How To Choose The Right Dining Table

Your ideal dining table will be aesthetically pleasing, within your price range, and suitable for your space. You should consider a few crucial factors while choosing a good one.

Author of “One day you might wake up and wonder what you were thinking if you get something too funky, with too many weird details,” Christophe Poorly, a furniture restorer by trade, was first cited. “Keep it strong and simple.”

When comparing restaurant table tops at furniture stores, looking at their quality, affordability, and classic style is essential. If you can spend a lot of time at each table, think about how it feels to sit at each one and search for models that will wear on the floor. Observe for scratches and dents that indicate how well the tables will withstand frequent use at home. If you’re looking for suggestions, check out this excellent sub-$1000 dining table guide from Wire Cutter, the New York Times product review website.

Here are some more checkboxes to make sure are checked before taking out your wallet.

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Use Measuring Tape

The first requirement is that your dining table must fit your dining space. However, a dining table is a very substantial piece of furniture, so extra room must also be allowed.

According to Lucy Harris, an interior designer in New York, you’ll need three feet of breathing room on both sides — and more is desirable — to comfortably sit in a chair and walk about the area. This is in addition to the footprint of the table.” Measure the length and width of the place you can dedicate to the dining table, whether a separate dining room or a multipurpose space. The goal dining table’s length and breadth are then determined by deducting about six feet from those figures.

Consider how you will utilize the table after that. Max Dyer, a veteran of the furniture industry and the current vice president of case goods (a type of hard furniture such as tables, cabinets, and chairs) at La-Z-Boy Industries, advised consumers to “Assume that larger-scale chairs will require more space and that each place at the table needs between 22 and 24 inches of table space.”

When Determining On Shape, Think About Your Needs

Due to its widespread use, square and rectangular tables are available in various designs, sizes, and extendable options. However, since they eliminate the corners while maintaining a sufficient surface area, round or oval tables allow you more room to walk around. The oval “might be the best option for tighter, rectangular spaces,” Mr. Dyer said.

Because there is no head of the table, round or oval tables can be ideal for gatherings and conversation, according to Ms. Harris. You may fit as many people around a round or oval table as its perimeter allows, but after all the place settings are in place, you may need more room for serving pieces.

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Pay Attention To The Table Support

The number of people who can sit at a table depends on the base, which is often legs, a pedestal, or a trestle. The American Home Furnishings Alliance’s Jackie Hirsch Haut, vice president of public relations and marketing, advised against the supports obstructing the legroom. Sit at a table when you see it in person to see if your legs will touch the legs of the table.

Check to see whether you can cross your legs under the table and that there is room for your knees when you slide in. Your space for movement may be limited by the tabletop’s support frame or apron.

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