Why It’s Worth Hiring a React JS Developer Offshore

Why It's Worth Hiring a React JS Developer Offshore

React JS is a popular JavaScript framework. When companies want to hire a react js developer, they prefer using offshore and nearshore IT outsourcing companies instead of hiring someone in-house.

Why It's Worth Hiring a React JS Developer Offshore

Why Hire React JS Developers OffShore

React JS is a popular solution with IT-based or IT-intensive companies because it is easy to use. Parts of HTML code can be implemented in the main code, and it offers a simple approach towards rendering the logic.

There are many reasons why companies hire React.js developer offshore.

It’s Easier to Find Talented Staff

React JS is in high demand, with thousands of vacancies advertised in the US alone. Offshoring companies have thousands of React JS developers for hire. Because they are in high demand, React JS developers in the United States or the United Kingdom require top-dollar salaries and often move from company to company.

It’s Cheaper

Hiring an offshore React JS developer is much cheaper than hiring a developer in-house. In-house staff requires bonuses, healthcare, vacation and sick days, and other perks. They also need physical workspaces, computers, software, and other devices. Offshore companies take care of everything the developer needs.

It’s Easy to Integrate

Offshore companies will take care of onboarding, integration, and management of staff. This means that businesses can focus on their projects at hand without the hassle of administration and performance management.


It’s Faster to Roll Out

Offshore companies already have a network of talented developers ready to work to strict deadlines. Hiring in-house developers take time. HR teams have to advertise, vet candidates, conduct interviews, conduct tests, follow-up, and refine offers. Your HR team may not have the necessary technical knowledge to interview React JS developers successfully in many cases.

With offshoring, you could have a skilled, niche team assembled in two to three weeks.

The Ability to Scale Up or Down

With offshoring, additional developers can be hired immediately during a demand surge. In addition, if the project is downscaled, developers can be removed without the cost and legalities associated with downsizing in-house staff.

What React JS Developers Do

React JS Developers are skilled front-end developers that design and implement UI components for JavaScript web and mobile applications. They may complete tasks like:

●             Reviewing application requirements and designs

●             Adding new features, plugins, and components to an existing product

●             Developing new products from scratch with the React JS framework

●             Identifying web-based user interactions and previewing interface designs

●             Developing various user interface components and writing app interface codes using JavaScript-following React JS codes

●             Debugging application interface codes and implementing and designing front-end architecture

●             Customization by using plugins and addons.

●             Improving front-end performance

●             Social Networking App Development (Online Video editing App)

●             Support and Maintenance to Clients

             Improving front-end performance


Qualifications React JS Developers Need

Most React JS Developers hold a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or other similar degrees. They have an excellent working knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Enzyme, Flux, React.js, and Redux.

Many will have good front-end development and user interface design experience, browser-based debugging and performance testing software, good troubleshooting skills, and good project management skills.

How to Find the Right Offshoring Company

Find an offshoring company that is willing to work with you directly and openly throughout the entire process. It’s not enough to understand the positions you need to fill. They need to understand your project, your culture, your budget, and the competitive landscape you operate in.

They should take care of the hiring, vetting, and onboarding for you but leave you in control of how the team operates once hired. You should set the project milestones and processes. Additionally, businesses considering offshoring can also explore the option of partnering with an Employer of Record (EOR) service provider, such as an Employer of Record in Vietnam, which can offer comprehensive solutions for hiring and managing offshore talent, including handling legal, administrative, and HR responsibilities.

How the Procoders Process Works

Procoders approaches offshoring differently. The process starts with discovery – finding the right talent for your unique project. Monthly fees and billing are clearly communicated so that there are no unpleasant surprises.

You remain in control while a direct client management team helps you manage staff according to your needs. Offshoring gives you the freedom to scale up quickly if you need to increase capacity so that you are never left short-handed suddenly.

If you want to hire a React JS developer, speak to Procoders about your options.

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