Is Dead by Daylight Cross-Platform? – Everything About the Cross-Play

A few days ago, I was playing Dead by Daylight alone in my room. Honestly, I was having a good time, but after 11 matches, I got a bit bored, and my excitement went down.

So, I decided to take a break and learn more about Dead by Daylight Mobile. While checking it out, I discovered something cool – crossplay in dead by daylight.

This means players with different devices can play the game together these devices can be Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or any other.

I got interested and dug deeper to understand: Is Dead by Daylight crossplay?

After playing with friends in Dead by Daylight, I can say from my experience that you’ll love the crossplay feature for sure.

In this post, I have covered everything you need to know about Dead by Daylight, so make sure to read to the end.

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Is Dead by Daylight Crossplay?

Yes dead by Daylight is the cross-play, which means that you can play with your friends with the different devices, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and Stadia.

The first time was released in June 2016 and it is a survival horror multiplayer online game that was developed by Behavior Interactive the best part about this game is that you get the feature to play with a wide range of people across the world.

That can enhance your experience and you would like to play the game even more one more thing to consider is that they also have reduced the waiting you do not need to get frustrated anymore.

As mentioned before, Dead by Daylight supports cross-play and it’s available on various devices, so now the question the Dead by Daylight fans have is can we consider it as cross platform?

So let me clarify your doubt about whether –  Is Dead by daylight is cross-platform.

Is dead by daylight cross-platform?

Yes Dead by Deadlight became cross-platform in the year 2020 when the developer released an update – which allows people to play with their friends without any issues on the other consoles which has resulted in the increment of the user base of the game.

This cross-play feature is available on the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch which gives various options for the player but this one limitation

The cross-play features are not available on mobile platforms that include IOS and Android which means that mobile players cannot join the cross-play game with other consoles behaviour Interactive has mentioned that they will soon release the update but the exact date and timeline are not specified.

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How to Add friends on Dead by Daylight cross-platform?

If you are a fan of the horror game dead by Daylight, then consider the dead by Daylight is the best option to play with your friends as now it’s possible in different planforms, adding friends on dead by daylight is not a daunting task if you follow the right steps.

  • Open the ‘friends’ tab which is located at the lower-right corner of your screen
  • Now you will see add the friend username, enter your friend’s username and press enter to add to your network
  • Once you add them as friends, invite them into your lobby for the match 

While adding their usernames make sure to enter the right and ensure that it matches the platform ID, so these are the above steps that you follow to add the friends to the dead by the daylight and get the multiplayer experience.

One of the other questions that I get from the people regarding the dead by daylight is whether crossplay and cross-progression are the same or not, let’s me clarify this as well.

Difference Between Cross Play vs Cross Progression

Cross-Play is the features that allow the players of different platform to play together and in this, you can engage and connect with the multiplayer to play the game against the other players.

But in the case of cross-progression the features that allow the players to transfer their progress on the various platforms like if you have been playing on your PC and decided to switch on the PlayStation your character level and you can unlock other perks.

Which Platforms Support DBD Crossplay?

As mentioned before dead by Daylight supports the crossplay on various platforms whether you’re playing with a bunch of players globally, and here are some of the platform that multiplayer games have crossplay.

  • PC: This includes Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Windows Store
  • PlayStation: Both PS4 and PS5 can join the cross-play fun
  • Xbox: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S are all in the game!
  • Nintendo Switch: Even the portable powerhouse Switch joins the cross-play party
  • Stadia: Google’s cloud gaming platform Stadia is also included.

If you are a mobile phone user then it’s important to note that Dead by Daylight is currently not a part of the cross-play pool, overall dead by Daylight offers various options for the players which include finding a match to connecting with people globally regardless of their console devices.


From this post we have understood the dead by Daylight has cross-plat features and we can say it’s a cross-play platform which means that it allows users to play with friends using different platforms regardless of their devices.

From my personal experience if you want to enjoy your game and get the thrilling feeling make sure to play with the global players you will enjoy more.

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