How do i Delete My EA Account in 2022? (Follow These Steps)

how do i delete my ea account
how do i delete my ea account

The top sports franchises, such as Madden NBA and FIFA, as well as other well-known games, are all produced by EA. This is supported by Origin, the company’s PC gaming platform, hence an EA account is required to play any of these titles.

However, you may instantly remove your EA account if and when you decide you’re done with EA’s games. The specific actions you must take to delete your EA account are outlined in this post.

how do i delete my ea account?

If you want to delete your EA account follow the following instructions:

Step 1: Go to on the EA website. Next, select “Contact us.”

Step 2: Next, pick a game from the selection. Which one doesn’t matter. Then, under “What platform are you playing on? “, choose any platform in the following popup. Again, it makes no difference which one you pick.

Step 3: Click “Manage my account” under “Select subject” and then “Select issue” under “Delete account.”

Step 4: Next, sign into your EA account using your login information. Then, complete the form and adhere to the screen instructions to send your cancellation notice to support.

Step 5: Customers from the EU are also allowed to completely remove all linked data. Visit the EA delete account support page to accomplish this. At the top there is contact us link select it. Select “Delete my data” under “Data Privacy.” Mention the phrase “Right to be Forgotten.” In compliance with EU law, this will guarantee that all related data is permanently erased.

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What sets deleting differently from deactivating?

Your progress is still saved when you deactivate your account, but you won’t be able to access it or log in until you elect to reactivate. On the other side, account cancellation prevents you from accessing your games and prevents you from using any associated platform accounts with another EA Account.

On the PS4, how can I remove my EA account?

You must buy a new game from the Playstation Network shop in order to remove your EA account on the Playstation. Make careful not to input your EA account information when the time comes for you to submit your account details. Once you’ve completed the game’s purchase, the system will remove your account.

How can I remove my Xbox EA account?

You must first log in to and visit the Managed Services page to remove your EA account from Xbox. Select “Xbox” from the “My Services” menu. Locate the account you wish to delete on the Xbox page and click “Delete.” Following a request for confirmation of your choice, the accounts will be deactivated.

What makes deleted accounts recoverable?

When we submit an account deletion request, we counter the amount of your account and gaming data in case you change your mind and decide to reclaim your account in the future while also permanently deleting your account data from our customer support databases.

Only you are able to reset your password to preserve the security and privacy of your account information. We can’t help you with this, sorry. We can submit a Right To Be Forgiven request on your behalf if you want to permanently erase your account and all related data.

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What are the Motives for Deleting Your EA Account?

There are few reasons why you could decide to delete your EA Account, some of which are listed below:

  • You no longer wish to maintain the account. It’s time to close it if you’re not going to be a member.
  • You wish to delete all accounts with information since you were the victim of hacking.
  • You’ve made a new account and used a different email account address and password. 

Does deactivating an EA account break the link?

Yes, unlinking your EA account from the game is possible. You must make a new account if you want to keep playing the game.

How can I switch my EA account to an Apex one?

You must establish a new Apex account, move your old EA account info over, and then switch your EA account to Apex. This is how:

  • Set up a new Apex profile.
  • Choose “Import Games” from the “My Games” option.
  • Choose which games to move from your previous EA account.
  • Select “Import” from the menu.

 What is The best way to remove my FIFA account?

You must get in touch with EA customer care to remove your FIFA account. They will assist you with deleting your account and all of the data connected to it.

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Can two EA accounts be combined?

You can combine two EA accounts, yes. Please adhere to following instructions to do this:

  • Access the account you wish to maintain by logging in.
  • Click “Merge Accounts” at
  • Observe the directions displayed on the screen.
  • Enter the account you wish to combine into, then adhere to the on-screen instructions.

How do I delete my Google account?

Visit and follow the directions there if you wish to remove your Google account.

How do I close my email account?

Log into your account and click Settings to remove an email account. After that, click Delete Account. You’ll have to enter your password to confirm the deletion.

Can FIFA seasons be reset?

FIFA seasons cannot be restarted, unfortunately. Only the current season may be completed before starting a new one.

Can an EA Origin account be deleted?

Your EA Account cannot be deleted or deactivated independently. Please contact one of our advisors. Check out how you might be able to remove your game account on your own if you use an iOS or Android smartphone to play one of our mobile games.


Unfortunately, deleting an EA account requires more steps than simply a few clicks. You must request a deletion by contacting EA Support through your account to achieve this. Hopefully above information helps you to delete your EA account permanently and other questions related to your EA account is answered above.

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