How To Fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working?

There are billions of active users on YouTube, making it one of the most widely used video-sharing websites worldwide. The platform is generally user-friendly. But sometimes, users run into problems, like the spacebar not working for pause.

Users can rapidly pause and play videos on YouTube with the help of the spacebar pause feature. It can be annoying if there are problems with this function. But there are a number of solutions available. In this article, we’ll review a few potential causes of the spacebar pause function not working and offer solutions.

Why is My Spacebar Not Working on YouTube?

There are a few reasons your spacebar could not function correctly on YouTube. Here are the details:

Focus Issue:

Make sure the YouTube video player has focus. You can click anywhere on the YouTube video player or its surroundings to check if it is selected. The spacebar might not work as a pause command if you click somewhere else than the video player.

Browser compatibility: 

YouTube interprets keyboard input through your web browser. It’s conceivable that YouTube and your particular browser version have compatibility issues. You can use a different browser or update your current browser to see if the issue still exists.

Keyboard shortcuts Conflicts: 

Occasionally, other programs or browser extensions may use the spacebar for a different purpose than YouTube’s playback control. Look to see if you’re running programs or extensions that might interfere with YouTube’s spacebar functionality. Close or temporarily disable them to check if the problem has been fixed.

Hardware or Software Issue:

Determining whether your keyboard or computer is experiencing any hardware- or software-related issues is essential. You can check if the spacebar works appropriately in other programs. You can also reboot your computer to revive system operations. It may fix any transient software difficulties.

YouTube player settings: 

On rare occasions, the spacebar’s functionality might have been disabled. To make sure the “Play/Pause” option is active, right-click on the YouTube video player, choose “Settings” or “Player Settings,” and then confirm that it is selected.

How to Fix YouTube Spacebar Pause Not Working?

Here are some troubleshooting techniques you can use if the spacebar isn’t pausing your YouTube videos:

Refresh the page: 

Sometimes a quick refresh can fix momentary issues. You can hit “F5” on your keyboard or the browser’s “Refresh” button.

Clear Browser Cache: 

Clearing the browser cache can assist in getting rid of any temporary files or data that may be causing the problem. You can find the option to clear the cache in your browser’s settings.

Disable browser extensions: 

Add-ons or browser extensions occasionally obstruct the functionality of websites. See whether the problem still exists after trying to disable any extensions connected to YouTube or video playback.

Try a different browser:

If the issue continues, try using a different web browser to check if the spacebar pause feature works. This will enable you to determine whether the problem is particular to your current browser.

Update your browser: 

Make sure the most recent version of your browser is installed. Some websites may not work correctly with outdated versions of web browsers.

Check the keyboard’s settings: 

Check to ensure that your keyboard is working fine. You can use the spacebar in other websites or applications to see if it works correctly.

Use keyboard shortcuts: 

You may control YouTube playback using keyboard shortcuts in addition to the spacebar. Press “K” to start/stop the video, “J” to rewind 10 seconds, and “L” to fast-forward 10 seconds.

Check for YouTube updates: 

Sometimes, YouTube makes adjustments to its website that may affect specific functionality. Close and reopen your browser, or clear any temporary files, to ensure you use the most recent version of YouTube.

Contact YouTube support: 

Contact YouTube support for more help if none of the above-mentioned methods can fix your problem. They can offer more detailed advice or look if there is a more significant issue affecting numerous customers.

Final Words

If you are experiencing a problem with the YouTube spacebar pause function, diagnose and resolve it using the above-mentioned techniques.

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