iPhone 15 Mini Vs iPhone 12 Mini: Choose The Best


People are concerning about the difference between iphone 15 mini and iPhone 12 mini. Because when they decide between them it is difficult for them.

So in today’s post, you will know about the difference between these two phones which helps you to select one between them. Keep reading to explore more.

iPhone 15 Mini Vs iPhone 12 Mini 

There are two phones called the iphone 15 Mini and the iphone 12 Mini launched years apart. There are many differences in their features and specifications of both. From the price of both and storage display screen and so on. Let’s find out the iphone 15 Mini Vs iphone 12 Mini differences in detail.

1. Display

Both the iphone 15 mini and iphone 12 mini have a screen size of 5.4 inches with OLED screens of 1080 x 230 pixels and a screen resolution having 477 ppi pixels. Both possess FHD screen quality. Whereas the aspect ratio, screen protection, screen–to–body ratio, screen refresh rate and brightness of the iPhone mini 15 are yet to be known.

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2. Memory And Storage

When it comes to the storage of the iphone 15 mini and Vs iphone 12 mini both are almost the same. The iPhone 15 mini has 8GB and 128GB with no expandable storage and the iPhone 12 mini comes in 4GB 256GB 4GB 128GB and 4GB 64 GB variants with no expandable storage iPhone 12 mini supports OTG support type storage it beholds.

3. Performance

The iPhone 15 mini operates iOS v15, whereas the iphone 12 mini operates the iOS v14 operating system. Both have the same Apple GPU. When it comes to architecture and other clock speed systems, both have the same specifications.

4. Battery

Both iPhone 15 mini and 12 minis have non-removable li-on battery that supports fast charging. The iPhone 12 mini has a 2227 mAh battery capacity and the iphone 15 mini gas has a 3300 battery capacity. 

5. Network And Connectivity

Both iphone 15 mini and iphone 12 mini support the same GPS, network support, and 5G network and Bluetooth type, are the features that both have.

Both iPhone models support SIM1: Nano and SIM2: eSIM both support VoLTE.

6. Camera

Both phones support Dual LED Flash and LED flash rare flash. Both have the same rear camera setup in the Dual, 12MP+12MP.

7. Designs 

Iphone 15 mini weighs about 133 grams and is available in Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White colors built with glass with 13.5x 64.2 x 7.4 mm dimensions and iPhone 12 mini is water resistant and can resist water.

When it comes to the design of the iPhone 15mini, there is not too much information about it.

8. Miscellaneous Features

The sensors that the iPhone 15 mini supports are a light, sensor, Proximity sensor, compass, and Accelerometer Compass The sensor iPhone 12 mini supports are Face ID, light sensor, proximity sensor Accelerometer Compass, and Gyroscope. Barometer.

Final Thoughts

Both the iphone 15 mini and the iphone 12 mini have almost the same features screen resolution and camera Also there are minor differences between the iphone 15 mini and the iPhone 12 mini almost the both are same. Hope so you get all the information related to your question.

If you have any queries then feel free to put them in the comment box.

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