A Joke in “Sidney Applebaum” on SNL? Explained Briefly

What is the Joke in "Sidney Applebaum" on SNL

What is the Joke in “Sidney Applebaum” on SNL? Here I have described.

What is the Joke in "Sidney Applebaum" on SNL

What is the Joke in “Sidney Applebaum” on SNL

The joke in “Sidney Applebaum” is linked with the show “Love and Death.”

Where the comedian talks about Sidney Applebaum, his ambition, life challenges, struggle, and growth in a well-scripted comedian way.

The only thing is to make sure the world will know and remember about the Applebaum.

The funny part, on the whole, is that Bill Harder knows more about the movie script and storyline, but it is a surprise for Stephan.

The joke of Sidney Jay Applebaum acts in two ways that make the audience surprise and turn things into a funny ending.

The show’s host fails to control the laughter, and the live show turns into a comedic tone. It was a comedic genius of its kind. 

The joke in the Sidney Jay Applebaum work in two ways over the audience:

  1. One is where the audience is expecting and waiting for a magnificent name for Jewish Dracula after the mention of Blackula, but Steffon used a very common name that sounds hilarious right at the moment. The name sounds lame, hence making the joke very funny. It also is an under joke towards the Jewish people being conservative.
  2. Another way the joke works is done by Bill Hader, the actor who is playing the role of “Steffon,” bursting into laughter while taking the name “Sidney Applebuam.” Actors breaking or talking about the character in a live show is itself a funny act. The character of Stefon itself is hilarious and has become the reason for people to laugh in a live show.

These two ways manage to grab the attention of people and turn things into funny ends.

One way it manages to grab the attention and laughter of the listener.

Bill Hader is an amazing actor, and his character Steffon is hilarious. Even the host of the show is trying to control the laughter.

Who is Sid Applebaum?

Sydney Applebaum was an American businessman born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, on 28 February 1924.

His father, Oscar Applebaum, started selling the fruit over the stall that become the first Applebaum’sApplebaum’s food market.

As a younger son, he used to deliver the food items, fruits, Pancakes ready to cook or eat, and other things to the doorstep of customers from the stall of his father, Oscar Applebaum.

Sid Applebaum died at the age of 92.

He was a great entrepreneur in the grocery store with loving and hardworking nature.

It’s a family business that grows and becomes the second-largest supermarket chain.

He loved his work and was passionate about bringing continuous changes that open ways towards future progress and growth.

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Sidney Applebaum ‘A Man of Success’

Sydney Applebaum is one of the most successful businessmen in the history of America.

Born to a Russian immigrant couple, Bertha Applebaum and Oscar Applebaum, in 1924, Sydney Applebaum started his professional life by helping his father in his superstore “Applebaum Food Market.”

Sidney Applebaum 'A Man of Success'

Applebaum also completed his education at Humboldt Senior High School and then officially became part of the business to expand it further.

Sidney worked hard with his brothers and opened many other branches of the gateway foods store.

In 1979 the store had 30 branches all over America.

The same year Applebaum brothers sold the chain of stores to National Tea Co., but Sidney kept on working for the stores.

Sidney Applebaum was looking after the chain at that time too, and this time, he proposed opening another chain with the name of Rainbow Stores.

Rainbow stores became so popular that some of the Applebaum stores were rebranded too

He reminded the CEO of all the stores until 1996, but he did not stop there. In 1997 Sydney Lester Applebaum moved ahead with his success and bought Holiday Food Stores.

He made the store a success and sold them to another party.

The store subsequently sold again to another strong party, Gateway Foods.”

Sidney Applabum worked hard to make the supermarket industry in Minnesota, and his name is still respected.

He worked hard and develop a chain of warehouse supermarkets.

He died on 6 August 2016 surrounded by family and is having one of the famous memorials. 

His Personal Life

Sidney Applebaum had a very prosperous and peaceful personal life.

He got married in 1945 to the love of his life Lorraine Smith.

As per the family tree, both of them went up to have three children together, two girls Nancy and Ellen, and a boy, Jay.

Sidney Applebaum made sure he impart his business wisdom to his kids.

He bought and helped his kids establish a liquor store in Minnesota.

Eventually, in 1979 he, together with his kids, started a new chain of Liquor stores with the name of Midway Big Top Liquors.

His family immensely loved him. In 2016, at the time of his death, he had eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren by his side.

Sidney had a hectic personal life with a houseful of kids and grandkids.

He was passionate about golf and made sure he was present at every important event for his children and grandchildren.

He was the one who made sure that his family remained united; that is why he used to have an Affectionate Family Gathering on every occasion.

His children share a lot of loving memories of their devoted father.

Sid Applebaum Timeline

Sid Applebaum has a long prosperous life of 92 years. In these 92 years, he had multiple successes, ran grocery stores or vegetable markets, and made them successful.

Applebaum earned himself the most successful grocer in Minnesota and was a great mentor and role model running the most significant food retailer.

He was an inspiration for a lot of people who worked for him.

  • 1924: Sidney Applebaum was born in Minnesota to a Russian immigrant couple.
  • 1945: Sidney Applebaum got married to Lorraine Smith at the age of 21.
  • 1950: Sidney Applebaum and his six brothers made Applebaum Food Market into Applebaum Grocery stores.
  • 1960: Applebaum’sApplebaum’s Food Markets became the most successful grocery store in Minnesota.
  • 1978: Sidney Applebaum started a chain of liquor stores along with his kids.
  • 1979: Applebaum Food Stores chain was sold, but Sidney kept on working under different management.
  • 1983: Sidney Applbaum Launched the “Rainbow Foods’Foods’ grocery stores chain. By the end of the 1980s, Rainbow Stores were the best grocery store chain in Minnesota.
  • 1994: Grocery stores chain “Rainbow Stores” were sold to other owners, but Sidney sustained his work as the CEO.
  • 1997: Sidney Applebaum Retired as the CEO of Rainbow Foods.
  • 2005: He got the “Trustee of the Year’Year’ award from United Hospital.
  • 2014: the success of his liquor store chain “Big Top Liquors” was appreciated, and he got the title of Market Watch Leader.
  • 2016: Sidney Applebaum passed away surrounded by his loved ones.

All you need to know about the famous joke on Applebaum Sidney 

in 2013 on an episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL), the Sidney Applebaum joke was first told that became one of the favorite jokes of that time.

It has never lost its spark since then.

The funny joke is rooted in a Woody Allen Movie. In the movie Love and Death, in a scene, a character says that one day he will be so successful that the whole world will know him by his name Sydney Lester Applebaum.

It is just a nonsense funny joke but coming from a Woody Allen movie, and it became iconic.

The joke was famous because it sounded lame and perfectly channeled the Woody Allen style of comedy.

The Joke is repeated in SNL on an entirely different basis where a reporter Ellen Saffron is talking about a Halloween party.

The reporter saw a Jewish Dracula at the party; like black Dracula is called Blakula, the Jewish Dracula is called Sidney Applebaum Applebaum.

It was hilarious because people were anticipating something grand, and the reporter just said a common Jewish name.

The audience present in the hall enjoyed the joke and laughed uncontrollably. The audience in the houses also found the joke very funny.

What is the joke in “Sidney Applebaum” on SNL?

In the Halloween episode of SNL in 2013, Bill Hader, playing the reporter Steffon,” reported a Halloween party to Seth, the show’s host.

While telling about different people in the party, he speaks about a Jewish Dracula he came across.

What is the joke in "Sidney Applebaum" on SNL?

Applebaum describes his experience like a black Dracula is called Blacula; a Jewish Dracula is called Sidney Applebaum.

So, it became one of the Jewish Vampire Names—people who were expecting to hear some fantastic name burst out laughing after hearing a common Jewish name.

The joke became iconic because Bill Hader almost broke into laughter, breaking his character too.

The joke was immensely enjoyed by the audience sitting there. However, some people did not get the joke at all.

One of the reasons for people not getting the joke was Bill Hader laughing himself because it was a long-running joke between the actor and the writer of the show.

However, Bill Hader laughing made it funny for some people who did not get the joke but enjoyed breaking the character.

Twofold is the Reason that Koke works Very Well

The joke has two folds which makes it more hilarious.

  1. One fold is where the audience is waiting for a magnificent name for Jewish Dracula after the mention of Blackula, but Steffon instead takes a very common Jewish name. The name sounds lame, hence making the joke very funny. It also is an under joke towards the Jewish people being conservative.
  2. Another fold is Bill Hader, the actor playing “Steffon,” bursting into laughter while taking the name “Sidney Applebuam.” Actors breaking the character in a live show is itself a hilarious act. The character of Stefon itself is very comedic and this extra fun made people laugh.

These two folds make this joke funnier than it sounds.

One of the folds manages to grab the attention and laughter of the listener.

Bill Hader is an amazing actor, and his character Steffon is hilarious.

The host of the show, Seth trying to control his laugh, creates another comedic aspect.

Sidney Applebaum, the co-founder of Rainbow Foods, death info, and location

Sidney Applebaum co-founded Rainbow food back in 1983.

Rainbow foods became the most successful grocery chain in Minnesota under his supervision.

His visions of superstores were ahead of their time and gave people so much convenience.

He influenced the idea of grocery stores all over America.

He was born to an immigrant couple, making himself an excellent example for the immigrant on How to take part in the country’s prosperity.

Sidney Applebaum was a doting husband and loving father.

He passed away on 6 August 2016 as a successful grocer and entrepreneur. He trained so many people who became an asset to the industry. His legacy is carried by his wife, three children, eight grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

After selling Applebaum’sApplebaum’s, Sidney co-founded Rainbow Foods in 1983, serving as CEO until 1996.

Sidney Applebaum, along with his six brothers, sold the Applebaum Food Market chain.

In 1983 he co-founded the Rainbow Foods grocery store chain.

These stores became extremely popular in Minnesota.

The popularity was so great that they ended up rebranding some of the Applebaum Stores too.

By the year 1990, Rainbow Foods was the most successful grocery store.

The ownership of Rainbow Foods kept changing after the launch, but Sidney kept on work as the CEO of the chain.

Sidney Applebaum Served as the CEO of Rainbow Food until the years 1997.

After retirement, he kept looking after the business, though.

His help for the grocery business was always available.

He was extremely generous with his advice for the business.

He kept on mentoring people until his death.

He did retire in 1997, but his passion for the progress of the grocery business remained the same until his death.

Last Years of Sidney Applebaum

Sidney Morris Applebaum Spent his last years mentoring people in the grocery industry.

He also spent a lot of quality time with his family.

His loving family surrounded him in the previous few years of his life.

Last Years of Sidney Applebaum

Applebaum had three children and eight grandchildren.

He lived on to see five of his great-grandchildren.

Sidney Appebuam always gave priority to his family, and his family made sure that he lived comfortably.

He spent seventy years of his life with his wife Lorraine, and she stayed by him until his death.

Unlike A lot of successful business people, Sidney Applebaum was a family man.

Regardless of being a visionary grocer, he gave time to his family, and in his last years, his family gave a lot of time and love.

Applebaum spent his previous years in the comfort of his home.

However, he did have a keen eye on the progress of the wholesale grocery firm he nourished with effort and love.

Sidney is preceded in death by his parents and 8 siblings, Hy, Meyer, Abe, Arthur, Roy, Harry, Rose Singer, and Ethel Specktor.

Sidney Morris Applebaum came from a big family of 9 siblings and parents.

All of his immediate family had passed away before his death in 2016.

He had a great working and family partnership with his brothers.

They brought up the Applebaum Food Market together until 1979.

He was the second youngest child of his parents and was adored by his siblings.

sidney applebaum family

Sidney Morris Applebaum had a very comfortable and loving personal life.

He spent 70 years of his life with his wife, Lorraine.

They got married in 1945 and went on to have three children together. Sidney always prioritized his family and cared for them.

His legacy is carried on by three children, eight grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

They were all present at his funeral to say goodbye.

Final Words about Sidney Applebaum

Sidney Applebaum was a boy born to Oscar and Bertha.

His father opened a fruit cart with a loan of 65 dollars.

The fruit cart later changed to a grocery store named Applebaum Food Market.

Applebaum was one of the nine siblings. Sidney started his journey in the grocery stores by helping his father.

He stacked the soaps and delivered fruits and rice in bags to people’s houses.

In 1950 Sidney with his six other brothers turned the Applebaum Food Market into a chain of stores.

The business kept growing. They sold the chain in 1979. However, Sidney kept his role and kept on working under the new owners.

In 1983 he started a new chain of grocery stores with the name Rainbow Foods. This venture turned out to be successful in the grocery race. Rainbow Foods became the most famous grocery store in Minnesota. Sidney retired from his role of CEO at Rainbow Foods in 1997.

Sidney Applebaum got married in 1945 to Lorraine Applebaum.

Sidney Applebaum was not only a successful businessman but a great loving father and husband too.

He had feelings for family and made sure he gives his family the time they deserve.

Applebaum also helped his kids in their careers and took them under his wings to raise the family business.

In 1978 he bought them from a liquor store. He then opened a chain of liquor stores with his kids.

Sidney Applebaum passed away peacefully on 6 August 2016. All of his family was around him. He was married to his wife Lorraine for 70 years. They had a great partnership.

He was the last one to die out of his 11 members’ immediate family. All of his siblings and parents had passed away already.

His kids and grandkids live the legacy of Sidney Morris Applebaum. He played an extraordinary role in the development of grocery markets and chain stores.

Along with developing Downtown grocery, he was known for the Humanitarian Services. The dedicated service and humanitarian services got him genuine appreciation from people.

Along with many awards, he was a part of the twin cities community. Also read about how long does grout ta to dry.

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