How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram in 2023? Step by Step

How to Know if Someone Restricted You on Instagram in 2022? Step by Step

Instagram is a platform for sharing images and videos on social media.. Over the years, Instagram has implemented a few user ’s privacy choices. These privacy features restrict or eliminate your ability to view a user’s information, messages, and comments. These features includes blocking, are simple to identify and verify whether they are utilised on your account. So, keep reading to learn more. 

How To Tell If Someone Has Instagram Restricted You

Looking at your notification tab is one of the greatest methods to find out if someone has restricted you on Instagram. When you are restricted on Insta, the app tells you so you can determine if or not they stopped following you.

Simply browse to the user's profile and scroll to the bottom until you get a message saying "They don't want your posts." You will now be able to view all of their postings by clicking the "Restricted" option.

It’s conceivable that they’ve limited their own account by changing their settings if they remain following you. Just now go their profile and verify for yourself to find out for sure!

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What Do You Mean By Restricted?

Instagram restricting a user is comparable to banning them—but a touch more nice. While blocking a person removes your full newsfeed and stories from them, restricting them only blocks their remarks and messages while enabling them to access your posts. “It’s a more subtle technique to prevent undesired interactions without fully blocking people from accessing your material,” explains Teresa Day, PLANOLY’s president. “Unlike banning somebody on Instagram, the restricted account will be unaware.” You may avoid undesirable online encounters by restricting on Instagram without breaching any social media privacy rules.

How to restrict someone on Instagram

Both the iPhone and Android apps as well as the Instagram website allow you to restrict access to a user’s account. This explains how to limit on Instagram using a profile for an account.

Screenshots from their account section demonstrating how to restrict someone on Instagram.

  • Tap the three dots in the right side of screen of the user profile page to access the menu.
  • Restrict by tapping.
  • New users could get a description of the limitation feature. If so, select “Restrict Account.”
  • A pop-up window notifying the user of the restriction will appear. For further details, select “Learn More,” and to return to the person’s profile, select “Dismiss.”

How to Unrestrict somebody on Instagram?

If you want to unrestrict someone go to the following steps to do this.
A user's profile page will open.
Tap the menu symbol with three dots.
Click "Unrestrict."

How to access private comments

To acess private comments is one way to find see if your account may be limited.
Since your comments will still show up as ordinary comments on your account, you will need access to a fnd account or to create a new account.
As soon as you leave a remark, ensure you can see it from a friend’s or your secondary account. Verification shouldn’t take too long so because user may have authorised the comment and made it seem as normal. If your comment is not seen by the other account, your account has been restricted.

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Finding Out If Someone Has Blocked You

Examine Your Messages

If you block a user, all messages sent from you to them will disappear.
First check it,  if you think that you have been blocked. 
If you can’t see any of your previous chats with that person, you were undoubtedly blocked. Visit any WhatsApp group you both belonged to, since they could have deactivated or cancelled their account. And if you are conversation it means that you may blocked. 

Do a search.

Try to make a search for looking the person. 

You have now been banned if the text box is empty but posts are shown on top.. If it says the account is private, then should ask for permission to access their photographs; yet, this does not mean you have been unblocked. And if your entered name is not corredt and their profile picture is not shown, it means that account is deleted or even disabled. 

Look at your profile.

You first go to the profile picture if didn’t find the name when you search in the text box.

Despite being prohibited, your previous remarks still live. Go to one of your blogs where they commented.
If you want to view the profile then click on their name. If the box is empty but you still the no of posts at top then you remains banned. 

Utilize a browser

A web browser may be used to visit every Instagram profile. Now visit the insta website and go to user login, It is to make sure to change user actual name after when you sure that you are log in to the website.

If you receive the text “Sorry, this website isn’t available,” you probably entered the incorrect login information or your access has been blocked”.

Try to follow account

You must try to follow that account if you see the profile page. 
You have been blocked if you press the Enter key and nothing occurs. If they are prohibited, you won’t be able to follow them because there won’t be any signs that you’re doing so.

Utilize another account

Use a separate account, or ask a friend to use their account to search for the relevant profile. If everything looks to be in order on the alternate account, you have been banned. The user has somehow completely terminated their account or changed their profile to personal if the result is exactly the same as for your normal account.

If I restrict them on Instagram, would someone find out?

If I limit them on Instagram, would they get a notification? No. If you limit someone on Instagram, Instagram won't notify them. Additionally, the app won't show any special messages or icons to let users know that you have limited their accounts.

Can restricted friends access old postings that were set to friends?

Once you add someone to the Restricted list, you may still share posts with them if you select Everyone as the audience or when you label them in the post. Your restricted buddy will not be able to see your postings if they are not set to Public on your Timeline.

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What uses Instagram the best?

The fastest way to share videos and images with your contacts is through Instagram.


It is very easy to verify whether you are restricted on Instagram or even blocked by another person. The purpose is to limit a user’s connection with the restricted user while the restricted user is unaware. The easiest and most reliable method of the three is to read the remarks.More trustworthy than sending an Instagram DM or checking the activity status is reading the comments.

Use them as extra measures to determine if you have contained yourself or not.Knowing how much you have been restricted can help you decide on the best line of action. Hopefully, this article will helps you in finding the questions that are fluttering in your mind. 
If you’ve been restricted or blocked, keep your composure and think about what led to this situation.

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