How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use? Explained Briefly

How Many Amps does Refrigerator Use

How many amps does a refrigerator use? In this article, I’ve explained the energy consumption of refrigerators.

How Many Amps does Refrigerator Use

How many amps and watts it takes to start up and run properly everything you must be known about the refrigerator.

How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use?

The question “how many amps does a refrigerator use” is important to address.

It helps to find out the electricity that is required to run the appliances like fridge, microwave and Iron etc.

Further, it is necessary to ensure the circuit requirement that how many machines you can attach to the same circuit.

ApplianceAMP ConsumptionWatts Used
Mini Fridge<0.5100
Fridge Freezer1.5350
how many amps does a refrigerator use

It will protect to have the encounter with some problem as well.

In the case of the refrigerator, every model and kind utilizes different amps for running.

It is quite simple to calculate the one with the respective formula.

To find out the amps that a refrigerator must use is Amp = watts/voltage.

It means you can divide the total watts that the refrigerator used by the voltage supply it receives.

In general, an average refrigerator utilizes almost 6amps.

The voltage thing shouldn’t be that much of a concern. If you bought the fridge in the US and are attending school in the US, it’s all 120 volts.

Amperage on the other hand might be a bit tricky to figure out.

If you don’t know how many amps it will draw, OR you don’t know what wattage it will draw, consult the manual to see what it lists.

If you know its required wattage, you can take wattage divided by voltage to figure amperage.

For Example: 240 watts / 120 volts = 2 amps

How many Amps does a Circuit Need to be to Support my Fridge?

The average electricity that a refrigerator utilizes for the operation is around 750 watts.

If we consider that watts utilization regarding the amps means it is equal to 15 to 20 watts.

It covers almost 10% of the overall electricity utilization of the residential place.

Moreover, to calculate the average amps necessary to support the fridge, it is better to use the formula.

The formula is amped = watts/voltage.

Usually, the 120 voltage supply is the standard that the residential user will receive.

Do you need a Dedicated Circuit for a Freezer or Fridge?

Usually, it is recommended to the consumer to have a dedicated circuit for the freezer and fridge.

Dedicated Circuit for a Freezer

It helps with the best practice and improves performance.

It ensures safety in case of a change in voltage/amps that varies due to a change in electricity supply.

In the freezer and refrigerator case, it is essential to be prepared for the worst case.

So, for the freezer and fridge, keep 15-20 amps dedicated with a circuit of 120 volts. 

Does a Fridge Need a 20-amp Circuit?

In modern refrigerator requirements, the 20amps circuit is dedicated to smooth operations.

It is best practice for the homeowner to attach the fridge with the course that is with the 120 voltage.

The level of voltage and amps are considerable for security assurance.

It keeps the circuit safe or protective from uncertain situations.

How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use on Start-up?

The refrigerator that is for home usage requires a dedicated circuit of almost 15 to 20amps.

In most refrigerators, the amps are the amount of electric current required to keep the compressor compartment cool.

At home refrigerator usually use 3 to 5 amps to perform the task.

So, for this, the refrigerator must require a dedicated circuit of almost 120 voltages.

Do Mini Fridges Use a Lot of Power, How many amps does a mini fridge use?

The average amps’ calculation is easier to calculate by dividing the electricity that requires by the refrigerator from the voltage that the appliance will receive.

In the case of the mini-fridge, the power usage is less than a standard fridge.

Power Consumption of Refrigerator

It reduces the average use of the amp as well.

Like the mini-fridge use power of 240 watts on the voltage of 120 means, they use almost 2amps on average.

The mini-fridge, on average, consumes 2amp that make it ideal to have in the offices and places like apartments and more. 

Is It Okay To Run A Fridge Off An Extension Cord?

It is essential whether it is good to run the fridge over the extension cord or use the direct supply.

Remember that it is essential to ensure the use of the right cord to avoid uncertainty.

The extension cords are not preferable to run the fridge.

It increases the risk of overheating and damage that can trigger the risk and can cause an electric short-circuit.

Moreover, experts give the solution that never use the grounded cord extensions to run appliances.

It can raise the temperature or can be dangerous by causing an electric shock.

How do you power a fridge with a generator?

It is entirely safe to run the fridge over the generator.

But essential to ensure the supply of voltage that has to support the watts.

So, attach the generator that is compatible with great watts’ capacity to run appliances safely.

Before powering the fridge with a generator, it is important to check the watts that your refrigerator requires and make sure the generator offers enough electric supply.

Moreover, use the compatible cord to attach the generator to the fridge.

You can use the portable generator and put it close to the fridge to avoid the extension cords attachments.

Once the fridge is attached to a generator through the cord, start the generator and the fridge’s power. 

How Do You Know How Big Your Fridge Is?

If you are wondering about your fridge’s size, you can adopt the method that helps in calculating that how big your fridge is.

The measuring method refers to checking the fridge’s interior includes width, height, depth, and multiply it with the number three.

To get the actual measurement, check the height, width, and depth by removing the drawers and shelf.   

What amp breaker do I need for a refrigerator?

The amp breaker or circuit breaker is important to ensure the safety of the appliance.

It will reduce the electricity supply in case of a high or low voltage supply.

In general, the modern refrigerator requires 20amp with a circuit of 120 volts.

The amp breaker requires ensuring the dedicated supply of the 15 to 20amp to the refrigerator and necessary to be installed.  

Frequently Asked Questions about how many amps does a refrigerator use

How many amps does a 12-volt fridge draw?

The fridge that is with the 12-volts operates and draws almost 5amp.

It shows the amount of the current flow in one hour while the fridge is in operation.

So, to find out the amount, it is important to know the exact amount of amp per hour.

Can I Put a Freezer and Refrigerator on the Same Circuit?

If you are using the freezer and refrigerator simultaneously, do not put them in the same circuit.

Every electric appliance consumes a different electric current, and at the same time, with the same circuit, there are chances of a short circuit.

It put a load over the circuit and can cause appliance failure.  

Can a refrigerator and microwave be on the same circuit?

No, you can put the refrigerator and microwave on the same circuit.

It is because the appliances need a particular circuit to get the electricity and for operation.

So, important to use a specific electric circuit for each appliance.

How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use? – How to Calculate the Amperage on a Refrigerator

A typical refrigerator draws 725 watts, as per the United States Department of Energy.

In general, the refrigerator utilizes almost 6amps.

In the calculation of the amps, it is necessary to know about the voltage of the power supply and watts that the refrigerator draws.

So, divide the number of watts draw by the refrigerator to the volts receive through an electrical supply that is 725/120= 6amps.

Is freezer compartment self frost?

The freezer compartment is with the self-frost that may be caused by moisture that hits inside coils of the freezer.

Almost every appliance like refrigerator or freezer has the self-frost technique to keep the food protected.  

Why is a Refrigerator Tripping the Breaker?

The common reason behind refrigerator tripping is overloading.

It can be due to the extra load over the circuit.

So, to avoid tripping, it important is to use a separate circuit to make sure no circuit break.

Does My Refrigerator Outlet Need to Be GFCI?

The GFCI outlet is a protector for the electric circuits.

It helps to protect the appliances from uncertainty.

It is important to consider that the refrigerator must have the GFCI that sense the danger and cuts off the power at once when needed. 

Conclusion – How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use

In the modern refrigerator, almost 15 to 20 amps are commonly in use with a voltage supply or electrical current of almost 120 volts.

If you are owning a smaller refrigerator, then it may require a low amp.

But in the case of an advance or modern refrigerator, make sure to install the dedicated 120 volts of the circuit.

I hope you got the answer of:

How Many Amps Does a Refrigerator Use

I hope that you got the answer to “how many amps does a refrigerator use” If you got the answer then share your views in the comment section.

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