How does Walmart Deliver Furniture in 2023? (Explained)

Does Walmart Deliver Furniture

Walmart is known for giving its customers access to anything they need under one roof.

Walmart offers a large variety of furniture online in addition to everyday goods. However, you might have some questions in mind before placing your Walmart furniture order. One of them is: How does Walmart transport my furniture when I order it?

How Does Walmart Deliver Furniture in 2023?

As of 2023, Walmart will ship furniture using FedEx or UPS, depending on the consumer's location and the item. On Walmart's website, almost all furniture is offered for shipping.

If not, you can pick up your order from the nearby Walmart. Walmart and Handy collaborate to offer services like TV mounting and furniture assembly.

Does Walmart Deliver Furniture?

Yes. Walmart offers furniture delivery. Walmart is a good choice if you want to get a new bed or couch because their costs are significantly lower than those of other retailers. Walmart is the finest option if you’re on a tight budget and want to buy furniture.

They provide free shipping options and a wide selection of inexpensive furnishings. Walmart is the solution if you’re looking for affordable, high-quality furniture. Virtual shopping tours were just added by Walmart. You can quickly get the ideal furniture to match your home’s design and bedroom trends using this 3D virtual shopping tour.

Does Walmart Deliver TVs?

Similar to other furniture, Walmart ships TVs purchased from its website. Walmart, FedEx, or UPS may ship your TV depending on the TV size and location.

Does Walmart Set up Furniture?

Does Walmart Set up Furniture

Walmart does offer furniture installation. But the service is not handled by shop personnel. Instead, Walmart employs experts from Handy, a third-party company. They assist you in assembling and arranging furniture once it has been delivered to your home.

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How Does Handy Work at Walmart?

Handy is one of the best platforms for connecting customers with top-notch service providers. With Handy, all of the service providers are independent contractors. They can do anything from house cleaning to furniture assembly to light fixture replacement and more. Depending on what needs to be mended or installed, the Handy website may connect you with your preferred service provider.

How do you Schedule Furniture Installation with Handy through Walmart?

Walmart and Handy make contacting a service provider to assist with furniture assembly fairly simple. You can schedule your service online. You’ll need to enter the ten-digit activation number from your receipt once you get to the website. Then choose a date and time for the service to be performed. Additionally, Handy enables you to reschedule at any moment if you need to.

What type of Furniture does Walmart Sell?

The Walmart furniture variety is as large as any other product area, nearly to the point of being overwhelming. For instance, Walmart carries things for the following rooms and offers furniture from over 100 brands:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Outdoor/patio
  • Bedroom
  • Game room
  • Dining room and much more!

Is Walmart Furniture Affordable?

Walmart furniture is quite reasonably priced. It is one of the main factors why people like purchasing furniture from this retail giant. Walmart also offers a number of furniture options. So if you’re seeking higher-quality furniture, there are several possibilities available. 

For those on a tight budget, Walmart also sells a variety of more economical furniture options. In comparison, Walmart offers more reasonably priced furniture than most other retailers of comparable goods.

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How does Walmart Ship Items to Home

Walmart uses various outside courier services to deliver furniture from its warehouse, including DoorDash, Postmates, Roadie, Point Pickup, SkipCart, and AxleHire. They send furniture to the apartment complex through USPS (United States Postal Service). However, they don’t suggest USPS as a shipping choice for every client.

How Fast does Walmart Ship Furniture

Delivery times change based on your home’s distance from the nearest Walmart retail location. For instance, you might anticipate receiving your furniture in 2 days if you reside in New York City.

Does Large Furniture Eligible for Same-Day or Two-Day Prime Shipping?

Walmart offers a variety of delivery alternatives for delivering furniture to your apartment complexes. They have a very simple shipping procedure. You will receive hassle-free delivery indefinitely. You can carefully review the delivery instructions before checking out any purchases. A new subscription service for same-day grocery delivery has just been introduced. 

Here are the Details of Available Shipping Options

Here are the Details of Available Shipping Options

1-Day Shipping

Walmart advises choosing a next-day shipping option if you need your things immediately. Shipping costs for next-day delivery of qualifying items are $35 or more.

Two-Day Delivery

Millions of products will be available for purchase with a two-day shipping option. This option has delivery fees of $35 or higher.

Pick up Today

Any qualified items may be ordered online for free in-store pickup.

Standard Shipping

Walmart marketplace suggests using standard shipping if you purchase items not qualified for free two-day delivery. 

Freight Shipping

Freight delivery is the best option for household goods if you intend to make large purchases from Walmart sellers at once.

Walmart Express Delivery

Customers can receive their goods from Walmart in one day with the help of their rapid shipping service. The package’s size determines the price. Extras cost between $5 and $10 per item.


Depending on the goods and your region, Walmart ships furniture. The business offers three shipping options: FedEx, UPS, and direct shipping from Walmart for some items. Additionally, Walmart offers furniture installation and assembly through a third-party business called Handy. When you utilize Handy, you’re in touch with a competent, independent service provider who will assemble your furniture at your home.

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