How Do You Change Availability at Walmart in 2022? Step by Step Guide

Change Availability at Walmart
Change Availability at Walmart

Walmart is one of the top retailers in the US. It has developed a reputation as one of the few businesses that care about the work-life balance of its employees. The store offers flexible schedules to its staff by letting them choose shifts that suit their needs. So, how can you alter availability at Walmart, one would ask? Read on to know!

How Do You Change Availability at Walmart in 2022?

As a Walmart associate, you can modify your availability by filling out an availability form and getting your direct manager to sign it. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you must submit the form on time. It is because schedule changes often take three weeks after the request is approved.

Can I Change My Availability at Walmart?

You must ask your boss for permission to adjust your availability. Walmart often needs you to submit a request by giving 30 days’ notice. But emergencies, such as a death in the family, don’t need to be announced as soon.

Can Walmart Deny Your Request to Change Availability?

Yes, your request to adjust your availability at Walmart may be rejected. It depends on the time of submission and the availability of other employees. 

Walmart will only accept requests for availability changes that do not obstruct regular business operations. Therefore, if your new availability interferes with the demands of the company, you might not be allowed to modify your availability or get fewer hours.

Can Walmart Fire You For Changing Your Availability?

Walmart has the right to fire you if you alter your availability. The majority of Americans are “employed at will.” So, Walmart has the right to change the terms of the contract, including your right to be fired for any reason. Thus if you work for Walmart as an at-will employee, Walmart has the right to terminate your job due to a lack of availability.

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Can I Be Fired From Walmart For Limited Availability?

Yes, you can be fired by Walmart for limited availability. Legally, your employer may demand you to work a set schedule and may even fire you if you are not available. 

If limited availability does not interfere with store operations, it can be acceptable. But it depends on how business is operated at your location.

Does Walmart Have to Follow Your True Availability?

Yes, Walmart is required to respect an employee’s actual availability. After receiving the employees’ availability, Walmart generates schedules that guarantee enough personnel coverage for all shifts. Following that, employees of Walmart without a set schedule are informed of their shift 17 days beforehand.

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When Can You Change Your Schedule at Walmart?

The only thing you can do is provide an availability range that specifies the beginning and end of your available days. Unfortunately, you cannot set and amend your calendar. For instance, you can specify that you need every Monday off, that you are available from 4 pm to 12 am, or that you are unavailable before 2 pm. Following that, Walmart will arrange your shifts according to your availability. If you are overly choosy about your hours, Walmart can grant you fewer than you asked for.

What Is the New Walmart Schedule App?

The Me@Walmart app is the Walmart Schedule App. In order to streamline colleagues’ daily chores, prepare for a work-life balance and improve customer service, Walmart Global

Tech created and developed the new app. The app has a number of functions, such as the option to request schedule modifications, check pending paid time off, and check shifts up to two weeks in advance.

Employees can also clock in using the Me@Walmart app when they arrive for their shifts and even connect utilizing the “push-to-talk” feature.

The app offers an activated personal assistant named Ask Sam Voice. It enables an employee to ask inquiries about finding products and give clients immediate feedback.

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How Do I Check My Hours at Walmart?

At your local Walmart, you can check your schedule up to three weeks in advance. You can also get information about your hours, such as your schedule, paid time off (PTO), leave of absence (LOA), etc., by signing into the One Walmart portal.

Can Walmart Force You Work Past Your Scheduled Shift?

No, Walmart cannot make you stay later than your allocated shift. But, they may ask you to. If you work past your planned shift, you must be paid if you are a non-exempt worker. You can always give excuses as to why you are unable to stay longer if you decide not to.

Can Walmart Schedule You Out Your Availability?

Yes, Walmart is allowed to request you to work out of your normal hours. You can ask your zone manager to make modifications if you discover a schedule that conflicts with your availability. But, Walmart is not permitted to compel you to work over your predetermined hours.


Can I work fewer hours than I’m scheduled to?

It’s lawful to work fewer hours as long as you can show that you have a justification for doing it. Employment law mandates that any time reductions be justified. Also bear in mind that you must always keep your staff informed.

Why is my supervisor scheduling me fewer hours to work?

Because the company needs to cut costs or because the job that certain employees do is no longer required as a full-time position, some employees may have their hours decreased. 

Can I work three days a week at Walmart?

Part-time employees at Walmart should anticipate working four to five hours a day, three days each week.

Can Walmart schedule you for more than 40 hours a week?

Walmart considers everyone who works 34 hours a week to be full-time, even though the requirement to be eligible for health insurance is 30 hours a week. 

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In conclusion, Walmart permits its employees to modify their availability if they can no longer work according to the previously established timetable. In this situation, the request to adjust availability may be granted or the associate may be given fewer hours than asked.

It’s better to discuss your circumstances with your manager or supervisor before submitting a change of availability request.

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