Google Is Now Offering .zip, .foo, or .dad Domains For Purchase

Dozens of top-level domains, or TLDs for short, are available as substitutes for .com and .net and other overcrowded options. Now, Google is also accepting registrations for more TLDs, including .dad and .phd.

Google has introduced a number of new TLDs that can be used for projects, portfolios, and personal profiles. These include tech-related domains like .nexus, .zip, .foo, and .mov and professional domains like .phd, .esq, and .prof. In fact, .dad is also available for you if you’re a father and want to set up a website before Father’s Day.

These TLDs from Google appear to be ideal for any personal business or, really, just a personal page with contact options. Google had previously introduced TLDs that have received considerable popularity, such as .app. It’s a fantastic way to advertise your services and yourself, or even a fun personal page you created.

Since all the domains are currently in early access, if you aren’t a large corporation, you might not be able to secure one just yet. After those big brands and companies steal some of the best ones, all registration fees will return to normal on May 10 after a daily decrease. You can check more updates on Google Domains.

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