How to Turn on the Heat in the Car? Universal Method

How to Turn on the Heat in the Car?
How to Turn on the Heat in the Car?

The last things you want to do in a cold climate is to be stranded in a car. You’ll need to switch on your auto heater when the cold weather arrives. If you have never done this before, don’t worry, as it’s quite simple. In today’s article, you will learn about how to turn your heater on in your car. So Let’s begin with our topic. 

How to Turn on the Heat in the Car

The heating systems in modern vehicles are rather advanced; they are known as climate control systems or HVAC systems Look for the Windshield Demist button on your heating console if your car is only a few years old. Here are a few steps to turn on the heater in your car. 

Step 1:

The first step is to turn on your engine and let it idle; moving your automobile will hasten the warming-up process. Modern automobiles warm up in roughly 5 minutes, but a car heater won’t actively blow heat till the engine has warmed up a bit. The length of time it takes to heat up will mostly rely on how cold the outside air is, and older vehicles, those with large engines, and vehicles powered by diesel engines will require the most time.

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Step 2:

Find the heating and cooling buttons and adjust them. Some cars feature a straightforward toggle wheel, while others have a computerized display. usually measured in degrees C, ranging from – to 28°.

Dual climate controls, a fancy term meaning two temperature control knobs—one on the driver’s side and another on the passenger side—are a feature of higher-end vehicles. Set both controls to their highest positions for maximum heat.

Step 3:

Turning on the fan will turn on the heat pump. Set the blower motor’s speed as required. Be aware that your heater can be different; it might not have a knob; it might have a button. It will have the fan symbol, which is essentially the “On” button, in any case.

The blower is a fan with adjustable speed. By increasing the fan speed up, you are only spreading the heat that is already there or that has been pre-selected, not changing the temperature.

What Function Do The Various Heater Controls Serve?

 It can serve in various ways. You already know how to regulate the heat and switch on the vehicle heater, but a contemporary car heater is a highly complicated piece of equipment; in fact, they are so smart that they are now referred to as climate control systems.

By a separate, specialized control unit, climate control systems are controlled (computer). The center console contains a panel with all of the heating controls on it.

The temperature control unit collaborates with other control systems in the vehicle to govern the climate within the cabin.

When you turn up the heating fan, you’ll see that the engine control unit is helping because the engine rpm frequently increases. The temperature control system also controls the air conditioning system and may account for sun exposure in the automobile.

You can control any in-car climatic circumstance, including freezing toes, intense sun, and nasty external aromas if you are aware of what each button does.

Blower Motor: What Is It?

Depending on how the climate system is configured and the fan speed chosen, the blower motor is the motor that propels warm or cooled air via the dashboard vents. The heated air cannot circulate within the vehicle or clean the windscreen without a blower (fan). The fan button essentially serves as the heating system’s “on” button.

The blower has several speed settings, and as you are well aware, a higher speed does not always imply a higher temperature; rather, it just causes the air to travel more quickly.

Like the temperature control on current automobiles, the fan control often has a digital display, two buttons—one for greater speeds, the other for lower speeds—and sometimes a simple twist knob.

Air Distribution: What is it?

The direction of airflow in an automobile is known as air distribution. It is crucial to have the capacity to guide air, especially when it is cold outside, when it is raining, or when it is hot outside. Using the knobs on the control panel, the heater air may be directed. The most typical and significant instructions are as follows:

  • Windshield
  • car’s side windows
  • travelers’ feet
  • passenger’s faces
  • Face and feet

By mechanically adjusting the airflow vents installed on the dashboard, air may be directed farther. Since computers now handle temperature controls, there are ever more alternatives for how the air is directed by manipulating mixed doors inside the heater box.

 What is the Recirculation Button’s Function?

The air within the cabin is recycled using the recirculation button. This has a variety of applications.

For instance, you can use the recirculating button to prevent dust from entering the cabin after driving through a dusty location. It may be helpful in cooler temperatures as well because it makes the cabin warmer more rapidly.

Why isn’t the heater in my car working?

The coolant level should be checked first if your car heater isn’t functioning. The coolant has to be topped off if it is low.

The thermostat should be the second thing you examine. The thermostat regulates the flow of coolant, and if it malfunctions, the heater may not operate. Finally, you should inspect the heater’s fuse. This will need to be replaced if it blows.

What Are The Signs That Your Car Heater Is Failing?

The most typical indicators that your car heater is damaged is a lack of warmth. Even if you don’t believe it’s a huge concern, it might nonetheless cause serious problems.

Another is when it is switched on but makes no sound.

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Why Should You Maintain The Heater In Your Car?

In addition to providing comfort and convenience, a vehicle heater also heats and regulates the temperature of the engine. Ignoring the consequences and what they will do to you in the future might result in more serious issues.


Once you are familiar with the location and function of the buttons, turning on the heating in your automobile is a rather straightforward operation. Depending on the sort of automobile you have, you must start by turning on the ignition or the engine.

Then look for the heater controls on your dashboard’s bottom left side. Then, after setting the airflow direction, blower speed, and temperature, switch on the front and rear demisters.

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