Top 5 USB Flash Drive [2022 Updated]

Top 5 USB Flash Drive [2022 Updated]


Though the USB drive loses a little strength due to people’s preference for the increasingly accepted cloud storage, it still covers a fair ratio of users’ pick in terms of file storage.

Indeed, the USB drive is well known for portability, light-weight, as well as compatibility with various devices, be it a computer, a phone, or a printer.

Here comes the question, what is the best USB drive that can take care of your needs for data storage?

This post lists the best USB drive so far in 2022. Check and find your favorite one.

Top 10 Thumb Drives in 2022

As the technology develops, it’s a hard job to list the best USB drive since each one of them enjoys unique features.

For example, there are more than four USB connection protocols which are USB2.0/3.0/3.1/3.2.

Though each new version has a faster read-write speed than the former one, it’s likely your device can’t handle the protocol, unfortunately.

One more example is the connector, the most commonly seen type is the rectangular one that can apply to most Windows PCs, but if you intend to insert a thumb drive into a recent Mac or a smartphone, a rounded USB-C connector might be a better choice for you.

Based on different situations, here lists the top 5 thumb drive in 2022. 

SanDisk Extreme Pro

  • Storage: 128GB to 1T
  • Protocol: USB 3.2
  • Connector: Type-A
  • Speed: 420 Megabytes/Second
  • Cost: $42-$150

SanDisk Extreme Pro SDCZ880 is one excellent USB thumb drive that has a blazing-fast data transfer speed with premium overall performance.

Due to the latest USB connection protocol, SanDisk Extreme Pro can fulfill super-speedy read-write operations.

Besides, this USB drive deploys an aluminum metal casing that makes it extremely durable and long-lasting.

However, as you may notice, this piece is not easily affordable. 

Samsung Fit Plus

  • Storage: 32GB to 256GB
  • Protocol: USB 3.1
  • Connector: Type-A
  • Speed: 300 MB/Second
  • Cost: $8.99-$38.99

Samsung Fit Plus MUF-128AB is overall a good thumb drive choice that mixes all feature well, including the file transfer speed, storage, affordability, and so on.

It does a fairly good job in read-write at the speed of 300 MB per second.

What’s remarkable is that this thumb drive is water-, shock-, magnet-, temperature- and X-ray-proof, all to guarantee your data safety.

The price is fine for most users as well. 

Kingston DataTraveler Max

  • Storage: 256GB to 1TB
  • Protocol: USB 3.2
  • Connector: Type-C
  • Speed: Up to 1000 MB/Second
  • Cost: $49.99-$144.99

Kingston DataTraveler Max can be considered the most powerful and the fastest type-C USB flash drive.

Exceptionally, it reaches up to 1000 MB/second read speed and takes very good care of your data without additional damage or corruption.

Plus, it offers a large capacity of up to 1TB, which makes it an excellent choice as a backup option. 

SanDisk Cruzer CZ36

  • Storage: 16GB to 256GB
  • Protocol: USB 2.0
  • Connector: Type-A
  • Speed: 15.6 MB/Second
  • Cost: $6.79-$29.99

The SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 has been on the list of USB Flash Drives best sellers over years for solid reasons.

SanDisk Cruzer CZ36

First, it offers a highly acceptable price that almost every user can afford. 

Second, for photos or videos, it comes with an easy and convenient way to store, transfer, and share.

Moreover, with its special-designed black and red finish, the thumb drive is less prone to physical damage and thus offers a higher level of protection to your data. 

SanDisk iXpand Luxe

  • Storage: 64GB to 256GB
  • Protocol: USB 3.0
  • Connector: Type-C
  • Reading Speed: 88.1 MB/Second 
  • Cost: $39.49-$89.67

The USB thumb drive designed for multiple compatibilities steps into the stage in recent years, due to the massive use of smartphones, tablets, and smart homes in daily work and life.

SanDisk iXpand Luxe is highly compatible with Androids, iPhones, iPads, and other devices with seamless content transfer among them. 

Common issues about USB flash drive 

It’s undeniable that the USB thumb drive owns a lot of advantages, nevertheless, it’s not immune to all sorts of problems.

Below are some common issues and quick fixes when using a USB flash drive.

Hopefully, you can avoid making mistakes after reading them. 

  • Mistakenly format the thumb drive

Some users don’t quite understand what format means and therefore, cause unexpected consequences.

Here’s the case, formatting a drive simply means wiping out every data in it and writing a new file system to the thumb drive.

Therefore, do check if you have any vital files within the drive or any backup copies before clicking the format option. 

  • The USB flash drive gets damaged or corrupted

There are various reasons that account for damaged or corrupted USB flash drives, abrupt ejection, virus infection, and severe physical damage, just to name a few.

Assume you are having a headache about flash drive repair, First Aid in Apple’s built-in disk management tool, Disk Utility, might give you a hand. 

  • Delete and lose data by accident

Data loss happens every day.

You may accidentally delete an image, a video clip, or a file document, or you just simply lose the data without knowing the exact reason.

Fortunately, you can achieve USB drive recovery using professional data recovery software, iBoysoft Data Recovery.

  • Physical damage to the pen drive

Portability is a double-sword for the USB thumb drive.

On one hand, it makes the drive easy to carry, on the other hand, however, it also makes the drive easy to break.

One fallout or sloppy placement might do damage to the pen drive and thus ruin your data.

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