How PayPal Credit Works? Full Explained

How PayPal Credit Works?

Have you noticed PayPal credit as a payment option for an online purchase? If you did and are a PayPal user, you can use your account just as a credit card. Also, it’s much more flexible for minimum payment than a credit card. Here are all details about how PayPal credit works and more of it.

What is PayPal Credit

As per Statista, there were about 400 million active users of PayPal in the US in the first quarter of 2021. One of the significant facts behind the success is PayPal credit. 

Basically, this credit is a line of credit for making online purchases or for business purchases that you can use as your default for payment. However, in order to be approved, you have to have an outstanding balance at the time you apply. 

Therefore, it seems similar to any credit card or debit card service, but it’s not. Especially, its interest-free payment system made online purchases much easier now.

When You Can Use It

You can use PayPal credit when the authority accepts your application. Only after that, the default purchasing option will show when you want to purchase on credit. Surprisingly, the application process is simple if you already have a PayPal account. Otherwise, you have to buy a PayPal account to do the job. Hence, the information that will be required in the process-

● Birthdate

● Income after taxes

● Last four digits of the social security number

After providing these data, you will see if your application is approved or not in a few seconds. Here, you must be stiff about your prepayment and balance as the verification is pretty hard pulling. If approved, you will get at least $250 credit for the purchase or send money.

How Does It Work

PayPal credit is operated by Synchrony Bank, which is recognized chiefly for retailing credit service. They made a perfect blend of credit card and point-of-view or special financing services for its action. 

Notably, the purchasing process is more like PayPal’s pay in 4 feature, but with a vetting process in advance. After that, you can make a flexible, structured repayment plan about when and how you will pay. Also, there won’t be any annual fee for it and a reduced interest rate for a specific purchase.  

Here comes the central core fact that makes it unique. PayPal Credit gives you a full interest-free repayment service for up to 6 months if you purchase a product of $99 or more. Also, you can split the repayment time into the three-monthly scheme for a $30 purchase or more. 

But it has a higher interest rate of 23%, which is more than most credit card services. Also, you have to pay the late payment fees. If you miss a six-month billing cycle, an additional $49 fee will be added when you pay it back. If not, you have to pay $29 for a returned payment.

Hence, PayPal credit has promotional offers like a reduced interest rate for eligible purchases. But you have to be careful about the promotional payment period as the deferred interest will be added just after it ends.

What Benefits You Will Get

PayPal credit made a flexible and exciting payment policy than credit cards. These are the benefits you will get using it –

● Free shipping and refund facilities of PayPal.

● The faster approval process of application.

● Frequent reporting to credit bureaus on your activity to build credit.

● Interest-free repayment facility for six months.

● All online stores accept where PayPal is available.

What May Worry You

There are also some issues that you have to face while purchasing with it or sending money. Here they are.

● Low credit limit and high credit APR.

● No rewards added like PayPal services.

● No access offline like brick-and-mortar stores.

● Flat fees for sending money and late repayment.

Final verdict

“Elon Musk with PayPal revolutionized baking”- Peter Diamandis. It has changed traditional banking and introduced new credit payment methods to the world. Therefore, PayPal credit is immense support for small purchasers or online retailers. Also, it can be an efficient way to send money in emergencies.

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