How To Trace An IP Address? Know The Truth!!

how to trace an ip address

Are your account accessed from any third-party IP and you don’t know the location and other information about that person? Then you don’t have to worry about that. You can track your IP address which helps you to know about the information about a user and a location.

In today’s post, you will learn about how to trace an IP address and other location information. Keep reading to explore more.  

Before you start on how to trace an IP address, you must know about what the IP address is.

What Is An IP Address?

An IP address is a unique string of characters that identifies the computer by using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network. So, when you connect to any website the website operator receives your public IP address. An IP address is just like your online ID that lets you know the website operator where to send the requested data.

An IP address is the part of TCP/IP suite of protocols. It is working just behind the scenes that help devices and websites connect on the internet. IP address is important for the function of data that helps you to reveal the information about you.

And if you have an IP address then you easily trace it and find roughly where you are browsing from and also what ISP you use. So now you see the method of how you can trace the IP address.

How To Trace IP Address By Using Command Prompt?

When you track the IP address, it will reveal information about the location and from where data packets are coming. Tracing the IP address by using the command prompt is a much easier method, so let’s start doing the steps of tracing the IP address.

Step 1: Open Command Prompt

First, go to the Desktop of your PC and Press the window icon that you see at the left corner of the screen or press the window key and the R button. After that, type cmd in the text box that appears on the screen. Then click on the OK button.

Step 2: Ping The Website URL

Now type the Ping that is followed by the URL of the website that you want to trace and to get its IP.

Step 3: Run “Tracert” Command 

Then run the Tracert command on the IP. This command helps you to see what locations your data is going through.

Step 4: Put IPs Into Lookup Tool 

Then copy and paste the resulting IP addresses into an IP lookup tool.

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How To Track IP Address Via Email?

If you want to track the IP address of the individual with the help of an Email address then follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open Options Menu In Yahoo Email

First, open the Yahoo email and then find the email that you want to trace. Then open the dropdown menu and this will be open by clicking on the three dots at the top or bottom of the email.

Step 2: Open Raw Email Data

Then choose the option of “Open Raw Email”. Remember that if this is not here then you find the “View Original” option. Click on it.

Step 3: Find The IP Address

So in this raw email data, there are a lot of IP addresses and you have to check each of these.

Step 4: Put IPs Into Lookup Tool 

Now put these IP addresses to the Lookup tool to find out the sender’s country.

Why IP Addresses Are Tracked?

Before you see the reasons behind this question of why IP addresses are tracked, you must know what is the difference between IP addresses tracked and traced. Tracking of Tracing IP address is a similar process, both are used for gathering information based on someone’s IP address.

Reasons Why IP Address Are Tracked

There are a lot of reasons behind IP addresses are tracked which are given below:

Geo Tailored Experiences

This is the most friendly reason to track IP addresses to provide the best experience that best suits the users in specific geographical best. Your IP address can traced to determine which language appears.


When you have complete information about a company, it helps you to market it more effectively and 

efficiently. So if the website detects the product is popular on the website then it can tailor what you see on the pages accordingly.

Scam Prevention

You can track the IP address that helps you for the prevention of scams and online fraud. So anyone is trying to access your computer or any other data then you can track the IP address and block the request easily.

Law Enforcement

Tracking IP addresses is also helpful in law enforcement agencies. An IP address can be used to locate a hacker or other criminal actor in the real world when they commit a crime while online.

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Can I Track My IP Address On my Phone?

Yes, you can track your IP address on your phone. IP lookup tools are available not only on desktops but also on mobile browsers. So if you want to track the IP address on your phone, then don’t worry you can check it.

It won’t be very useful to know the IP address if you’re attempting to find a device—like a lost phone. Although IP addresses cannot pinpoint a user’s precise location, they can indicate the approximate region in which they are surfing.

Remember that IP addresses always change when the device location rotates and the device connects to a different network.

Is It Legal To Track IP Address?

You can track the IP address at any time when you want. And it is always legal to track the IP address as long as you are not using it for any criminal purpose.

Since data might return to your network from other websites and services, public IP addresses are intended to be accessible to the whole internet. It is not illegal for someone to possess that information and enter it into an IP tracker.

Can You Hide Your IP Address?

Yes, you have an option to hide your IP address with the help of a VPN. VPN helps you to hide your IP address. So when you are connected to the internet and VPN is activated then your IP address is hidden from other systems or devices.

Because a VPN can continuously change your IP address when you are browsing online. So if you want to hide your IP address, then it is best to use a VPN which helps you to do this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you trace someone’s IP address?

Yes, you can trace anyone’s IP address from a received email. So when you trace an IP address, you know the sender’s location and other information.

Can you legally trace an IP address?

Yes, tracing the IP address is legal as long as it is not used for fraudulent and criminal purposes. So for any other legal work, you can trace anyone’s IP address.

Can IP address be traced?

Yes, IP address is traced because the main purpose is to indicate your location for internet service providers. And without this, you are not able to serve this purpose.

Final Thoughts

Tracking an IP address is a fairly simple process. You can track your IP address via a command prompt or email. Both methods are given in this article. Hopefully, the above information is helpful for you. If you have any queries, then feel free to put your queries in the below comment box. Have a good day.

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