What does DHL shipment on hold mean? – Ways to Fix it 

Have you also received the message of your “DHL shipment on hold” – If so, you are not alone.

A few days back, the same incident happened to me – when I was expecting an important package delivery but suddenly I found that my package was placed on hold.

To be honest I got worried as this package was very important for my upcoming work event – so I quickly went into the problem-solving mode to get back on track.

Here in this article, I have shared everything that you need to know about the dhl shipment hold and the reasons why your dhl shipment is on hold.

In the end, I have also shared how to contact dhl customer care to get your delivery without any trouble.

What does dhl shipment on hold mean?

Before you jump into understanding the ways to get your package back you need to understand the meaning of shipment is “on hold”

If you receive a notification that your “dhl shipment on hold it means that you’re packing is no longer moving and it is temporarily suspended to deliver you due to some reasons.

But the first thing that you need to understand is that a shipment is “on hold does not mean that they have lost your packages or you will not receive them.

It simply means that – there are some issues with your document or the clearance process and other reasons which cause delays maybe your postal address or contact details are not correct.

But these are only the reasons there are various for the “dhl shipment on hold” –  so let’s discuss these reasons in detail that will help you know the problem for the hold on your shipment and get your shipment moving.

Common reason for the dhl shipment is on hold 

As said before you take any action to reach out to dhl customer care it’s vital for you to know the reasons – so you can complain about the particular things that are causing your packages to remain on hold.

Here is the list of the reasons why of shipment is placed on hold 

Natural Disaster 

It’s the first reason your package on hold because unfortunately, they cannot control the weather conditions although they try thier best to complete the delivery process.

But sometimes the condition of the weather is too bad for them and they cannot ship your package and may be to your door it may include snowfall or flooding on the highway in the rainy season or any other natural causes.

In this case, it becomes difficult for the delivery driver to make the delivery of your shipment & complete your order and in the end, it gets delayed.

Route changes

Another reason for the delay of your shipment is due to the route change most of the time they use the same route to deliver your packages but sometimes they change the route because of bad road conditions.

Additionally, there can be a breakdown of the van that requires the services – it this your shipment may suffer a delay of one or two days.

In many cases, you will notice that your package is moving away from you and going toward a strange location – if you find these kinds of scenarios it’s usually happening because of the route change.

Port congestion

Port congestion is also one of the reasons your DHL shipment is on hold as you know that they use different mediums to deliver your products.

Port congestion includes the medium of ships – so sometimes when a ship reaches to port it finds that it can’t load or unload the ship due to the port’s capacity and you have to wait till they load & unload their ship.

This process takes time – so you might suffer delays of a few days in your shipment but once this process is complete it will start moving and reach out to you.

Incomplete documentation 

When it comes to online shopping one of the most important is the paperwork & documentation and nowadays most of the documents contain labels and bar codes.

So sometimes these bar codes and the label get damaged in the transportation or get scratched off which makes it difficult for the driver and the customs officials to scan the code and know what is inside your package.

In this situation, the customs department may not approve your package as it doesn’t have all the documents that they need and your shipment goes on hold.

In some other cases, the buyers forget to include or don’t add sufficient information which can also result in the delays of your parcel.

Note – If you receive the message of your shipment is on hold, it may be because DHL lacks the document that it needs – so they need documentation from your side they will send you a message asking for it.

Customs Clearance Process Issue

Custom clearance is another issue that can delay your shipment – this process involves the process of verifying your documentation to ensure that the imported products comply with the laws and regulations.

And if your DHL shipment is held on customs it simply means that they need more information about your packages.

Technical Issues 

DHL packages can also be hold due to the system or technical glitches that can show inaccurate information about the tracking location or the shipment of the delivery.

 This issue will be solved in a few days in their tracking system, and you will be able to see the status of your shipment.

Payment Issues

If there is any payment issue for your package, the DHL can put your package on hold it might be possible that you or the shipper have not completed the payment process and in this case, your shipment will be held until there is the settlement of the payment.

How to track the status of dhl package is on hold?

Now before we jump into the steps of finding the solution for the DHL shipment on hold – it; ‘s important to know about the tracking system – let’s jump and see how you track your shipment.

To check the tracking information of your package – you need to visit to the DHL website or you can use their app to track your package by using the tracking number.

This will show you the most up-to-date information about your package and its current status.

Most of the time they show you the reasons for your package is on hold but if it simply shows “on hold” without any additional information in that case you need to contact their customer service and inquire about the specific reasons that are causing delays in your parcel.

What to do when dhl package or dhl shipment hold?

I know the feeling when you see the frustrating message that your DHL shipment is on hold and wondering what to do.

Here is the list of the steps that you can take to get your shipment moving.

Contact DHL customer support

The first and obvious thing that you need to do when you see your package is on hold is to reach out to customer support.

DHL provides you the two options to contact you can either call them or you can use the live chat – to get the solution you need to explain your situation and provide them with the tracking number.

The DHL team will check your shipment and give you the status of your package and along with that, they will specify the reason for the delay.

The best about the DHL team is they will also assist your problem and suggest you’re the steps that will help you solve your shipment issue.

Recheck the paperwork

As said before sometimes there might be an issue with the documentation – so if your shipment is held due to customs or paperwork issues ensure to recheck all the documents and see whether you have completed the accurate commercial invoice, bill of lading, and packing list.

Ensure to verify the details of the products, address and the other information that is needed for the shipment the inaccurate or incomplete details are one of the reasons for the delay – so it’s better to catchy early and solve it.

Have some patience

I know dealing with a situation can be very frustrating but sometimes all you need to have some patience to resolve it.

But if your package is on hold due to a natural disaster, customs clearness, or port congestion then unfortunately there is no immediate fix you need to wait a few days.

But in most cases, the reason the shipment is on hold is because of the weather conditions or delays in import, and this case your issue your solved in less than 3 days.

So focus on finding the exact reasons and look for alternate solutions.

Change the delivery location

If you see your package is held up overseas – the other thing that you do is to change the delivery location to the different that is closest to your location.

For instance – If your package shipment is held due to port congestion – then you request to have the delivery to a different location but ensure that your address is close to the origin of your country.

Pick up the package from DHL Retailers

The best thing that you can do to save time and get your package quickly is to pick up the package in person – what I mean 

As you that DHL has retail outlets worldwide where you can get your shipment instead of depending on the van to dispatch your order 

You can contact the DHL to check if the hold for pickup option is available this will allow you to get your package fast and also save you time.

However, it’s only possible when the DHL retailer is near the location where your shipment is being held.

Should you worry if the DHL Shipment is put on hold?

No you don’t need to worry about if your DHL Shipment is on hold because as you have seen the above reasons and solution are that sometimes the reasons for the shipment are not in our control.

Most of the time issue will resolve itself and you will receive your package as mentioned if your shipment is held due to customs clearance or port congestion.

The simple thing that you can do is to talk with the DHL representative and they will help in the best possible way and help you get your package.

Wrapping Up: What does DHL shipment on hold mean?

The DHL shipment on hold means that you’re packing is no longer moving and it is temporarily suspended to deliver you due to some reasons it can customs clearance, port congestion, natural disaster, or any other.

However, now you have ideas about the reasons that cause DHL shipments on hold, we have also learned about the measure steps that you take to get your shipment moving – so make sure you use that and let me know about the status of your shipment.

If you still have any questions regarding the DHL shipment on hold, you can let me know in the comment section 

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