What Does WTW Mean On Snapchat? Updated 2023

When you’re opening your friends’ Snaps on Snapchat in the evening, all of a sudden you get a “WTM,” “FS,” or “WTW” message. What does Snapchat’s wtw mean?

Snapchat is a popular messaging app where you and your friends can tag along to create adorable and entertaining Snaps and display the badges to indicate your friendship with them.

Teenagers make up the majority of Snapchat users, which may help to explain why we occasionally come across strange language used on the app. However, acronyms like SMH or WTH are not exclusive to the Snapchat online. At this time, it has become an internet culture.

You would shout SMH when you were unhappy with something. WTH is what you type when you’re astonished. What does WTW signify on Snapchat, though? Here are the details.

What Does WTW Mean on Snapchat 2023

What’s The Word (with a question mark) is actually referred to by the abbreviation WTW. In essence, it is comparable to What’s up? Or how are things? It’s frequently used when someone wants to know how you’re doing right now. The answer is greatly influenced by your situation.

WTW Meaning: What Does This Trendy Acronym "WTW" Stand For? • 7ESL

Additionally, the meaning of “wtw” on Snapchat can change based on the circumstance. The WTW will always be sent first as an introduction when someone wants to hang out with you. Similar to asking, “Hey, what’s up? Are you free today?” or a similar question.

WTW also means anything similar to WTH, albeit this usage is less prevalent. Despite the fact that the meaning and goal are essentially the same, some individuals choose to use WTW instead of WTH because it feels distinct.

How to Use WTW on Snapchat?

“What’s Up?” and “WTW” have essentially the same meaning. But, WTW should only be used in informal talks with friends or close family. It’s not appropriate for business interactions.

You can start a conversation by sending the message “Hey, WTW?” to someone if you wish to know about their day. WTW is sometimes used in response to something. So you could say, “WTW! That’s unexpected!” or “WTW! It’s unbelievable. 

How to Reply to WTW in Text on Snapchat?

Since WTW is essentially the same as “What’s up?” you can simply respond by telling them about your day if you’re interested. To continue the conversation, you might inquire about them.

If WTW is utilized in a different context, such as when someone asks you to hang out, for instance, you can accept or reject the offer depending on your circumstances. Simply tell them your answer

For Friends

The ideal response is the genuine one because the folks that would send WTW are probably going to be your friends or family members. Tell them about your day when they inquire about it.

For Strangers

There is a very small chance that a stranger may send you WTW because it is often exclusively utilized by friends. Therefore, if someone gives you a WTW but you don’t know who they are, perhaps some confirmation can help to put things in perspective

Other Meanings of WTS

WTW may have different meanings other than “Whats the Word?” Some of them are listed below:

  • What the what!
  • Walk the walk
  • Weight watchers international
  • Worth the wait
  • White trash wrestling
  • What to watch
  • World title wrestling

There are yet further interpretations of WTW, but they are less frequent. Additionally, you can always confirm the message’s intent by asking the sender.


Hopefully, the article has given you a better understanding of the abbreviation wtw used on Snapchat. It might be viewed as a fresh way to greet someone. So, depending on the circumstance, you can use it with your friends and family members.


What does “wtw” on TikTok mean?

Wtw meaning in text Tiktok and Snapchat are the same. It is similar to “What’s up?”

What does wtw mean urban dictionary?

In the urban dictionary, wtw means “What’s The Word”, which translates to “What’s Up.” 

Are there any Snapchat alternatives to wtw?

You may use What’s Up? How is it going? What’s going on? What’s new? What is going on? or What’s happening?

Does WTW mean want to meet?

Sometimes people that email you WTW may intend to plan a meeting with you.

What does wtv mean on Snapchat?

It stands for “whatever”, and you may use it as “whatever” on Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and all other social media sites.

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