The Use of Popular IP Characters in iGaming & Other Ventures

The Use of Popular IP Characters in iGaming & Other Ventures

Using popular film, TV, and games characters to promote services or sell products is a well-known practice that’s been part of the marketing toolkit for decades.

Any time that there’s a popular new series you’ll likely find them in TV advertisements – think the Minions from Despicable Me advertising Sky TV, or Halifax promoting their mortgage services with some help from the beloved characters of Top Cat.

However, it’s not just mortgages and TV subscriptions that well-known characters lend their unique charms to.

The Use of Characters for Promotions

Character franchises have long been used to entice gamblers into playing casino games like online slots and roulette.

Using well-known characters gives a fun new spin on very similar games.

Fans of the character or franchise are able to enjoy recognisable elements from their favourite games, TV shows, or films in a way that perfectly merges their favourite character’s world and the game.

While for the player it’s exciting to see slots based on their favourite characters, it actually helps casinos to improve their revenue.

When a slot game features a character that someone likes, they instinctively trust the game more and are more likely to put more money in. So, which characters appear most often in slot games?

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Pink Panther

If you grew up in a certain era you’ll probably be very fond of Pink Panther and his madcap antics.

Decades on, films are still periodically released that feature the feline up to mischief as usual.

In the character’s latest outing he’s made it into the world of casino slots.

The game features favourites like the inspector, Top Cat and Pink Panther himself.

While it’s not the most well-known character across all generations it’s become one of the most popular slot games in recent years, both in land-based casinos and on online slots.

The Griffin Family from Family Guy

Whether you enjoy playing slot games from the comfort of your sofa or you enjoy spending an evening in a land-based casino, you’ll likely bump into at least one of the members of the Griffin family.

Family Guy is potentially one of the most popular adult animation programmes in recent years, and the franchise has become hugely popular both in online games and slot machines in land-based casinos.

The games feature well-known phrases from the show, characters, and bonuses that will keep any fan’s attention for hours.

Top Gun

Top Gun is one of the most popular films in the history of the industry.

People quote the movie in everyday life, the characters and plot are known across the world and this makes it perfect for a casino game.

Most Top Gun games are found in online casinos but you might see some in land-based casinos too.

Top Gun themed online slot games feature some of the most recognisable characters, including Goose, Iceman, Charlie, Jester, and Stinger, which makes it hugely exciting for fans of the film.


Batman is one of the most popular characters for collaborations and partnerships.

The films are hugely popular, pulling in billions of dollars at the box office at every release.

The famous hero has his own line of video games and has appeared in multiple adverts, but he’s also become a hugely popular character in casino slot games.

Several Batman films have been followed by slot games, including The Dark Knight.

Each game is themed after the specific film and features small emblems that true fans will recognise as they play, which makes it addictive for fans of the movie franchise.

One of the great things about including characters in slot games is that it makes similar games feel completely new.

The kind of characters that are chosen completely change how the game plays.

With Family Guy, it’s chaotic with lots going on and plenty of inside jokes.

With Pink Panther the game feels more “old world” and the gameplay is a lot more relaxing.

There are a huge number of characters to choose from in slot games so you’re bound to find your favourite!

Why do Industries Choose To Use Well-Known Characters?

Most people will agree that in order for a business to be successful it needs to have a degree of brand recognition.

This could be locally for a small business or nationally for something much larger, but it is important for a brand to be one that people have heard of, even if they haven’t used it before.

Why do Industries Choose To Use Well-Known Characters?

This can be hard for start-up companies or industries like gambling where some people can be dubious about the products and services that are on offer.

By using recognisable characters like the Mario Bros or film stars that people will likely have heard of, you are creating an illusion of brand recognition even if people have never heard of your online or land-based casino before.

This helps new players and potential customers feel much more comfortable with signing up because they already feel as though the brand is familiar.

It feels much less scary to sign up and play a game of Mario Bros online for example because you’re probably already familiar with playing this game on your consoles at home anyway.

The decision to use characters that people have heard of isn’t a coincidence – why do you think brands choose to use celebrities to promote their products and services on TV or via social media?

It is all about helping new customers feel comfortable with using a product and by having Pink Panther plastered all over a brand new game you are helping that to happen much more quickly than if you were expecting customers to sign up to a game they have never stumbled across before.

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