe’s does not accept Apple Pay as a form of payment in its stores, online, or on its app. They do not accept NFC payments in any way.

On the other hand, Lowe’s accepts major credit cards, debit cards, cash, gift cards, and Lowe’s credit cards in its stores.

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