What is the Highest Snap Score in the World? (Record Holder) 🏆

Highest Snap Score

Have you ever wondered who has the highest snap score ever in the world? If so, you’re not alone.

As a Snapchat user for more than a year, I enjoy taking snaps and posting stories on snapchat and sending them to my friends.

My snap score is 27,770, which I thought was pretty good. But when I compared it with my friend’s score, I realized mine was quite low. This made me wonder:

  •  What’s the highest score in the world?
  • Who has the highest snap score?
  • How to increase your snapchat score?
  • What does it take to be at the top?

I started looking into it and found out that some people have snap scores in the millions! It’s mind-blowing. If you keep reading this post, it will blow your mind too, so be sure to read until the end.

Let’s dive into it without any more delays.

What is meant by Snap Score?

Before we jump into checking the high snap score of people across the world it’s vital to know about snap score and what it means.

Snap score on snapchat is the score in the number form that is presented on the top of your snapchat profile, which represents how many snaps you have sent and received from your friends.

These scores represent your activities on the Snapchat app which includes the people you add, the stories you share the number of snaps you receive and send with your friends you can see the below image of my snap score.

How to check the snap score of your snapchat?

If you want to find your snap score, you simply need to follow the below steps and you find it easily without any trouble.

  1. Open your Snapchat and click on your Bitmoji avatar in the top left corner as you see in the below image
How to Chеck your Snapchat Scorе?

2. Once you click on the Bit emoji avatar, you will see the below interface where you can see your snap score

click on the Bit emoji avatar,

3. The red box that you see seeing the above picture is the snap score of your Snapchat profile, now you also see the snap score of your friends.

How does Snapchat calculate the score?

Firstly there is no standard parameter mentioned on the official website of Snapchat as it depends on lots of factors but let’s see the statement from the snapchat official about the factors that they use to determine the snap score of any users.

According to Snapchat’s official information, Snapchat score is determined by a super-secret, special equation that combines the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, the Stories you’ve posted, and a couple of other factors.

But as per my experience here are a few of the things that help snapchat determine your Snap score.

  • How much time do you spend on this platform?
  • How many snaps you have created?
  • Number of snaps you send to your friends?
  • How many snaps you have received?
  • How many snaps you have opened?
  • How many stories you have posted?
  • The number of friends you have on Snapchat?

Note – These are the factors that I have found while doing the research and talking with my friends Snapchat does not provide any official information about these factors.

Now let’s jump right to checking the highest snap score in the world and I will also share the tips to get the highest snap score – so don’t miss this section.

List of Highest Snap Score Ever in the World?

In this section, I have shared the data of the people who have the most impressive snap score within the Snapchat community these are among the highest snap scores in the world.

Another important thing is that these data are available publicly and these are the users with the highest snap score so far since Snapchat does not make it possible how long someone is active on Snapchat there is no way to know whether organic or not, but are the data that I have found from my research 

Here is the list of the people who have the highest snapchat score on the app.

Mustbecris ( 322 million) – Highest Snapchat score

Mustbecris is the Snapchat account of a person named Chris, he is considered the king of Snapchat with the highest score so far in the Snapchat app and he has been active on this platform since the early days of this app.

Mustbecris usually shares snaps of his daily life and interacts with his friends along with that he also plays games on the app and he is top Snapchat users across the world and the highest score ever achieved on snapchat

He has a 322 million snap score which has made him a celebrity in the world of the snapchat community Snapchat become a daily part of his life and he loves spending time on this platform.

Dion-19 ( 239 million)

Dion -19 is another user of Snapchat who has achieved an impressive snap score and with over 239 million snap points he is mostly known for his love & dedication to sending snaps to his friends and loved ones.

 Along with sending the snap, he is also a fan of playing games on the Snapchat app which has also helped him to achieve this score on the Snapchat app.

 The score he has achieved over the snapchat app shows his love & dedication to using this app and interacting with friends.

Cris-this guy (134 million)

Cris-this guy is another snapchat users who have the highest snap score within the snapchat community and he had a snap score of over 134 million.

He is mostly known for using creative filters and lenses to create the snap and make it even more entertaining and engaging and he is among the top snap scorers

Other things that helped him to reach this score are sending and receiving snaps from friends and other people, maintaining snap streaks, and interacting with friends on snapchat stories.

Michae86l (31.2 million)

The real name of the person behind michael861 is Michael and he is also a Snapchat users who have a snap score of 31.2 million – this user is mostly for his love for using the Snapchat app.

The things that help him to stand out from the users are his way of using creative way of using the filter and lenses of the app which is also a contributing factor to his snap score and which place among the highest snap scorer.

If I talk about the content – he usually shares snaps of his life sends the snaps to his friends and followers and plays snapchat games.

Ciqlo (28 million)

This Snapchat user has achieved an impressive snap score of 28 million, holding the record for the highest Snapchat scores. What sets him apart is his unique approach to increasing his score, which differs from other Snapchat users.

He actively uses various filters and lenses, frequently sending snaps to both friends and followers. Notably, his strategy includes snapping with celebrities, contributing significantly to his remarkable score.

Overall, he stands out as one of the top Snapchat users, as evidenced by the impressive score he has attained. His dedication to sending snaps, coupled with his interactions with celebrities, distinguishes him from other users

Gpierson_20 (22 million+)

Gpierson_20, also known as Garret, is another Snapchat user boasting an impressive score of 22 million+. He stands out for his creativity in sending humorous snaps, utilizing the various filters and lenses offered by the app.

One key factor contributing to his high snap score is his unique and entertaining approach to sending snaps, coupled with active participation in Snapchat games.

Garret’s dedication and commitment to crafting engaging snaps for his followers and friends truly showcase his love for the Snapchat app. His distinctive style and involvement in interactive elements set him apart in the Snapchat community.

Daydrunks (23 million)

Daydrunks is a Snapchat user who has achieved an amazing snap score of 23 million, which is truly impressive.

She is mostly known for her unique and entertaining snaps with her friends and family. Daydrunks utilizes Snapchat lenses and filters to create creative snaps, and in addition to that, she actively takes part in Snapchat games.

 She is also known for snapping with celebrities, which has helped boost her snap score. Her ability to create unique snaps sets her apart from other users.

Noah Rittle (15.6 million)

He is another Snapchat user who is on the list of the highest snap scores on Snapchat with over score of 15.6 million on this app and the reason for his high score is his frequent posting habit.

He consistently posts snaps using the filters and lenses of Snapchat, and the best part is, that he uses them in a very creative way, mostly for documenting his life.

Jade_rush1 (13.8 million)

She is another Snapchat user who has made it into the list of highest snap scorers. She has achieved a snap score of 13.8 million and is known for using special event-related filters and lenses to create her snaps. 

She usually shares interesting moments and updates about her life in her snaps, which people appreciate, and that’s the reason she is on the highest snap score list.

Dailybrayden123 (10.2 million)

DailyBrayden123 is on the top 10 highest snap score list in the world with a score of over 10.2 million. He is also known for his commitment and love towards creating snaps and stories, which he shares with his friends.

Additionally, he is recognized for being active on the Snapchat app and using different filters and lenses to create unique and interesting snaps that people enjoy consuming.

Here is the tabular representation of who has the top snap scores in the snapchat app.

Mustbecris322 million
Dion-19239 million
Cris-thisguy134 million
Michae86l31.2 million
Ciqlo28 million
Gpierson_2022 million+
Daydrunks23 million
Noah Rittle15.6 million
Jade_rush113.8 million
Dailybrayden12310.2 million
Sillyblackguy8.2 million
Jashanzzz3 million+
Pateldeep32 million+

Celebrities with the Highest Snap Score

Now let’s look into some of the celebrities who have the highest snap score on Snapchat, here is the list of celebrities on Snapchat

Kylie Jenner – She is well known for her influential social media presence, and she has the highest Snapchat score.

DJ Khaled – He is a popular music producer and the Snapchat lovers who has a significant following on the platform.

Ariana Grande – He is a popular pop singer who maintains a strong presence on Snapchat he also has the highest Snapchat score.

Kim Kardashian – He is the dominant figure in the entertainment industry, Kim Kardashian also has a huge following on Snapchat

Ways to increase your Snapchat Score

Increasing the Snapchat snap score is not difficult if you know how this platform works and what is takes to get a high score in the snapchat app, here are the proven that you can use to achieve the highest snap score.

Send as many snaps as possible: The easiest way to earn points is by sending snaps to your friends or close ones. Each snap you send adds a point to your score, making the number of snaps sent a crucial factor in determining your overall score.

Open the snaps from friends: Another effective way to boost your Snapchat score is by opening the snaps you receive. Don’t leave them unopened; start earning points by checking and opening those snaps.

Upload snaps and stories: Regularly adding snaps and stories contributes to a higher Snapchat score. Users who consistently share stories tend to have higher scores. It’s a clear indication that uploading stories is another way to increase your Snapchat score.

Keep in mind that sending the same snap to multiple users won’t earn you extra points. To maximize your score, send unique snaps to different recipients. Follow these tips, and you’ll see your Snapchat score rise.

Highest Snap Streak

Whenever you send a Snap streak to anyone, it shows how often you send and receive snaps every day; a fire emoji comes up at the right corner of a friend’s name bar and numbers of the streak on it, which is recorded till today.

Highest Snap Streak

Below I’ve listed the highest snap streaks list along with their name and streak numbers. This list is not exact because it gets changes day by day, But this is the latest information according to the internet’s data the longest Snapchat streak has an exchanged with these users.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who has the highest snap score ever?

Mustbecris also known by the name Chris is regarded as the person who has the highest snap score of more than 320 million and he has been using Snapchat for a long time.

Which celebrities have the highest snap score?

While specific data is not available, Kylie Jenner is reported to have one of the highest Snapchat scores, with an estimated 10 million. This is attributed to her robust social media presence.

Does your Snap Score Go Up with Chats?

The Snap Score with chats will only increase when you send photos and videos to your friends instead of the normal message. However, the main factor that will help you increase the Snap Score is sending and receiving snaps.

Does Snap Score increase Without Opening?

Yes, your Snap Score will still increase even if you don’t open the snap from your friend. However, if you want to boost your Snap Score, it’s vital for you to open the Snap, as it contributes towards increasing the overall score.

How to Get your Snapchat Score Up Instantly

The user receives points from the app for sending snaps, and also user gets points for uploading a photo on their account. One thing is clear by app policy that is users don’t get points for messaging. At last, you will receive points for opening a snap. By watching the story, user points will not increase.

Is there a Way to Get my Snap Score Higher?

Yes, increasing the snap score or making it higher is not that big deal. You have to send streaks, videos, pictures to your friends in an account to make your snap score higher. Texting someone or posting stories doesn’t add up any point in your account.


From the above post, we have discovered the list of the people who have the highest snap score and along with that, we have also discovered the ways to increase your score in the snapchat app.

But if you still have any doubts or questions regarding increasing the snap score, you can let us know in the comment.

Happy Snapping 🙂 

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