Can Turnitin Detect ChatGPT-Generated Content?

How Does Turnitin Detect ChatGPT-Generated Content?

Can Turnitin detect ChatGPT content? Yes, that is true! Since the advent of AI chatbots, the mundane process of creating long-form content has become surprisingly easy and fast. The AI chatbots like ChatGPT have been widely used by students and content creators to produce accurate information according to their specific requirements. But the content is easily detectable by the Turnitin tool which is a powerful tool for checking academic plagiarism.

Here in this article, we are going to explain to you how Turnitin works to detect content AI plagiarism and what the best ways to use AI chatbots like ChatGPT ethically. So let’s get started!

Is It Possible for Turnitin to Detect Your AI Generated Content?

Is It Possible for Turnitin to Detect Your AI Generated Content?

ChatGPT has been regarded as a red flag in the academic community. This is so as its sophisticated capabilities are pushing most of the students to plagiarism.

ChatGPt is fully equipped with all the alluring templates for students and content creators like work templates, and revision notes. Even you can write entire essays in no time. Though the content generated in this way lacks originality and a human touch still it is used widely for academic content creation. 

And here comes Turnitin with its plagiarism detection software, This application is widely used in educational institutions to check for plagiarism in student assignments. This wonderful application smartly compares the work to a comprehensive database of previously submitted work and runs an originality check.

Turnitin also detects plagiarism by comparing that academic work to other sources on the internet to identify any instances of plagiarism. This has made Turnitin a valuable tool for teachers and checkers to ensure academic originality. Turnitin has added a new AI writing indicator tool to the educator’s arsenal to improve detection.

What is Turnitin Detection for Chatgpt Content?

Turnitin detects ChatGPT content successfully using its super detection model. Turnitin also identifies content produced by AI language models, including Chatgpt GPT-3, and GPT-3.5 versions using their AI writing detection model. You can also recognize content from GPT-4, using the Turnitin tool. 

There are two things provided by Turnitin each for submitted work: 

1. Similarity Index

During this process of detection Turnitin software takes the content submitted and starts comparing this content with the huge amount of online databases of content, including academic, internet, and student paper content. 

Turnitin’s content detection process starts by segmenting a submitted paper into sections of several hundred words. These are, roughly equivalent to five to ten sentences. All these segments are overlapped to understand each sentence within its context.

Each of these text segments is subsequently evaluated using Turnitin’s AI detection model, evaluate these text segments subsequently by assigning each sentence a score between 0 and 1. A zero score shows that the content is human-generated. And if there is 1 score detected by Turnitin, it shows the probability of AI text generation.

Following the same method, the average score is calculated across the entire document. In the end, the model provides an estimate of the percentage of text it believes was AI-generated.

The basic algorithms working behind this detection mechanism revolve around the word sequence probabilities. GPT-3 and ChatGPT, both are trained on vast amounts of internet text so they create word sequences based on the next most probable word.

2. Originality Report

When the detection step is complete, Turnitin starts compiling the originality report for the content. It will be a complete report of matched content in extra detail, including Turnitin’s sources. It can include articles, blogs, websites, books, and more which has been previously submitted. 

Keep in mind that Turnitin’s AI writing detection technology is distinct from their Authorship (Originality) system. The AI writing detection model is only good in calculating the probable percentage of AI-generated content in a submission.

While the Authorship system works by using metadata and forensic language analysis. It helps in determining if a piece was produced by someone other than the original human author. However, sometimes it doesn’t ensure if the content was AI-generated, but merely that it isn’t the submitting student’s original work.

What is Semantic Analysis by Turnitin?

This is another advanced feature of the Turnitin detection procedure. It is used to enhance its detection capabilities. It is called semantic analysis and contextual understanding. During this detection Turnitin doesn’t solely rely on word matches; it evaluates the context and meaning of the text. So if a student has paraphrased an AI-generated content while retaining the original meaning, Turnitin’s algorithm would still flag it as potentially plagiarized.

How do you use Turnitin to Detect ChatGPT Content by Turnitin?

The instructor and teachers not only use Turnitin to detect AI plagiarism but they have other things at hand to do the task smartly. They can also identify the ChatGPT-generated text easily. This is done by analyzing the style, tone, and language used in the writing. It is obvious that ChatGPT or any other AI chatbot tends to have a particular style used by the bot. And this style can be detected by experienced instructors and teachers easily.

Moreover, most of the chatbots usually use certain words or phrases that students do not use. This further helps instructors detect the original writer behind the assignment submitted. Sometimes the instructors may ask the students to explain the content in their own words to identify the content generation source.

Why is AI Content Detection Important for Students?

Why is AI Content Detection Important for Students?

Employing a tool for AI content detection is important, especially for students. This is essential to promote honesty and ethical behavior among them. Tools like Turnitin to detect ChatGPT-generated content help students start experimenting with their own creative skills and ideas. This further enhances their mental powers and encourages the development of important skills like paraphrasing, citing sources, and synthesizing information. 

It is important to understand that AI chatbots can’t be used as a replacement for human content and writing skills. Students should only use it to help enhance their skills, knowledge, and critical thinking. 

Turnitin is fully equipped with all the necessary AI detection capabilities, It has considerably improved its capacity to identify the use of AI writing tools in academic writing. This is indeed helpful as it ensures that academic integrity is maintained and that students are encouraged to use their writing skills and mental powers. 

Turnitin’s technology is really beneficial for educators, but it is also good for students. Students may use AI writing tools reasonably and give proper attribution when incorporating external sources into their work. In this way, they can easily avoid potential plagiarism while benefitting from the assistance of AI-powered writing tools.

Productive Benefits of ChatGPT in Your Academic Writings

This is not an ethical practice to use AI chatbots like ChatGPt to generate whole copies of your academic assignments. It brings you accurate information regarding your queries and still affects your own creativity to a large extent.

Sometimes the content generated in response to your prompts is totally wrong and you need a complete fact check against this content. 

Using chatbots to increase your productivity and enhance your writing style is perfectly fine. Here are some ways to use it in a positive way:

  • Proofreading and spellchecking – ChatGPT is a good proofreading tool for checking your writing for any spelling or typing mistakes. 
  • Finding reading material – You can use ChatGPT to find articles and books on your topic of research. It works really fast to find information relevant to your study.
  • Help coming up with a question – If you are looking for topic research for some specific area of study then ChatGPt is a great help.

Can Turnitin Detect QuillBot Paraphrased Content?

Can Turnitin Detect QuillBot Paraphrased Content?

Turnitin can surely identify Quillbot paraphrase content easily. Turnitin software is designed to identify computer and AI-generated writing.

Turnitin is also developing further tools to specifically detect content from spin tools like QuillBot. This will enhance its power to detect not just AI-generated but also paraphrased content from any source.

Quilbot is also an AI tool like ChatGPT, with a different application, and has been around longer. This tool is specifically popular among students. They use it to paraphrase certain passages and texts to modify their academic work while retaining the essence and meaning behind it.

However, Turnitin has stepped forward and announced plans to tackle this issue as well.

Turnitin claims that currently, its AI writing detection tools are able to recognize AI writing even after it has been paraphrased using a paraphrasing tool like Quilbot.

Is There Any AI Tool to Bypass Turnitin Detection?

Turnitin is used to detect not only the content generated by ChatGPT, but it can identify AI-generated text from other AI tools like Bing Chat. However, its ability to identify the content generated by Google Bard is not reliable. Google Bard uses Google’s in-house PaLM 2 language model. It uses the pattern of subsequent words to generate text. If Turnitin has developed an AI that can detect these patterns, it’s only a matter of time before it catches text generated via Bard too.

The advanced GPT-4 model, which is accessible via one of OpenAI’s paid subscriptions including ChatGPT Plus or ChatGPT Enterprise may be doing a good job of avoiding AI content detection. The August 22 update GPT-3.5 Turbo fine-tuning and API updates bring finer tonal control to the same end. There is some news on the OpenAI website that explains how GPT-3.5 Turbo can help you sound more like a human. It claims to minimize the effect generalized language model, even through the free version of ChatGPT.

This is at the same time true that achieving 100 percent accuracy is a complex task, Even though sometimes the purely human-generated content is flagged as AI-produced content. Almost all AI detection software can falsely claim to detect AI-written text that was in fact human-written. This issue is not exclusively a Turnitin AI detection problem. 


Turinit can detect ChatGPT-generated content and this could be surprising for most of the people using it for academic cheating. Turinit has made its detection algorithms more advanced and detects even the Quilbot paraphrased content. The only way to use ChatGPt is to use it to improve your reading and writing capabilities like improving your language and grammar.


1. How can Turnitin detect ChatGPT content if you paraphrase?

Turnitin detects the AI texts and writings generated by tools like ChatGPT. It is a plagiarism checker that can properly analyze content to confirm the originality of the work submitted.

2. How does the Grammarly app detect ChatGPt content?

Grammarly is not primarily an AI Content detector tool. However, you can detect ChatGPT using different AI detector tools like, GPTzero, and Turnitin.

3. Is it possible to bypass Turnitin AI detection?

You can bypass Turnitin AI detection by rewording and paraphrasing the content. Paraphrasing on your own ensures that the content remains original while avoiding any plagiarism issues.

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