How to Fix Error Code 10004 in Zoom? Instant Solution

Zoom Error Code 10004

Two days ago, when I was updating and installing updates to the Zoom app, a 10004 error code appeared. I got upset seeing that error because I had to join an important Zoom meeting as soon as possible. I could not understand what to do now.

Because if I can’t attend the Zoom Meeting today, then I will be in a big trouble, then I tried to find fixes for error code 10004, and I tried 10 methods to fix it. But only 7 methods worked to troubleshoot my problem.

So today, in this post, I will tell about those working methods that I tried and fixed the 10004 error code easily. So let’s fix it together!

What is error code 10004 in Zoom?

Whenever you make a call, join a meeting, or install Zoom updates after updating Zoom, this error code 10004 comes. And even if you have opened Zoom for the first time on your device, this issue may arise. And you can’t start using Zoom.

Before fixing this error, you need to know the reason for its occurrence:

  • Your internet connection is spotty or disconnected
  • Issues with Zoom’s servers
  • Your Windows Defender fire-wall or antivirus software is blocking access
  • Your Zoom client is out of date

How to fix error code 10004 in Zoom? – Methods to Fix

Here are the methods that I used to fix error code 10004 in Zoom easily:

Method 1: Check Zoom Servers

Before changing any settings or re-installing Zoom, check whether this error is a back-end issue of Zoom or an issue with your device itself.

To check this, you have to check Zoom Server status, Here’s how to check it:

1. Open any browser (I used Chrome)

2. Go to

3. Check if there any server is operational or not.

If any server is non-operational then you should wait for some time, and then open Zoom and check. But if all the servers are operational, it means that this problem is only in your device.

So how do you fix it? Let’s know.

Method 2: Check your Internet connection

To check internet connectivity follow these steps shown in the picture.








If your Internet is not working or your Internet speed is slow, perhaps that’s why Zoom has encountered the error message 10004. If your Internet is fast and stable, then try the fixes given below.

Method 3: Deactivate Windows Defender Firewall and Antivirus

Sometimes, when you install a new application on your PC, your Windows Defend Firewall prevents the app to run. To fix this, you need to:

Step 1: Press Win+R to open the Run prompt.

Step 2: Type firewall.cpl and click OK.

Step 3: From the left, select the Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall option.

Step 4: Click on Change settings.

Step 5: Find Zoom Video Conferencing and tick the Private and Public checkboxes.

If you can’t find Zoom Video Conference, click Allow other applications > Browse > Search for Zoom folder and tick public and private networks.

Method 4: Clear Zoom cache and cookies

Some old cache files and cookies may cause zoom to malfunction. You can easily clear the Zoom cache and cookies by:

Step 1: Exit Zoom. And press Win+R to Run a command.
Step 2: Type AppData and click OK.

Step 3: Open the Zoom folder.

Step 4: Find a folder named “data” and delete it.
Step 5: Now, start Zoom again.

Method 5: Restart the computer

If your Zoom is still not working properly, then you should restart your computer/laptop. Open the Start menu > Click on the Power Icon > Click on Shut Down.

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Method 6: Manually Update Zoom

Maybe the auto-update has caused issue in Zoom. So, manually update the Zoom client now.

  1. Open the Zoom application
  2. In the top right corner, Click on your profile icon.
  3. Select Check for Updates
  4. If there is any update pending for Zoom, update it to the latest version.

Method 7: Uninstall and then Reinstall Zoom

If your Zoom 10004 Error code is not fixed by any of the methods given above, then you will have to uninstall Zoom and reinstall it. With this, your Zoom app will work freshly:

Step 1: Press Windows+R to open Run Prompt.

Step 2: Type appwiz.cpl and click on OK

Step 3: Find Zoom and Uninstall it.

Step 4: After Uninstalling, Download and install Zoom again.

After trying these fixes, my Zoom started working properly, and I was able to join my meeting on time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What if none of the solutions fix Zoom Error Code 10004?

If your problem is not solved by any of the methods given in this article, then you should contact Zoom support.

Is my data safe if I encounter Zoom install error code 10004 during an update?

Don’t worry, your data will remain safe if you encounter “error code 10004 issue” during a Zoom update. This error just means there is a connection issue between your device and Zoom’s servers.

Unable To Install Updates Error Zoom: Why it occurs?

If your zoom cannot install and update, ensure if your internet connection is stable, and there are no connectivity issues. To fix this, Restart your modem or router.

Why is my Zoom not installing?

If Zoom is not installing in your device, it means that your PC’s storage is full or Zoom is already installed in your device. Try to make space for Zoom on your PC/Laptop to download it.


After updating Zoom manually, preventing Windows Defender firewall from blocking Zoom, clearing cache and cookies, Restarting the PC, and reinstalling Zoom, You can fix error code 10004 Zoom in just 10-15 minutes.

I have tested all these methods myself and when they worked, I have mentioned them in this article.

If you are facing any problem related to Zoom, please let us know by commenting, and we will reply to you soon.

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