How To Recover Lost Partition In Windows

Are you searching for a method to restore lost or deleted partitions in Windows? It’s a nightmare when a partition that holds crucial files is accidentally deleted.

Missing partitions can be caused by several things, including data corruption, sudden power outages, virus attacks, faulty sectors, and inadvertent deletion. In today’s post, you will learn about how to recover lost partition in Windows. And also the partition recovery software is highly helpful for recovering both deleted or lost partitions and the whole contents of the hard drive. So keep reading to learn more. 

Recover Lost Partition In Windows

Stellar Data Recovery helps you to search for and recover data from hard drive partitions that have been lost or destroyed. This option should be used to recover data from an accidentally erased partition. This selection will search for and show all lost and deleted partitions on the hard drive, as well as any existing volumes.

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To recover a missing partition, follow these steps: 

  • Launch Stellar Data Recovery.
  • From the Select what to recover page, choose the type of data you wish to recover, such as Everything, Documents, Folders & Emails, or Multimedia Files.
  • Press the Next button.
  • Recovery Select Can’t Find Drive from Connected Drives from the screen.
  • Select Scan. A screen will appear. 
  • All hard drives linked to the system are shown with their details in the Choose Hdd to Search Lost Partition box. Choose a hard disc to search for missing partitions from this window and click Search. The selected disc or drive will be scanned for missing or deleted partitions.
  • The message ‘Search Completed Successfully’ will appear, displaying the number of partitions discovered on the specified hard disc. If the desired partition is not displayed, select the Extensive Sector Search option in the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  • All discovered partitions will be displayed in the Select Partition to Recover Data box. 
  • From the list of discovered partitions, choose any desired disc and click Scan to proceed with the recovery procedure.
  • See Previewing Scan Results and Saving the Recovered Files for details on how to see and recover the scanned data.

A specialized professional data recovery software is necessary when discussing how to recover data from erased partitions. 

Features Of Stellar Data Recovery

Recover All Data Types from Any Storage Drive

You may recover documents, emails, photos, videos, audio files, folders, and other types of data. It can recover data from any external storage media drive, including HDDs, SSDs, USB drives, SD cards, and MicroSD cards.

Partition Recovery Advanced

This software feature allows you to execute a Quick or Deep Search to locate and recover data from inaccessible, lost/missing, or erased disc partitions/volumes.

Recovery of BitLocker Drives

You may recover data from any “BitLocker” encrypted hard drive, SSD, or external storage media with this capability. To restore the data, you must input the BitLocker password. You may also use a scanner to recover data from a BitLocker encrypted disc image file.

Recovery of Bootable Drives

The program has a ‘Create Recovery Drive’ option. You may use this option to create a bootable media drive to retrieve the data from a Windows PC that won’t start or crashes due to BSOD problems, boot sector corruption, Windows system file damage, disc errors, and other issues.

Recovery of Disk Images

This function allows you to make a picture of the complete hard disc that contains faulty sectors. You may produce an image of a whole storage media drive, such as a hard disc drive, solid-state drive, or pen drive, as well as existing logical partitions on these drives. To make a picture of the specified region, you may additionally choose the ‘Starting’ and ‘Ending’ sectors.

Save Scan Data and Resume Recovery

You may scan the hard disc and store the scan results in ‘Resume Recovery’ for later use. You do not need to rescan the hard disc repeatedly.

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Common Reasons for Missing or Deleted Partitions

It is frustrating if your drive D: or drive E: disappears as a result of unanticipated faults or mistaken deletion. Partitions may be lost or deleted for several reasons, including:

  • The most frequent cause is unintentional deletion. Any one of us could unintentionally delete a partition that you require.
  • Data corruption: Unexpected data corruption may harm the partition table and result in the loss of a partition.
  • Bad sectors: Because of bad sectors, your Windows OS might stop recognizing a partition.
  • Power outages: The drive’s functionality may be impacted by a rapid power thrust or power failure, which could render a partition inaccessible.

Why Is Deleted Partition Restorable?

In most cases, when a partition is destroyed, the system also deletes the hard disc assignment for that area, allowing the ram segment to be replaced as necessary. There is still a possibility to utilize the partition recovery tool to recover a deleted partition as long as this portion of the disc is unaltered.

This area of the hard drive is more likely to be overwritten by updated data the more often you use your computer. Therefore, cease utilizing the hard disc as soon as you notice a missing partition. With the aid of an expert partition recovery application, you may immediately restore the deleted partition.


What occurs when the recovery partition is removed?

Generally speaking, the “Launch Recovery Environment” option is unavailable after deleting the system reserved sector and recovery partition. Some users can have a boot problem. There are several ways you might try to recover the deleted system reserved partition. Check the instructions to learn how to make it.

Describe partition.

Are you familiar with partition, the topic of this discussion? Disk partitioning is another name for a partition. Partitions are used to divide the hard drive of your computer into many sections. The information in those portions can be managed individually by your operating system.

How can I use Windows 10 CMD to restore a deleted partition?

With the use of the command assign letter, Windows CMD restores lost partitions. This command gives a drive to a partition that isn’t gone, only hidden from the system since it doesn’t have a drive letter. As a result, if the partitions have been erased, this CMD approach won’t function. It is advised in this situation to restore the missing partition using partition recovery software.

If Windows 10 won’t boot, how can I restore partitions that were lost?

You need to connect the wrecked disc to another computer or first build a bootable USB with Disk Genius to recover lost partitions from a machine that won’t boot. Run Disk Genius afterward to look for and recover missing partitions.

Wrapping Up

When partitioning a disc or maintaining your drive sectors with Disk Management or other third-party programs, you should always be cautious. Malware and virus corruption or partition loss can be avoided with competent antivirus or antimalware protection. The backup appears to be the most realistic method of mitigating data loss scenarios caused by partition loss, unintentional deletion, or physical damage. However, in the case of a partition loss, an old or inaccessible backup might result in irreversible data loss. Fortunately, solutions like Stellar Data Recovery Professional allow you to recover more than 300 file types from lost, destroyed, corrupted, damaged, or inaccessible hard drives and other storage devices. Hopefully, the above information helps you to clear out all your queries related to recovering lost partitions in windows.

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