How To Turn On 5g On iPhone 11? (Video Guide)


One of the newest connections we all know right now is 5G. Since 2019, almost all network-provider businesses have already implemented it.

Additionally, every manufacturer of electronic devices, particularly Apple, has introduced items that enable 5G. However, initially learning the capabilities and settings of new gadgets is usually challenging for all of us. A quicker network was required in this technological age, where smart homes and electric cars are seeing rapid growth. Consequently, 5G was introduced to the market. When it comes to the gadgets that enable 5G, we can state that practically all products introduced in 2020 and beyond do. Read this post to learn how to activate 5G on the iPhone 11.

How To Turn On 5g On iPhone 11

A new technology called 5g was created to increase connectivity and internet speed. The next era of wireless connectivity is known as 5g. If you are asking how to turn on 5g on iPhone 11. So, Don’t worry if you recently purchased an iPhone 11 and are unsure of how to activate 5g. In this helpful tutorial, you can learn from the following steps. 

  • First, you can click on the settings on your iPhone 11. 
  • Tap Cellular after swiping down.
  • Then choose Cellular Data Options.
  • If 5G isn’t currently enabled, choose Enable 5G.
  • When asked, enter your password or PIN, then hit OK.

Enjoy the advantages of using higher cellular connection speeds now that you understand how to activate the iPhone 11’s secret function!

The iPhone 11 Says 5G—Why?

This may be so because your iPhone is within 5G’s coverage area. But since iPhone 11 lacks 5G hardware capabilities, you won’t be able to link to it. From the iPhone 12 model onward, 5G support is offered. Therefore, even if the iPhone 11 or 5GE displays 5G, it’s definitely deceiving you because you won’t be able to use the 5G speed.

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Is 5G supported by the iPhone 11?

The most recent phone from Apple is the iPhone 11. It was established on September 10 and made available on September 20. The 6.1-inch LCD iPhone 11 is waterproof for 30 minutes at a 2-meter depth. It also comes with iOS 13 with an A13 Bionic chip.

The iPhone 11 is frequently questioned about its compatibility with 5G networks. The iPhone 11 doesn’t seem to enable 5G networks, although Apple might make that announcement in a later software update to the device. You’ll have to continue using an iPhone 11 on an LTE or other cellular network for the time being.

What are a few advantages of utilizing the iPhone 11’s secret feature?

  • Having access to faster cellular data rates.
  • A better overall mobile computing experience.

How can you still take advantage of the features of the iPhone 11 if the hidden feature isn’t available where you are?

There are several options:

  • If your carrier has any special offers and discounts for using this phone, inquire with them.
  • Search for any locations that have the iPhone 11’s secret function accessible there instead.

How can I find out whether my phone is 5G?

Since 5G technology is still being developed, there is no way to determine for sure if a phone is 5G. There are certain hints, nevertheless, that can help you guess. For instance, 5G phones will probably cost more than conventional 4G phones. With more antennae and bigger displays, they can also seem different.

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How come my phone won’t connect to 5G?

Even after learning how to activate 5G on an iPhone 11 or another device, you could be successful in making a connection. There can be multiple reasons behind this. Following is a list of some of them:

  • The 5G network probably isn’t accessible to your phone. Since 5G has not yet spread everywhere, this is the issue that most people are experiencing.
  • Your 5G plan is no longer valid. Contact your SIM provider to confirm.
  • Your gadget is not 5G compatible.

What makes you think you have 5G?

You won't be aware that you have 5G, but the faster upload and download speeds will let you know. Compared to 4G, 5G is predicted to be approximately 100 times quicker.

Can the iPhone 11 use 5G?

The 5G service is not supported by the iPhone 11 at all. Even if the 5G option is displayed, it would not be 5G ready.

Can the iPhone 11 use 5G?

iPhone 11 cannot be connected to 5G because it is incompatible with the 5G data mode.

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Where is the 5G icon located on your phone status bar?

The status bar displays the sign "5G+" when your cellphone is linked to 5G.

Which mobile device offers 5G mobile internet options?

The 5G capability will be available on your iPhone if it belongs to the 12 series or later. An A14 Hybrid chip is used in the 12 series’ construction to support 5G.

Does the iPhone SE support 5G?

The iPhone SE does not support 5G.
Does the iPhone SE support 5G?

What model iPhone is 5G?

There isn’t a 5G iPhone on the market right now. A 5G iPhone is expected from Apple in 2020, according to rumors.

What mobile devices support 5G?

Only a handful of phones have 5G capability as of yet. The OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, LG V50 ThinQ, and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G are on the list. Shortly, more phones are anticipated to enable 5G.


You can surf the internet more quickly thanks to 5G, which gives you access to a speedier world and advances technology. The first step in enabling a 5G plan is to get in touch with your carrier.Although there may be an additional payment to enable 5G, it is all worthwhile. You should also determine whether or not your present gadget is 5G compatible.

The simple truth is that, as of right now, there is no way to activate 5G on an iPhone 11. For example, if your smartphone is an iPhone 11 or under, it is not qualified to support 5G. However, if you have an iPhone 12 series or higher, it is able to support 5G. We hope you figured out how to activate 5G on the iPhone 11 by now. Good Luck.

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