TikTok New US Terms Of Service Update 2023 – All You Need To Know!

A recent upgrade has altered how users will interact with the well-known app TikTok. Here is all the information you need to be aware of regarding the 2023 modification to the TikTok US Terms of Service.

TikTok New Terms Of Service – May 2023

Users in the US have recently received notifications regarding changes to one specific section through email or the app.

Despite being a minor update, it can nonetheless have an impact on how you use the app or website moving ahead. This is due to the requirement that you abide by the terms and conditions as well as the community guidelines to use TikTok.

What has Changed In The TikTok US Terms Of Service 2023?

The section on Dispute Resolutions is the only one that has changed this month. All US users must accept the revised terms started on May 19, to continue using TikTok.

According to the updated Terms of Service, the social media phenomenon now states that conflicts must be settled amicably before moving forward. This is if TikTok contacts you or if you have any issue with TikTok

“Both you and TikTok will make a good faith effort to resolve the dispute amicably before either you or TikTok demands arbitration or files any legal action against the other.”

They continue by stating that before any legal action may be taken, the party initiating the disagreement must notify the opposing party and declare their intent to resolve it amicably first.

How Dispute Resolution Now Works?

You must send the following information to [email protected] if you have a dispute with TikTok:

  • Your Name
  • Contact details
  • Your country or region where you live
  • Screenshot of your TikTok Account
  • A brief description of your dispute

If TikTok is the party involved in the disagreement, they will provide you with the information listed above, as well as any other pertinent details and a screenshot of your account page.

However, after receiving the notice, the recipient has 90 days to reply, and both sides are required to contribute completely to the informal process. Arbitration may be started if this is not done. This means that a third party who is impartial to both sides is recruited to help resolve the conflict. It is still not a court matter, though.

Any of this will probably not apply to the typical person. But just in case, it’s best to be aware with the latest TikTok US Terms of Service update.

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