Can I Cancel my Fashion Nova Order? Follow These Step

Fashion Nova was established by CEO Richard Saghian in 2006. It is an online company but has five retail locations. 

Fashion Nova is an online American Brand or fashion market for women. It offers its dresses to models, celebrities and other ones. They have a wide variety of styles according to the new trend. It provides fashionable streetwear, notably modern, fashionable women’s clothing for all body shapes. You can order online products as want on Fashion Nova. But sometimes you have to cancel the order. In today’s article, you will learn about how to cancel a Fashion Nova order.

Can I cancel my Fashion Nova order?

To cancel a Fashion Nova order, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Fashion Nove website, and login into your account. 
  • Scroll down to your account and click on your Profile icon.
  • A list of options appears on the screen, click on the “my orders” section. 
  • Find the orders you wish to cancel, and click it to continue.
  • After that, Tap on the “Cancel order” button to cancel your order. 
  • You must provide a good reason for returning.
  • You’ll receive a cancellation email for your order.

If your cancellation request is not proceeding then you need to contact with customer care department. 

 Can I edit My Online Fashion Nova Order?

Fortunately Yes, you can edit or modify your fashion nova order. Following changes can be made. 

  • Your delivery method is incorrect. 
  • Your order’s color and size are wrong.
  • You want to use your discount coupons.
  • Your order’s quantity is incorrect. 

Can you cancel the order at any time?

No, you cannot cancel the order at any time. Please cancel your order as soon as possible after placing it. Because sometimes you are not able to cancel an order, and it is too late. Fortunately, you can also return it once you have received it. 

Can it be possible to cancel the order after it’s been shipped?

Unfortunately not. Orders cannot be canceled after they have shipped. The seller should contact the customer if a cancellation request is made at this time to tell him that the item has already been sent. The option of returning the goods for a refund is provided to the customer. 

If I cancel my order, will I get a refund?

 Yes, the amount is refunded. When a customer places an order and decides to cancel it before the seller can label it as Ready to deliver. If the customer paid the total amount, then the amount is refunded to the customer but includes the tax amount. 

How long does it take to get an order from Fashion Nova?

 You don’t wait for a long time. Times of the orders according to different companies are given:

  • Rush orders take up to 1 working day after your payment is verified. 
  • Express orders take up to 3 working days after your payment. 
  • Standard orders take up to 4 working days after your payment. 

What are the delivery charges of Fashion Nova?

If the address changes after the goods have been dispatched, Fashion Nova Shipping and delivery charges are Rs.100. 

How Can Fashion Nova Refund My Money?

Fashion Nova Refund money in the form of a Nova gift card. It takes 5 to 7 days after your item is delivered. One more thing, you returned your item within 30 days after delivery. 

How do you contact with fashion nova company? 

You can contact at Fashion Nova center at their email:[email protected]. Also contact with customer care at (800) 866-0286 & Customer Service: (818) 238-0022. 

Do You Have 14 Days to Cancel an Order?

Yes, you may cancel the order with the help of customer care if it hasn’t already been shipped. However, if it has already been shipped, you must wait until delivery and then refuse to take the item to cancel your delivery. Your refund will be processed 7 to 14 days after the cancellation.

How Can I Request A Fashion Nova Refund?

You can apply for a Refund at the Fashion Nova website. First login to your account at its website. Then go to the online return portal stage of fashion Nova. After that, Enter your Email address and order number. Choose the items which you want for a refund. Click on the refund button which is shown at the left bottom of the screen. Now enter your payment detail like how you get your money back. 

Is fashion Nova a trustworthy source?

Yes, it is trustworthy because most customers are happy with their purchases. It has a customer rating of 3.99 stars. Because it provides high-quality products with online purchasing and quick delivery. 

What is the Fashion Nova returned criteria?

Fashion Nova can accept returned items if they are in bad condition. Some of them are as follows:

  • You must have a valid receipt of your purchase.
  • All the Original packing or tags are in good condition.
  • You cannot wear dresses.
  • The order is not in damaged form.
  • You cannot use it like it has not any stains. 

Who is the Owner of Nova?

Nova is a privately held firm, and it is not known who owns it.


Fashion Nova is not just popular in purchasing online but also its canceling and returning is very good. Fashion Nova provides their products or your order at your doorstep. If you want to return the order or cancel the order then the above information is helpful for you. 

If you have any queries regarding this article, feel free to ask. Put your suggestions or questions in the comment box.

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