Future of eCommerce: 10 Main Trends


Ecommerce is a growing environment that is everchanging in nature. With its constant improvement in technology and function, a lot of eCommerce brands are constantly competing with each other to gain a better share of a foothold in this industry. Since growth and change take palace every year, so following the new trends is what sets apart one brand from another. The future of eCommerce is very bright and promising as well if the latest trends and principles are followed.

Ecommerce and Personalisation

Ecommerce as we all know lack the human touch which many customers crave for. The eCommerce buying experience is considered slightly less intimate than shopping from brick and mortar shops. To solve this sole problem many e-commerce giants have come up with the concept of eCommerce customisation or personalisation. For those who are unable to provide a customisation experience, they are trying to understand your past shopping experience and recommend products for your future use.


For example, a clothing brand, may ask you your size and save that for future use. Those who are into customization may customise small products like Popsockets, mugs, custom koozies, wedding koozies etc as well where you can share your photo, logos and notes with others.

Ecommerce and Future Delivery

The future of eCommerce delivery can also be with the help of drones. They can be either manually controlled or can be programmed to deliver within defined routes at a particular time. Drones will cut down the delivery time significantly and will help make contactless delivery too. In the future, there may be no next day delivery as drones will likely replace the present courier systems.

future of eCommerce

10 Main Future Trends of Ecommerce

From creating new brand rich experiences to reducing the selling buying friction the future of e-commerce is very dynamic in nature. Let’s take a look at the top 10 main trends that will change the future of e-commerce.

1. Global rise in the e-commerce Platform – Most of the present businesses now have both online and offline presence. But in the future, it is estimated that the percentage of an online presence as eCommerce brands will continue to rise globally. After the pandemic hit globally, people are now more aware and comfortable sitting back at home and ordering from the different online platforms.

2. Automation to increase Productivity and Growth – Automation is simply the use of more machinery with less human intervention. The initial cost, though high compared to others, yields more fruitful results with less error in the longer run. From automating tasks using Zapier to using powerful CRM tools to send automated emails and meet customer needs, a lot will be done to evolve the future of eCommerce brands. Similarly, more education will take place on robotics and machine learning.

3. E-commerce with headless technology controlled by Voice– Millennials not only search for tv programmes or listen to songs using voice technology but does the same while shopping. Users are now very comfortable using to search for things using their own voice. This will grow more and people may also be comfortable describing features to look for without filtering the criteria while shopping.

4. Increased use of Progressive web app – With 5g taking the place of #G and 5G, users now what to experience their online shopping limitlessly in a very fast speed. And thus many e-commerce tech giants are now moving from using traditional applications to the use of Progressive web apps which provides a more intimate engaged experience.

5. A Rich Customer Experience– From taking feedback to keeping a track of the shopping pattern, the future of eCommerce would be able to deliver products to the customers just like they wished. The differentiated experiences would provide a competitive edge over other brands. There would be increased uses of videos, augmented realities and 3D. The omnichannel experience would drive more sales to the brand.

6. Modified Offline Experience – The pandemic has taught the business world a lot. Apart from online, the offline service has also greatly evolved. Now there are options for online booking and store pickup and even curbside pick up to maintain contactless delivery.

7. New Payments and Online Checkout Options – From cash to card and nowadays wallet we have evolved a lot when coming to payment methods. This is supposedly to evolve more in the future. With PayPal, apple pay leading the market, it is expected that the use of credit cards would decline and after pay would take its place with zero to no interest for a limited time frame.

8. Comprehensive Data Collection and Analysis – Data Collection and Analysis has gained huge popularity with e-commerce growth. To provide us with a better and more intimate shopping experience all our shopping moves are now closely monitored and analysed. There are constant feedback and review sessions that help us have a modified shopping experience.

9. Potential Growth of the B2B Industry – The pandemic has brought a dramatic change in the operations of the B2B industry. Many industrial large brands have now moved towards the B2B industry which provides sellers with the advantage of buying more and paying in small instalments afterwards. This helps in buying more and making more profits.

10. Everchanging Role of Social Media – Social Media has played a significant role in advertising products seamlessly to different channels without costing much. This has indirectly favoured the eCommerce business and is expected to do more in the coming days.

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Ever-evolving E-commerce

Ecommerce is where new trends keep entering the market every day. Since eCommerce is the next future, keeping up with the new trends has given us a competitive edge and advantage over our other business rivals. We hope our article was helpful and kept you updated to enjoy a prosperous eCommerce business in the future.

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