Elder Brithvar in Baldur Gate 3? Everything About the Birthvar Beat Nere

If you have been playing the Brithvar Gate 3 for a long time then most probably you came to the character Elder Brithvar and found yourself frustrated and confused in dealing with him.

If yes, then you are not alone I have been there too I know how confusing it becomes to find the Elder Brithvar and convince him to share the secret for the quest.

But don’t worry in this article I have shared everything that you need to know about Elder Brithvar which includes the introduction of Elder Brithvar, roles of Brithvar, and where you can find them.

So make sure you read till the end, let’s first start with the introduction to the Elder Brithvar in Gate 3

Who is Elder Birthvar in Gate 3?

Before we jump into the steps of finding Brithvar and the rebels it’s important for you to know exactly who is: Elder Birthdvar in Gate 3, here is a small introduction to the NPC character Elder Birthvar.

Elder Birthvar is the Non-Player character but it’s just not like the other characters he plays a crucial role in the True Soul nere but the twist is that the game does not make it clear where this character will meet you but it is mostly located in the Underdark which is the big underground area of the game.

Later in this post, I will reveal the exact area where you will find him, and he is the leader of Duergar, the duergar is a group of fighters who have top-notch skills in fighting.

Overall we can consider the elder Birthdvar as a powerful fighter with hidden knowledge, now let’s talk about the role of the elder Birthvar in BG3

Role of Elder Birthvar in Gate 3 Quest

As mentioned above Elder Birthvar plays a vital role in the storyline and helps you reveal the secret of the Underdark, but the main issue is that this character Elder Brithvar is upset with the true soul who is another leader and the reason upset is that there was some issue of the gold.

In short: Elder Brithvar is a Durgar leader who is angry with the true soul nere as they have not paid thier wages.

Another important thing that you need to consider is that many characters in Baldur Gate 3 can either become your friends who can help Nere or who can kill Nere and it depends on how you make them feel about you with your actions.

Basically how you and your party perform in the game decides the way this NPC character will treat you and every action you take has its consequences in the game.

Now let’s talk about the features, abilities, and stats of the Elder Birthvar in the game.

Baldur’s Gate Elder Brithvar 3 Location

Once you arrive within the Gymforge you will encounter the Elder Birthvar but you will not find it alone he is always with his team of Duergars who are not always in the mood to get money or gold from your party as I have mentioned that they have some disputed with the true soul nere.

But once you can convince them, they can become your good friends and can help in knowing the secrets of the Underdark city as they know all the secrets and hidden regions of the city.

However, if you are in the gymforge be sure to grab the Adamantine forge and mithral ores because in case if you want to take the different then these metal tools will help you to find the powerful tools that will help you create the weapon as per your character.

Features and Ability of Elder Brithvar

As of now, we have talked about the roles and location of the Elder Brithvar now let’s jump into understanding the features, and abilities of the  Elder Brithvar that will you play the game in an even more interesting way

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Features of Elder Brithvar

Duergar Resilience – It is the superpower of the birthvar that helps them avoid certain problems as they can resist poison damage, illusions, and paralysis and it’s like the shield that protects you.

Sunlight Sensitivity – It is one of the disadvantages of Birthvar which means they are sensitive to the sunlight in the game it becomes harder for them to perform and makes it challenging for them.

Leader – The best quality of the elder birthvar is he has the trait of a leader which means he can inspire his teammates.

Ability of Elder Brithvar 

High Strength – The first thing that you need to consider is that Brithvar has huge strength which makes it a good warrior at the time of the fight which results in hitting the enemies with his fist and weapon.

Weapon Mastery – Elder Birthvar does not only have the strength but he is also a skilled person and he is highly skilled in playing the warm hammers which means he can do more damage to his enemies.

Knowledge of the Underdark – another which makes it valuable for your team is that he knows every region of the Underdark which can make it a valuable guide for you.

These are the things that you need to know about the elder brithvar, in my personal experience convincing the brithvar is the best thing that you do as it can become you valuable guide in your storyline.


From the above post, we have understood that Elder Brithvar is the NPC character who plays a vital role in the Baldur gate, and if you can convince Brithvar then he becomes a valuable guide for you as he knows every region and secret of the Underdark.

He also has the strength and skills that can make it even more dangerous for your enemies, so it can become your good friend but it depends on how you perform the game and act with players.

But if you still have any questions regarding Brithvar, then you can let me know in the comment section.

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