Does Walmart Recharge A/C in 2022? (Account Service)

Does Walmart Recharge A/C
Does Walmart Recharge A/C

One of the worst experiences for a car owner is when the A/C in their vehicle stops blowing the cold air they need during the warmer months.

You might be wondering if Walmart recharges car A/C, considering how well-known it is for offering trustworthy automotive services and products. Here is what you want to know!

What Does Recharging Your AC Mean?

Recharging an AC involves adding refrigerant to the cooling system so that it can start blowing cold air once more. 

Realizing that charging your car A/C will help you with future issues is crucial.

When Should You Recharge Your AC?

Most likely, once every year or two will be enough. Before your air conditioner completely stops pumping cold air, we suggest scheduling a recharge.

Does Walmart Recharge A/C In 2022?

Unfortunately, as of 2022, no Autocare Centers operated by Walmart offer AC recharging. However, Walmart sells a variety of refrigerants. You can use them for car A/C refills. For a 12–20 ounce can, these refrigerant cans cost $20–$50 or more. Customers can also recharge their air conditioners at the following places: 

  • Pep Boys 
  • Midas

Does Walmart Sell A/C Rechargers?

Walmart sells a variety of A/C rechargers. These are from manufacturers like AC Pro, EZ Chill, and Interdynamics. Customers can locate these products in the store near the lubricants and fluids for vehicles.

Most of the A/C recharges offered at Walmart have leak sealers and a gauge for accurate refilling.

A 12 fluid ounce container costs just over $20. If you drive a large vehicle, you might want to get 20 ounces for $53.

Where Can I Get An A/C Car Recharged Instead?

Your car’s A/C can be recharged at Pep Boys. For $99.99, a qualified technician will restore the optimum functionality of your car’s AC system components. Customers can also spend $13.99 on the premium A/C recharge service with leak testing to identify other issues that impact refills.

Another fantastic location to refuel your A/C is Midas. Bring your car in so a qualified technician can determine what’s wrong with your air conditioner. You can phone the number listed on or use the website to make an appointment request.

To refuel your air conditioner, you can also go to the following locations:

  • The Local Guys
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Local car garages

How Much Do A/C Car Rechargers Cost?

A/C rechargers typically cost $50 to $150, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. At the same time, the typical cost for leak checks before recharging an A/C is between $100 and $150. Chains like Pep Boys have a substantially cheaper cost. The most you should anticipate paying for AC recharge is $300.

The sort of A/C refrigerant appropriate for your automobile will also affect the price. A Honda CV-R is worth $150, compared to an estimated $200 for a Ford F-150.

How Long Does It Take To Recharge A/C?

Customers should give professional garage locations at least an hour to finish the A/C recharge service. However, if you want to handle the service yourself, it usually takes about 45 minutes.

If there are no more serious problems with the car’s A/C, experienced people might finish in 15 minutes.

Can You Recharge A/C Cars Yourself?

Can You Recharge A/C Cars Yourself?

You can think about recharging your car’s A/C yourself if you’d rather avoid paying expensive prices and long lines. On the market, an actual recharge kit costs between $40 and $60. When there isn’t enough cool air, the A/C only blows warm air, or the defroster isn’t working, recharge it yourself.

Before handling the refrigerant, make sure you are wearing safety gloves because it is poisonous.

Unscrew the lid on the low-pressure line port after locating it. As you proceed with the refill, secure the pressure gauge hose to the port and make sure the pressure gauge reading stays below 0.

Unless it leaks, your A/C shouldn’t require recharging for at least three years unless you live in a state with an especially hot environment.

What Happens If You Overcharge Your AC?

The A/C in your automobile could start blowing hot air. If too much coolant is in the system, the compressor will have to work harder to transfer it.

However, the compressor has a limited capacity and will shut off after it has used all of its available power. Your car’s exhaust will heat up as a result of this.

Additionally, too much refrigerant in the system will increase system pressure. It might cause problems with the compressor. 


Walmart doesn’t offer services for charging A/C. However, it provides refrigerants with pressure gauges for sale offline and online in the vehicle department under lubricants and fluids. What is Walmart WonderLab?

Recharging kits for home use cost between $45 and $60. You can also go to Pep Boys, Midas, AAMCO, The Local Guys, Jiffy Lube, or your neighborhood mechanic for a professional recharge service. What bills can I pay at Walmart?

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