How to Footplant in Skate 3 Xbox? Video Guide

how to footplant in skate 3 Xbox

Skate 3 is a skateboard video game developed by EA black box. It was first released in May 2010 for platforms like Play station 3 and Xbox 30. It is a multiplayer game. It’s Xbox One’s backward compatibility feature that was most wanted. 

Have you looked for how to footplant in skate 3 on Xbox? Then you are in right place. In this article, you learn about the footplant and how to footplant in skate 3. So keep reading to learn more. 

How to footplant in skate 3 Xbox

Before starting how to do footplant in skate 3 on Xbox, you must first know about 

What is Footplant?

Footplant is one of the simplest and easy plant tricks that you perform. You just stand on one foot and grip the board by trucks, after then dive back in.

Now let’s back to our topic. To do Footplant in skate 3, you have to follow a few steps:

  • First, move very slowly in the direction of the rail. 
  • Then, put ollie on to it. 
  • Holding the Right-hand trigger and A button together.
  • Now Plant your one foot on the rail, and jump into the air. Now you easily land back on the rail. 

Can Skate 3 is playable without Xbox Live?

yes, it may be played without Xbox Live, But if you want to access online modes then Xbox Live is required. 

What skating trick is the hardest?

The hardest trick in Skating is Gazelle Flips, which can take months or maybe years for players to get experienced. This flip combines a big flip and a backside 360. 

How to perform a skateboard laser flip?

There are two methods to perform a skateboard laser flip:

  • Heelflip and frontside shove-it. A frontside 360 shove-it and a heelflip are combined in a laser flip.
  • 101 Laser Flip. One of the greatest and most sight tricks in skateboarding is the laser flip.

Note: It will be simpler to land the laser flip the faster you attempt it.

In Skate 3 is a backflip possible?

Yes, it is possible. Now tilt the thumbstick first and then forward or backward, but it depends on the flip which you wish to do. Try double-flicking the stick if you are having trouble getting the skater to flip.

How do you hand plant in Skate 3?

  • First, Increase your speed and go in the direction of a bowl or a quarter pipe.
  • When you get closer to the quarter, then push the left joystick forward. 
  • Now press the right shoulder button at the top of the quarter pipe. 
  • As you get closer, keep pushing the Left Joystick forward.
  • By selecting either Square and Circle/X or B, you may change the trick.


Hopefully, the above information helps you to find out the method that how you footplant in skate 3 on Xbox. If you have any queries then put the question in the comment box. Also, give us feedback. Good Day. 

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