How to Check 2023 JAMB Results Online? & Via SMS

JAMB stands for Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board. This board provides both online and offline results. The Board reports that 1,595,779 applicants enrolled for the exam at 708 CBT sites located in 105 test cities nationwide.

Many people question how to check the Jamb result and when it comes out and some other related most frequent questions. Here are some ways to check the Jamb result and some other related queries. Keep reading to find out more on the topic. 

How to Check Jamb Result 

The Joint Admission and matriculation board is an examination board that is for tertiary-level institutions. It is a matriculation board for Undergraduates in the universities of Nigeria.

So if you want to check the Jamb result, you must know when it was announced and how to check it. 

When is the Jamb Result Coming Out

The result of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board was announced last Tuesday and Monday. If you want to check the Jamb result, there are two different methods. You can check the Jamb result offline via SMS and also online. This guide will explain how to use the details of your registration to access the portal and check your JAMB UTME results.

How to Check 2023 JAMB Result Offline (via SMS)

Jamb Result Check Via SMS

To check the result of the 2023 Jamb result offline means via sms, you have to do some steps:

  • Pick your phone and open the inbox of your phone, and Type RESULT in it. 
  • Send this message to 55019 or 66019. 
  • Now wait for your response to take your result. 
  • This message cut off 50 nairas from your balance. 


  • Pick your phone and open the inbox of your phone, and Type UTMERESULT in it. 
  • Send this message to 55019 or 66019. 
  • Now wait for your response to take your result. (Keep remembering that type UTMERESULT without spaces)
  • This message cut off 50 nairas from your balance. 

Steps to Check JAMB Result Online

You can also check the Jamb result online. If you want to check the Jamb result online, then follow the steps given below:

Visit the Jamb portal at to verify the results for 2023 of Jamb. The result of Jamb is also available at 

Type into either your email address or the Jamb registration number you used to register into the Jamb portal. 

Click the “check results” button that is located just below it. You may either download or print your jamb score from the result checker page when it is shown.

Other Ways to Check the Results

You can also check the result with the following steps:

  • First, Visit the website of to access the JAMB portal. It must start loading right away.
  • After that, you can use your registration number to log in.
  • After login, click Check My Result under the “Result Notification” tab.
  • Now the result is showing on your screen. 

How to Check JAMB Results with A Registration Number

You must first visit the official JAMB result checking page in order to check your JAMB result with your registration number.

STEP 1: First, Go to and log in, and select the “Check UTME Results” option to enter the website.

STEP 2: Locate and click on the Print Result Slip tab under the list of services.

 Locate and click on the Print Result Slip

STEP 3: Choose your payment option and continue with the payment.

payment option

STEP 4: Now enter your registration number in the space bar. Before submitting it, make sure your registration number is accurate by checking it again.

STEP 5: Then press the Check Result button. Your result will then be processed by the portal and shown on the screen.

STEP 6: After seeing the result and being able to access your JAMB result using your Register number, you may print a copy of your result slip for your records.  To do this, pay for it by clicking the “Print Result Slip” option on the portal.

Jamb Result Checker Portal Login

You may use your mobile device to check your JAMB 2023 UTME result by performing the following actions:

  1. Now, Browse to in your mobile browser.
  2. Now enter Your JAMB registration number in the search field. 
  3. Choose Check Results.
  4. Your screen will show the results slip you received.

Important Words on JAMB Candidates on UTME Result

Jamb candidates check their results on UTME official website. You only need to connect to the Jamb site to view your results or overall score for the exam you just finished writing.

Remember to print your jamb slip as soon as you have checked it. You can print your JAMB result slip as many times as you’d like. Depending on your preference, you may make it colorful or black and white.

Jamb Result Checker PDF

You can check your Jamb result by sms or by online. So go to the main website of UTME and enter the registration number of your slip and check for your result. Also, check by sms. Type RESULT and Send this message to 55019 or 66019. After that, wait for a response to take your result.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the above information is helpful for you to find out the answer to the queries that are fluttering in your mind. If you have any queries, put them in the comment box. Have a good day and Best of Luck. 

FAQ as Regards JAMB Result

Here I’ve covered some mostly asked questions about Jamb results:

Has JAMB Released the 2023 UTME Result?

Yes, Jamb released the UTME result for 2023 last Tuesday and Monday. So you can check the result quickly via sms or online from their main website. 

How can I Check my JAMB Result?

You can check your Jamb result from two methods. First, check by sms. Click Result on your compose message box and then send it to 55019 or 66019. Now wait for your response to take your result. It will show your result in a few seconds. 

How long will it take before I check my result after the exam?

Jamb released the result after 24 hours of writing your papers. Sometimes due to some technical problem, it will take one or two weeks but not more. So you do not have to wait for a long month or weeks. 

Will I need a scratch card to check my UTME result?

Jamb original results are very important and will be requested of you during the paperwork stage and eliminated when you are eventually accepted. Still, the Jamb notice of result slip is only a temporary slip.

Jamb original slip printing is not free. You must have to pay for it.

The real UTME result, which is more significant and requires printing out, is completely different from the notification of results. But there is a cost involved.

How many times can I check my 2023 Result?

Fortunately, you can check your Jamb result as many times as you want. There is no limitation to checking the result. So you can check any time by putting your registration number in the space box and checking it. 

Can I check my 2023 result on the phone?

If you want to check the result of UTME on your phone, follow some steps. First, Open the inbox of your phone and Type UTMERESULT in it. Now, Send this message to 55019 or 66019. After that, wait for a response to take your result.

How to print jamb result?

 To pay for the UTME, first by selecting the “Print Result Slip” button on the portal. Then, you will be asked to enter your JAMB registration number once more. Click the “Print Result Slip” button one more after entering your registration number. Your result slip will then be shown on the screen, and by selecting the “Print” option, you can print it off.

Where to Get the Jamb Result Slip?

First, Go to to access the JAMB Reprinting Portal. In the box provided, type your JAMB registration number. In order to find out your UTME test date, time, venue, and center, click on PRINT EXAMINATION SLIP. Now click on download. 

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