Sam’s Club Plus Membership 2022? (Benefits & Renewal)

Sam's Club Plus Membership
Sam's Club Plus Membership

Sam’s Club is one of the best warehouse retailers in the world. It gives consumers access to discounted bulk purchases from groceries to apparel and paper products.

You might be wondering what a Sam’s Club Plus membership includes, as Sam’s Club members get access to the store’s millions of products. Here is what you want to know!

Sam’s Club Plus Membership In 2022

Sam’s Club Plus memberships cost $100 annually. It comes with many benefits, including:

  • 2% cash back incentives 
  • Free shipping for online items 
  • Longer pickup hours 
  • Reduced prices on prescription drugs and eyeglasses
  • Access to a variety of low-cost auto services

What Does A Sam’s Club Plus Membership Include?

A Sam’s Club Plus membership offers you and your family a number of appealing benefits. 

  • The delivery is always free for Plus members when they shop online at Sam’s Club.
  • Sam’s Club also offers 2% cash back to Plus members on qualified purchases made in-store or online for pickup. But online purchases are not eligible for this cashback advantage.
  • Plus members also have access to early shopping hours, which let you avoid the lines. Call your store to find out what time Sam’s Club in your area opens for Plus members.
  • Plus members have extended in-store shopping hours and also get exclusive pickup times. For Plus members, pickup is available 7 A.M. on Monday-Saturday, and 10 A.M. on Sunday.
  • Most Sam’s Club locations have a pharmacy on site. As a Plus member, you can get 600+ meds for $10 or less, 300+ pharmaceuticals for 30% off, and several generic prescriptions for free.
  • If you wear contacts or glasses, becoming a Plus member entitles you to free shipping on contact lenses as well as a 20% discount on eyewear.
  • And last, when you upgrade to a Plus membership at Sam’s Club, you can get 15% off a subscription to Pandora music streaming.

Are Sam’s Club Plus Membership Cash Rewards Subject to Any Restrictions?

The store’s cash rewards program is one of the most alluring features that convince customers to buy the Sam’s Club Plus membership. But, there are some restrictions on how much cash back you can get annually.

For each 12-month membership period, Sam’s Club Plus members receive 2% cash back on eligible purchases, up to a maximum payout of $500. At the end of the year, cash prizes are given out, put onto membership cards, or redeemable for cash. Your cash rewards can only be used in-store. They cannot be used to make purchases online.

How Much Does A Sam’s Club Plus Membership Cost Compare To A Regular Membership?

All of Sam’s Club’s clients are required to be members of the business. Sam’s Club offers two different sorts of membership plans: Basic and Plus, depending on your preferences.

The cost of the membership plan varies in addition to the variation in additional features available to Plus members. A Sam’s Club Plus Membership plan costs $100 annually, while the Basic plan is $45 annually. At any time during the year, you can upgrade your basic membership plan for a prorated fee. It means you only pay for the year that remains.

Can You Buy A Sam’s Club Plus Membership Online?

Sam’s Club enables you to do so entirely from the convenience of your home, whether you want to renew or upgrade your current membership.

Find the Sam’s Club website and open it. Near the top of the page, hit the “Join” link that is located above the “Cart” button. Then, you will be sent to a page on the website that provides a summary of both membership plans and prices. Choose “Plus” from the menu, then fill out the required fields.

Make sure you input your login details first if you are an active Sam’s Club member on a basic membership plan. 

What Are The Differences Between An Executive Costco Membership And A Sam’s Club Plus Membership?

Costco, like Sam’s Club, offers a membership plan with extra perks for an additional yearly cost. Sam’s Club Plus memberships and Costco’s Executive membership plan make for the finest comparisons. The annual fee and the limitations on cash back incentives are the key distinctions between a Plus and Executive membership.

The annual cost of a Costco Executive plan is $120. Additionally, Executive members receive 2% cash back returns on eligible purchases up to $1000 annually. Like Sam’s Club, Costco provides Executive members with extra privileges and discounts.

Is A Sam’s Club Plus Membership Worth It?

You could be debating if paying more for a Plus membership is worthwhile. Fortunately, there are a few things you may consider to quickly decide if a Plus subscription is best for you.

Monthly Groceries

A Plus membership is appropriate for you if you regularly spend at least $400 at Sam’s Club on groceries, household goods, and other items.

Business Owner

A Plus membership is something you may take advantage of if you own a business. You can order goods online and have them delivered for free to your place of business rather than making the long trip to your local Sam’s Club warehouse!


A Plus membership is ideal for you if you frequently wish you could shop at Sam’s Club without having to deal with the crowds. Plus members enjoy priority access to Sam’s Club. So you can start shopping as early as 7 A.M.

What Is the Duration of a Sam’s Club Plus Membership?

Your membership, whether you are a Plus member or a normal Club member, will be valid for one year unless you renew it.

Watch This Before You Decide To Join Sam’s Club


Members of Sam’s Club Plus get access to a variety of extra benefits. You can benefit from longer store hours, free delivery for online purchases, pharmacy and vision department discounts, 2% cash back incentives, and a reduction on a Pandora membership as a Plus member!

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