Walmart General Merchandise (Working Hours, More)

Walmart General Merchandise

Walmart, one of the largest retailer in the United States, relies on millions of employees to keep things running smoothly. Walmart will surely have something for you if you’re looking for part-time or full-time work. The General Merchandise position is one of Walmart’s most popular jobs.

Walmart General Merchandise

General Merchandise Associates (GMAs) at Walmart are responsible for various inventory operations. They manage backrooms of stores and sales floors.

But do you have any other information regarding this position? In this article, we will talk about the job description of general merchandise at Walmart and try to answer many of your questions.

Walmart General Merchandise In 2022

Walmart General Merchandise Associates are entry-level employees. They perform a variety of support functions in stores. A consumer can call a General Merchandise fellow associate at Walmart for help with a failed self-check station.

Associates in General Merchandise may also be responsible for inspecting shelf inventories. Furthermore, Walmart pays an average of $15 per hour to General Merchandise employees.

What Are The Qualifications For The General Merchandise Position At Walmart?

Although there are no formal certifications for the position specified on the website, it does necessitate specific skills, such as:

  • The ability to go fast around the store
  • Physically fit and capable of standing for lengthy periods of time
  • Basic reading and math skills are required.
  • Problem-solving skills to work successfully in a team
  • Customer service experience

What Is The Required Education Level For The Walmart General Merchandise Position?

No eligibility requirements of education are mentioned in the company policies for general merchandise. There are mostly entry-level jobs at Walmart locations. As a result, you’re eligible for employment if you’re at least 16 years old.

What Are The Duties Of A General Merchandise Associate At Walmart?

A General Merchandise associate’s duty varies depending on the business. They are usually responsible for:

  • Seeing the stock inventory
  • Keeping the floor space free
  • Stocking and restocking the shelves.
  • Assisting the customers asking for help

Consider a customer having a problem using a self-service check-out station or finding an item in a store. In this instance, General Merchandise associates are frequently called upon to assist with problem-solving or shelf-finding.

As you may assume, this means that General Merchandise Associates need a basic understanding of all store functions, not just one. Also, in the general merchandise section of the shop, associates may need to use gear such as forklifts to transfer products from loading docks into the store.

Walmart must train these associates to utilize proper safety procedures and possess specific certifications for them to handle this type of equipment.

Managers may also need General Merchandise staff to perform store maintenance, repairs, or assembling.

How Much Do General Merchandisers Make At Walmart?

According to Glassdoor, the average hourly wage for Walmart General Merchandise associates is $15 per hour. It is more than the national average of $14.37 for all retail associates, according to Zippia data.

You may earn more or less depending on the following factors:

  • Your location 
  • Amount of experience in the area
  • The number of hours you work each week

What Benefits Are Available To General Merchandise Employees At Walmart?

Walmart also provides several benefits to General Merchandise employees, including:

  • Discounts on prescription medication and eyeglass 
  • Vision & dental insurance.
  • Basic life insurance 
  • Disability relieve for a short period of time
  • Paid maternity leave 
  • 401(k) plan with employer contribution
  • Free tuition at select universities

Can I Work Seasonally As A General Merchandiser At Walmart?

Yes, you can work seasonally as a general merchandiser at Walmart.

General Merchandiser is one of the seasonal positions. Walmart always offers these job positions during Christmas. In addition, Walmart needs to replace staff on vacation and cover periods when customer traffic is high.

Do You Need To Submit A Resume For The Walmart General Merchandise Job?

There’s no need to include a resume with your job application form if you’re applying for an entry-level position at Walmart. However, attach a copy of your CV or resume when applying for a supervisory role at Walmart.

How Do I Apply To The General Merchandise Position At Walmart?

Start by looking at the Walmart Careers page if you think General Merchandise is something you’d be interested in. Here is the application procedure:

  • On the Walmart Careers website, search for a position for General Merchandise near you. After that, you can search for open positions by job title, location, city, and state.
  • Now open the Merchandise and Stocking Associate job description, which covers the job’s criteria, responsibilities, and information. 
  • After reading the job description and assessing if you are a suitable fit for the role, submit your application by clicking the “Apply” button on the right side of the page. If you have previously applied for Walmart roles, creating a new account is unnecessary. Instead, use your old credentials to log in and continue applying. Sorry for the new applicants! You need to create a new profile before applying by spending good 15 minutes. Your contact details, employment experience, and educational background are included in a complete profile.

You won’t be able to edit anything you’ve entered once you’ve submitted the application, so carefully fill the fields.

Furthermore, Walmart recruiting managers must analyze applications after they are submitted. So don’t be surprised if it takes a while for them to respond. Following the completion of the reviews, the most qualified applicants will be called to interview.

What Hours Do General Merchandise Associates Work At Walmart?

Many people are surprised to learn that General Merchandise employees have a lot of schedule freedom. It means your schedule will be determined by seasonal and store demands.

Because many Walmart locations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, employees can schedule full-time, part-time, and seasonal shifts as General Merchandise associates.

What Do Past Employees Think Of The General Merchandise Job At Walmart?

The General Merchandise position garnered good reviews of 4 out of 5 stars from multiple prior employees on Indeed. The biggest source of dissatisfaction for these employees was scheduling.

Overall, Indeed has given the General Merchandise job a fair rating of 3.5, indicating that some employees have had moderate concerns but that the job is generally enjoyable.

What does the general merchandise team do at Walmart

Here is the brief job description of the general merchandiser at Walmart:

  • While processing online customer orders, general merchandise associates have to walk up to 5 miles daily.
  • Review customer orders, and identify and choose items on the sales floor.
  • Ascertain that customer orders are filled correctly.
  • With a positive attitude, smile, welcome, and thank consumers.
  • In a variety of weather conditions, dispense client orders swiftly and precisely.

You can go to the Walmart website for the job description with a complete list of duties and responsibilities.

What is General Merchandise position

One of the most common positions at Walmart is General Merchandise. GMAs are in charge of numerous inventory responsibilities in store backrooms and on sales floors at Walmart.

Does general merchandise include food

If you’re a retailer, the items you offer fall into two broad merchandise categories. The first is groceries and food products, and the second is general merchandise, a broad catchall term.

General merchandise includes anything that isn’t grocery, from hearing aid batteries to large appliances. Some definitions go a step further in defining who is and isn’t a general merchandise retailer, barring items like building supplies and secondhand merchandise.

How much does a General Merchandise Clerk at Walmart make?

The primary function of a Walmart general merchandise clerk is to converse with clients and assist them in selecting and purchasing items. They must also conduct customized orders if necessary, as well as keep track of product inventory on a yearly basis. Finally, they must ensure that they retain positive consumer relations.

Although some general merchandise clerks have a bachelor’s degree, those with only a high school diploma or a GED can still apply. What matters is that you have the necessary abilities for the job.

A Walmart general merchandise clerk should have an exceptional eye for detail, multitask, work well with others, have excellent communication skills, present well, and be willing to work flexible hours. What time does walmart service desk close.

As a Walmart general merchandise clerk, you can expect a 1% job growth rate and pay of $43,799 per year. In the long run, one can become a title owner.


Walmart wants you to know various departments around the store as a General Merchandise employee to serve consumers. Furthermore, you must be capable of performing physical tasks such as carrying products across the store and loading and unloading trucks from the loading dock.

So, if you like variety in your work and can operate in a fast-paced environment, check out Walmart Careers to learn more about the General Merchandise position. Walmart dress code.

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