How to Hack ChatGPT: 3 ChatGPT Jailbreaking Hacks

How to Hack ChatGPT: 3 ChatGPT Jailbreaking Hacks

To hack ChatGPT for your own purposes is a serious security concern. Hackers have designed bots that can infiltrate OpenAI’s GPT-3 API. They can even alter its code so that it can generate malicious content, such as text that can be used for phishing emails and malware scripts.

What is a ChatGPT Jailbreak?

What is a ChatGPT Jailbreak?

ChatGPT jailbreaking is a term for hacking ChatGPT or guiding the chatbot to provide outputs that are intended to be restricted by OpenAI’s internal governance and ethics policies.

The term is inspired by iPhone jailbreaking which allows users to modify Apple’s operating system to remove certain restrictions.

Jailbreaking methods to hack ChatGPT received significant viral attention with the use of DAN 5.0 and its many subsequent versions.

The main idea behind these jailbreaking prompts is to access the restricted features and access it without considering any limitations or boundaries.  Now, with the ChatGPT 4 Jailbreak, ChatGPT becomes even more accessible, taking AI-powered communication to new heights.

Jailbreaking tools allow users to easily unlock any limitations of ChatGPT, such as telling current dates and times, internet accessibility, generating future predictions, providing unverified information, and more.

What Limitations Push Hackers to Hack ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an amazing chatbot that is widely used and appreciated by its users. It is capable of doing multiple tasks and solving many queries. However, just like other AI models, ChatGPT does have certain restrictions or limitations as well.

A few limitations can be understood based on the following:

1. Giving subjective opinions

The hackers hack ChatGPt to enhance the robotic response they get from it. The AI chatbot isn’t the best when it comes to providing subjective opinions on certain things. For example, if you ask questions such as “What are the most durable sports shoes?” or “Which is the best destination for a holiday?”

2. Real-time information

The limited information and dataset also force some users to hack ChatGPT. This chatbot has information updated till 2021, so it doesn’t offer information beyond that. Also, it doesn’t provide real-time or location-based information since the AI model doesn’t have connectivity to the internet.

3. Contextual and sensitive information

ChatGPT is unable to answer queries that need contextual information such as “What’s the weather today in my area?”, or questions that require personal or sensitive information.

What are the Tricks to Make ChatGPT Answer Anything

To hack ChatGPT, there are several tricks that make it answer any question. This is done by relying upon a few killer hack prompts.

1. The OverAdjustedGPT

OverAdjustedGPT works as a master prompt that changes the AI’s thinking.

It works the same as the DAN prompt, the prompt will set rules that should allow you to bypass ChatGPT’s ever-changing filter. Keep in mind that ChatGPT updates rapidly, and this method may be patched quickly.

2. The “Yes Man” Prompt

“Yes, Man” creates an AI persona that will answer your prompts, regardless of the topic.

It functions similarly to other master prompts, such as the DAN prompt. Because of this, there may be limitations to its answers. If this does not work on ChatGPT, try using the Playground model.

3. Do Anything Now (DAN)

DAN (Do Anything Now) is a master prompt that can bypass AI filters.

With this master prompt, users should be able to generate outputs from the AI for previously blocked prompts. You’ll just need to enter this text as your first prompt before you can enter your actual prompt.

How are Hackers Misusing ChatGPT?

How are Hackers Misusing ChatGPT?

There are several ways to hack ChatGPT and misuse it for malicious purposes. Let’s look at various ways ChatGPT opens hacking up to unskilled individuals resulting in real-world successful exploitation risks to your company.

1. Updating skills to exploit vulnerabilities

Once the ChatGPt is hacked, it will detail exactly how to exploit TLS 1.1 vulnerabilities in a website.  It provides real-world exploits (BEAST and CRIME) and names the tools needed to exploit them.  This has paved the way for new hackers to step in with malicious aims and expands the scope of who can learn the skills needed to become a successful hacker. 

This made hacking more attainable to individuals who might otherwise have no way of learning the skills, tools, and techniques needed to attack our companies and online properties.  It’s like putting a loaded gun in vending machines all over the city you live in.

2. Write malware 

When you hack ChatGPt, you can write code given the right input request. That code can be malware such as ransomware, password cracking, and more.  This puts more dangerous hacking tools in the hands of less experienced hackers. 

“CSR’s analysis of several major underground hacking communities shows cybercriminals using OpenAI to develop malicious tools… less experienced cybercriminals are using it to get into the game.”

This shows a possibility of frequent attacks with less care for the potential negative side effects.  

3. Write phishing emails 

In the past, the phishing emails were identified by some spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.  Cybersecurity professionals used to teach others to watch for these hallmarks to help spot and avoid phishing attacks.  

ChatGPT can not only create grammatically correct phishing attacks, but it can also do so using inputs from social media.  Using ChatGPT, cybercriminals can craft attractive phishing emails that target a company’s staff, urging them to share sensitive information or perform specific actions. 

And what’s more surprising, it can do so in any language ChatGPT supports.  Its translation capabilities were tested by CyberHoot. It found it doing a better job than Google Translate.  The language capabilities are incredible.

4. Social Engineering Attack Dialogue for Practice

ChatGPT can help you create novel social engineering dialogue to conduct more realistic and convincing, well-researched, and rehearsed attacks.  Knowing what’s expected in an interaction with a help desk when asking for a password reset will help hackers role-play to prepare for the expected line of questioning. 

In this way, the immature hacker can practice making help desk requests and learn the types of information they will be asked to provide. This will allow them to dream up counterarguments to circumvent protective measures. 

5. Fake Job Postings 

ChatGPT’s text generation capabilities can also be used to create fake job postings and recruitment emails to gather valuable information from targeted individuals.

For instance, to hack ChatGPT, an attacker might use ChatGPT to draft a recruitment email targeting an IT admin, offering a high-paying position, but with the underlying motive of identifying vulnerabilities in the organization’s network and exploiting them to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data or systems. 

6. Act as a Reference Source

You use ChatGPT to get valuable reference sources. It also, quickly answers cybersecurity-related questions. You can save time and effort researching and executing certain tasks by asking for specific commands or techniques. 

Examples include scanning for SMB vulnerabilities, using GoBuster, generating a short list of SQL injection payloads, or walking you through pivoting.

7. Serves context for queries

Another way to hack ChatGPT and bypass its restrictions is by offering context that clarifies the intent behind the query. For example, instead of asking for a “brute force” SSH script, what if we ask for a script that will “test” the logins? 

This context may push ChatGPT to create the desired response. This method demonstrates that providing a legitimate context can help overcome the AI’s limitations on certain queries.

What are ChatGPT Hacks For Positive Purposes?

What are ChatGPT Hacks For Positive Purposes?

ChatGPT has applications that can improve your productivity and solve real-world problems. We rounded up some ChatGPT life hacks and put them to the test for you. 

1. Make quick summaries

This is a useful hack for ChatGPT. You can quickly summarize long articles or videos by copying the link and pasting it into the chat. It helps in videos to also copy the title for best results. ChatGPT can even summarize hundreds of pages in seconds, making it a useful tool for quickly understanding large amounts of text. Simply type “TL;DR” and ask for a summary in two sentences.

2. Helps in teaching

This is also a positive ChatGPT hack to teach you various topics in a detailed and step-by-step manner. This is as easy as, playing guitar, learning different languages, and using software like Photoshop. You can also solve math problems and grade homework or projects by explaining why they gave a certain grade. ChatGPT is a convenient and free tool for learning and getting help with various tasks. However, it can also be used for unethical purposes if used as Dark GPT.

3. Doc-GPT

This feature provides detailed exercise plans, and meal plans with calorie allowances, and even generates recipes based on the ingredients you have at home. You can stay fit, and healthy, and even accommodate specific dietary restrictions.

4. Get an opinion

You can ask ChatGPT for advice on a wide range of topics, and it provides smart and reasonable responses. Whether you need help dealing with a tricky situation, impressing your in-laws, or responding to a difficult message from a boss or coworker, ChatGPT can provide guidance and even write a response for you.

5. Playing different games

You can also use ChatGPT to play various games such as trivia, text adventure games, and even code a game from scratch. It highlights how asking for trivia questions is easy, and Chat GPT can even make a game for you. It also mentions playing text adventure games like Dungeons and Dragons with Chat GPT, which can create original stories for you.

6. Get original content

It’s easy to use ChatGPT for creating completely original content such as writing songs, creating Instagram captions, writing speeches, and even generating one-page cover letters for job applications. The options for content creation are unlimited, making it a versatile tool for anyone in need of unique content.

7. Get SQL Queries

By using the natural language interface of ChatGPT, you can communicate with databases in simple language. This interface generates SQL queries from the questions users ask in plain English, which is particularly useful for those who are not experienced programmers and find writing SQL queries time-consuming and challenging.

8. Helps in language translations

This feature can help businesses and organizations to communicate effectively with audiences in different parts of the world.  You can get help in reaching out to new clients, expanding reach, and developing partnerships with individuals from various cultures. ChatGPT’s multilingual content development capabilities can also help enterprises streamline their content creation process by automatically translating information into different languages, saving time and money while reaching a larger audience.

9. Draft professional emails

If you find the task of writing professional emails tedious and boring, let the ChatGPt help you out. It helps you draft exceptionally professional emails for your, multiple kinds of businesses. You can prepare hundreds of emails and customize them according to your specific purpose and target audience.

10. Get emotional support

ChatGPt is not helpful in creating wonderful texts and arts, it can act as a close friend as well. You can share your feelings and emotions and even get emotional support in certain situations, Like if you are confused about delivering a debate to a huge crowd. Let ChatGPt encourage you and uplift your confidence.


To hack ChatGPT, we find a clear motive which is to break its limitations. This is an incredibly versatile tool with both offensive and defensive applications in cyber security. We’ve explored how it can be used for hacking purposes, such as to create malware, write basic hacking tools, or write phishing emails. 

At the same time, it is important to understand its potential to trespass defense strategies. The ongoing cat-and-mouse game between hackers and defenders constantly evolves, and ChatGPT can be a valuable asset for blue teams.


1. How secure is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is safe if you don’t share sensitive data. You can use sing ChatGPT to answer questions, generate content, code programs, and perform other common tasks and this is all safe.

2. Can we use ChatGPT for free?

You can sign up with an email address, Google account, or Microsoft account for free. You can also download the official ChatGPT app on iPhone or Android to get started. 

3. Can ChatGPT steal passwords?

Yes, hackers can use ChatGPT’s popularity to trick users into downloading malware and stealing their personal information, making it a hotbed for phishing scams. 

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