What does “Out for Delivery” mean?

What does ‘Out for Delivery’ mean?, Here I’ve explained the shipping status. There are different statuses showing on your tracking info. One of the statuses for your consignee is “Out for delivery,” which will give you satisfaction with your courier shipment.

Out for Delivery Meaning

“Out for Delivery” simply means that your package is on its way to your doorstep and will be delivered to you very soon. It’s the last step before you get your hands on what you ordered! title or something informational and useful.

What Does Out for Delivery Mean?

When a delivery agent such as DHL or UPS has loaded your package into their vehicle, from the last facility that is closest to your house and is driving it to your house to deliver it to you, it is called “out for delivery.” said by Frank Pressly on Quora.

Out for Delivery

Some of the International shipping companies such as DHL Express, Amazon, USPS, FedEx Express parcels your courier globally.

You can send your personal documents while having trust in the company about your parcel’s security but, be sure about your contact detail it shouldn’t be incorrect.

It specifies that the delivery if it is under process to deliver the shipment to the consignee. This Term describes the delivery status of a shipment of a package or packages like “out for delivery” Status Update.

Out for Residential Delivery indicates the Carrier has shipped the package for final delivery to the recipient. Typically this means the delivery attempted package has left the last facility in the Carrier’s logistics network through delivery truck drivers by the vehicle for delivery under the delivery schedule.

Tracking status is an online or app-based feature for tracking shipment of the delivery of a product or service. It usually consists of the latest status and prior updates, displayed in chronological order.

Amazon Out for Delivery Means 

Amazon is an international shipping company which couriers your parcel throughout the world. Amazon can courier the pair of delivery at the same time if your consignee is in the same barcode shipment.

The shipment is in transit somewhere between the source to the delivery address. Amazon gives access to the tracking of its orders, so you should be able to find out where a shipment is anywhere along with the delivery boy.

The product which you ordered is reached the nearest hub or nearest Amazon office or warehouse which is near to you, and it will be delivered within that business day.

What Is “Out For Delivery” In USPS, DHL, And FedEx?

Refers to FedEx, USPS, DHL Express that your package has been placed into a local delivery vehicle taken is to its final destination by the delivery person.

Out For Delivery In USPS, DHL, And FedEx

It will be delivered within the delivery exception under delivery time by12 to 24 hours or within 30 minutes. Status “Out for Delivery,” Your package has been sent to the delivery office with a carrier, and delivery is intended on that day or in few minutes.

Check your USPS tracking info for an estimated parcel delivery time, or you can contact customer care service. Just like with UPS and FedEx, the “end of the day” for businesses would be 5 pm (when the majority of businesses close), and for residential deliveries, It could be as late as 10 pm, depending on how late your driver is running.

“End of day” for DHL delivery would mean the package will be delivered before midnight or on the next day.

A delivery scan means that when mail is reached at the office and is ready for rerouting to be delivered to the user.

The clerk of USPS scans the bar code of the mail and updates the status of the package at the USPS system, then sends it to its upcoming delivery destination.

What does it mean when an Amazon order is “out for delivery”?

Amazon is the international shipping company which couriers your all type of consignee to you.

For example, your personal documents, your outfits, toys, equipment used in the labs, household items, etc. All the shipping company policies somehow are the same.

You can track your shipment info by online tracking status as if it’s showing the status of “Out for delivery,” so it’s good to know that your courier had reached your city or nearby service point.

Tracking service helpful for you. You can contact customer service and confirm the delivery date and time. For customer satisfaction, Amazon order shows that your courier is out for delivery. 

How Long does a Package take to Deliver after it Says “Out for Delivery”?

“Out for delivery” is the status shown on the tracking info of your parcel, which is a courier from the shipping company. If your delivery status shows that your courier is “out for delivery,” so it will take a specified time to deliver it to you.

Actually, it means that now your courier is delivered in your city or shipping company service warehouse. In the delivery process, delivery guys pick some of the couriers which come in the way of their delivery routes.

Maybe they can deliver your parcel within 20 mins or more, but it depends on your contact details and your convenient location.

For customer convenience company will always contact their customer first. You can also contact to company’s customer service Inquiries and ask about your delivery package.

How long does it take when it says Out for Delivery?

Actual delivery time usually depends on the Delivery option that, how far you are located from the USPS warehouse due to time constraints.

Of course, the drivers use certain routes on their deliveries, and if you are out of the way, then you might be one of the last places the driver hits, or if you are near to the warehouse or service point,

It might deliver your package within an hour or a couple of hours but only after, when the delivery person had to contact you. 

So my package says that it is currently en-route to its destination. Does this mean it will be delivered today?

All the shipping companies deliver your package on time. But due to unexpected circumstances, the delivery of your parcel gets on hold.

If your package says that it is currently en-route to its destination so it might be delivering your parcel today or due to business day time it can be delivered on another day also. Always before delivering your parcel delivery boy will contact you on your given contact details. 

What does “Out for Delivery” Really mean?

Out for delivery is the shipping status, which you can track easily online. “Out for delivery” really means that whatever you had ordered online from any shipping company like:

Amazon, FedEx Office, DHL, or any other shipping company is reached to your city, nearest service point, or maybe deliver your courier to you as soon as possible.

Your contact detail should be correct. You can contact customer care service and get your shipping details. You must think that your package will be delivered successfully after “in transit”.

However, before having your package in your hand, the shipping company may inform you beforehand so you’ll know that you will be able to receive your package soon! That’s Stage 3. There are two cases in this stage. The good case, and the bad case.

Good Case – Out for delivery

If you find any “out for delivery” tracking information when checking the status of your package.

Congratulations! You’ll be able to receive your package very soon!

It means everything is fine with your package. No further information is needed. The customs clearance is completed successfully.

Everything is perfect. The only thing you need to do is waiting for another few days. And the delivery man will contact you and send it to the address or nearby pick-up point.


  • 安排投递/Delivery Attempted
  • will be delivered in the upcoming days
  • Delivery Attempted

Bad Case – Exception/Failed Attempt

If things don’t go well, you might not be able to receive your package on time.

It could be “Failed Attempt” or “Exception”. That means your package can’t be delivered or failed to be delivered for some reasons.

For cross-border international packages, customs clearance is one of the most important parts of the whole process. If the customs clearance is unsuccessful, it’ll prolong the processing time of delivering your package.

So you will be unable to receive your package on time. Usually, the unsuccess of customs clearance is caused by the following reasons:

  1. The customs clearance fee is unpaid.
  2. The item is prohibited, restricted, or controlled by a license.
  3. The invoice is incorrect or missing.

Difference Between “Out for Delivery” and “Shipped”

There is a really big difference between “out for delivery” and “shipped.” If your shipping status shows that it “shipped,” it means that your courier or parcel has been picked up by the shipping company,

And the process has started in which the shipping label has applied, checking the correct shipping address or shipping mail. But, if your shipping status shows “out for delivery,” It means that your courier has reached near to your convenient location and ready for the delivery, or you can say that your parcel is on the leg of delivery.

Why Does Cheap Delivery Take Longer?

In all shipping, company policies are not the same. Some deliver the parcel in the specified time, and some take time due to free or cheap delivery service.

Why Does Cheap Delivery Take Longer

But most of the International companies keep you informed by your upcoming delivery by mail or on your contact number, which is given on the customer counter. Before the delivery process takes, place the delivery person will always contact you on your convenient contact details.

Some Mostly Asked Questions about Out for Delivery

Does out for delivery mean I get it today?

The package you bought is on the delivery truck, and that will drop it at your provide destiny.

“Out for delivery” is another way that explains that the item is on its way to the buyer and will be in the buyer’s possession within the ordering day or tomorrow.

These usually happened within a country; for example, if you order a package in the US or Canada, you will get it within a day. If a buyer lives in another country, then delivery will take some time.

When a company such as UPS or DHL has loaded your item into the delivery truck, the delivery agent is on the way and will reach you on the same day or tomorrow is called “out for delivery”.

When a package is out for delivery

There are some steps in the process of delivering packages.

When a person orders an item he bought in the native country, he should receive it on the same day or the next working day.

But when a person buys something from another country, it will take some time to deliver.

Destination Scan: The initial process in which your bought item has finally reached its last facility. The facility is probably close to your house. The delivery agent will leave the center and shortly head to you.

Out for Delivery: When a package is in the final stage, it means ready to deliver the final facility, and the truck is on its way to you and is known as “out for delivery”.

Package Delivered: When you receive your desire item, then its status will be ” Delivered”.

Why isn’t my package out for delivery

The buyer must contact the post office for the package if he doesn’t receive the item since it is supposed to be delivered as delivery takes a couple of weeks ( 2 or 3 weeks).

It may have some errors in tracking or scanning.

All companies want to save money. Therefore, they chose a suitable route for couriers.

Therefore some time packages deliver late. Also, maybe technical problem accrues like map not working, or user has not provided the right information.

So if you are facing any kind of problem contact with your package delivery company.

Can I see where the UPS truck is?

UPS has an online app in which you can track your delivery.

The official website describes that after customizing your route, they will send you a link through email.

After clicking on a link, a map will appear on your smartphone app, and you can see your courier.

They also describe that the link will end after successful delivery. 

Many people don’t know about the app and link they send through email.

Other companies in America, like FedEx, have the same scenario.

Out For Delivery but not delivered?

“Out for delivery” doesn’t mean it has been delivered.

It means your item is on its way to your place; it usually takes 1 to 3 days to deliver at your destiny.

The Delivery company in the US like USP and FedEx are damn meticulous about delivery routes planning to save money as much as they can.

Remember your item is on a truck, and the vehicle has many stops to make,

And when it’s your turn, you will get it. So it simple scenario which many companies follow to deliver all types of carriage.

How long does “Out For Delivery” take?

Well, mostly think that out for delivery means is it delivered.

But the reality is it’s mean when a courier agent sends the package to your near facility, And the package is ready to deliver at your place.

It takes an amount of time to physically transport.

It follows the origin to destination pattern.

Add some waiting time to get sorted and for transport.

Be aware sorting belongs to transport, just before these vehicles leave.


Amazon, FedEx Express, DHL Express, USPS are International shipping companies that deliver your parcel globally. The shipping company picked your online ordered product or packages from the sender and delivered them to you. You have to give your correct detail on the customer counter of your convenient location. If your parcel had started shipping, the online status would show “shipped.”

It means that the process of putting shipping labels, checking shipping details has been completed. Training service helpful for you to track your courier shipment. Once if your courier is reached to your concerned city, in the company warehouse or nearest company service point so at that time the shipping status will show “out for delivery.”

It will deliver your package on time. Before delivering your courier, delivery guys will contact you. So keep patience your courier will reach you on the same day or the next day. It means the shipment of your parcel is on the leg of delivery.

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