How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting 2022? (Track Policy)

How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting 2022? (Track Policy)
How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting 2022? (Track Policy)

How does Walmart keep track of shoplifting or theft? One of the most well-liked retailers in the United States is Walmart. With that popularity comes theft. Walmart has a serious issue with shoplifting. It costs the business millions of dollars annually.

Walmart has started tracking shoplifters in some of its locations in an effort to address this issue. Cameras and facial recognition software are used in the tracking system. But now, it is being tested to spot shoplifters in a few retail locations.

How Does Walmart Track Shoplifting

Walmart has been monitoring shoplifters for a long time. To accomplish this task, Walmart uses:

  • Loss Prevention Associates 
  • Surveillance cameras at the entrances and exits 
  • Security scanners at the doors at retail stores

Additionally, Walmart uses cameras at self-checkout areas. These cameras monitor if items are loaded into bags before being checked out.

Walmart staff will detain the person they think is stealing. They demand to see their receipt. The customer can be asked to leave the store if they cannot present a valid receipt. If they are found stealing, management at Walmart will take them into custody.

Walmart Uses Image Recognition To Track Theft

Walmart is renowned for being a giant in the retail industry. It is constantly searching for innovative ways to keep its operations running efficiently. In an effort to decrease theft, they just began implementing image recognition technology in their self-checkout lanes.

The technology is provided by the Irish company Everseen. It operates by scanning the goods as the customer scans them. The police are informed if the item is found to be on the prohibited list.

Mixed responses have been given to this new technology. Some believe it is a vital measure to prevent theft. While some feel it is an invasion of privacy.

Walmart has stated that it will deeply monitor the first trial’s outcomes before determining whether or not to keep employing the technology.

Positive outcomes have been seen, with theft rates declining by about 20%.

Whether Walmart decides to continue employing the technology or not, it is obvious that they are constantly searching for new strategies to handle theft and protect their enterprise.

What Happens If You Get Caught Shoplifting At Walmart?

Anyone caught shoplifting is swiftly prosecuted by Walmart. They are also much less likely to dismiss petty theft charges than other retailers.

The reason is it increases the chances that you will have a criminal record and find it very challenging to find employment in the future.

You may spend up to a year in jail (or more), depending on the value of what you took.

But, if someone finds you stealing from Walmart when you are under 16, they will probably encourage you to return the things and leave the store.

If I Am Caught Shoplifting On Camera At Walmart, Do I Have The Right To See The Footage?

Walmart is not required to release any video that shows you stealing. However, if they manage to get you on camera, they might decide to charge you.

You risk receiving jail time or a large fine if found guilty. Talking with a defense lawyer if you’ve been charged with shoplifting at Walmart is crucial.

They can explain your legal options and assist you in defending your future.

Does Walmart Call The Cops For Shoplifting?

Does Walmart Call The Cops For Shoplifting?

Yes, Walmart does report shoplifting to the police. When security cameras catch you shoplifting and barcode alarms go off, they will notify the police, and you will probably be arrested.

Remain calm and ask to speak with the police right away if you think you are being falsely accused of shoplifting. Request that the cops speak with the store security.

If that doesn’t work, you might need to hire a lawyer. You are not required to sign anything if you think you are innocent.

If Walmart observes somebody trying to steal pallets from the loading dock, they have the right to notify the police.

What Happens When You Get Caught Shoplifting at Walmart For the First time?

You will be requested to return the products if you are under 16. You will be driven home by your parents or the police.

But you might not face any legal repercussions. It is improbable that you will go to jail if you are older than 16 and are caught shoplifting from Walmart for the first time.

However, you could still be accused of a misdemeanor, which would go on your record permanently.

Also, you won’t be permitted to visit any Walmart stores in the future. You may face jail time, a fine, or probation if you are found shoplifting in another Walmart location.

If you are caught twice, the punishments are frequently worse, and if you are caught three times, you will be charged with a felony instead of merely a misdemeanor.  

Can You Be Charged With Shoplifting Weeks After Having Shoplifted?

Legally, retailers like Walmart have two years to charge shoplifters. Shoplifting charges might take weeks or even months to be filed in retail establishments.

It means that charges may be brought against you years after the crime was committed. However, it typically takes less than two months.

What is it like to get caught shoplifting at Walmart

Walmart takes legal action against anyone caught shoplifting. Depending on how much you stole, you might spend up to a year in jail (or more).

However, if you are caught stealing from Walmart under age 16, someone will usually persuade you to return the items and leave the store.

If you are caught shoplifting at a Walmart store will they check video footage at other stores

Yes, Walmart can check the security camera footage. If it catches you stealing, it will take strict action against you.

Can Walmart come after you later for shoplifting at the self checkout if you get away

Yes, it is possible, but this is not the case every time. 

How long does Walmart ban first time shoplifters

Anyone found guilty of Walmart stealing faces a lifelong ban. It is unlikely that this prohibition will be revoked.

You risk being charged with criminal trespass if you decide to visit a Walmart after receiving it (even if it’s not the one you stole from). Walmart rewards program.


Walmart tries hard to lessen the effect of shrinking on its yearly revenues. To accomplish this, they use various techniques to ensure shoplifters are apprehended, located, and charged. Walmart camera return policy?

Shoplifters have a very tiny chance of getting away with it because of image recognition technology, barcode scanners, and security cameras inside and outside.

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