What is Walmart Slogan & It’s History? Save Money Live Better

Walmart Slogan

Sam Walton has created this motto. “Save Money Live Better”. This motto was Walmart’s mission.

The company name itself is assigned to Bob Bogle. Bogle was Walmart’s first manager.

Walmart Slogan

He was the manager at Walton Five and Dime. He retired in 1982. He worked for Walmart for 28 years.

Bogle was told the story that Sam Walton had not decided to pick the name for the company that they built.

He picked different names for his company. But all are very long names.

Bogle takes a paper and writes a Walmart on it. After all, Walmart proved its name.

By the Way, this motto is created at the base of low prices at Walmart. This Sam Walton’s speech is always with us!

When Did Walmart Change Its Slogan?

Walmart Stores, Inc is the largest retail corporation in the world. He introduces the best Slogan in 19 years.

The motto “Save Money Live Better” has appeared in different advertisements.

This motto was printed on store receipts, shopping bags, etc. It replaces the motto, “Always Low prices”.

It was created in 1994. In 2000, “Saving more” took place. But in 2007, Live better joint with them.

Walmart Slogan History

Wal-mart stores inc. has retailed over 465,000 stores in the world. It has been the largest retailer in the US for decades.

It is best known for low prices and saving people money.

It is the popular American Retailer in 2000 locations in the US.Its Slogan.

“Save Money Live Better” is one of the most appreciable expressions in the world.

What Was Walmart’s First Slogan?

Different advertising Slogans of different companies has used by Walmart.

Walmart aims to convey the message of saving money to people.

From 1962 to 1988, “Always Low Prices. Always.” has been used. From 1988 to 1994, “Always The Low Price. Always.” has been used.

From 1994 to 1996, “Always Low Prices. Always Walmart.” has used.

From 1996 to 1999, “Better Every Day Low Prices! Always.” has used.

From 1999 to 2007, “Always Low Prices. Always.” has used. And from 2007 to now,” Save Money. Live Better.” has been used.

This Slogan is taken to convey a message about saving money to people. Walmart changed its original Slogan.  

Between 1962 to 1965, Walmart had no logo or symbol for its company. The logo for the company is changed over the years.

Different companies used characters and symbols to promote their brand. Apple has an apple logo.

Nike has the “Swoosh”. Target has the three-ring target. To capture the Walmart mission.

Walmart used a logo. The six petal yellow we see today. This is the Walmart Spark.

This yellow petal explains the value of the company:

  • Show respect for customer
  • Serving customers first
  • Act with the highest level of attraction
  • The customer is the boss
  • Everything is excellent
  • Associates have difference

From 1962 to 1965, simple Walmart is written in Blue Serif blue font. And in Capital letters. No symbol is used.

There are dozens of logos are used for the company. Either in Capital letters or different blue fonts.

Some of the logos are in western style. It also has an emblem-style logo.

A statement written on them is: “We sell for less”. It also has a badge on it.

The badge promises satisfaction guaranteed at the bottom.

Walmart stores, inc also used a logo like a hyphen or an asterisk between Wal and Mart.

This logo is still present in North America today. The font was in a dark blue shade.

During 2008, Walmart has nothing changing in its logo. The gap between Wal and Mart is disappeared.

The heavy fonts are replaced by something lighter and softer. The dark blue becomes a light shade.

Walmart sparks now its feel like happier and shiner. Also, have a sunshine symbol with six yellow petals. 

In addition, the company has an impressive marketing team that has created catchy slogans and logos recognized worldwide. 

What Does Walmart’s Slogan Mean?

Walmart’s slogan “Save Money Live Better” conveys the message to people.

This message was to offer low prices to the customers. Also provides high-quality products to the consumers.

What Does Walmart's Slogan Mean?

To live better lives. Walmart has different discount department stores. Walmart also has accurate product and product details. 

Most Walmart companies focus on Walmart logos because the logo is a memorable part of the company.

Today most fans are not just fans of a company. But they are also fans of the spark on a logo, according to different Experts.

This spark is a symbol of inspiration. Also, a happiness sign. Walmart’s Slogan is just to motivate or inspire people to come with them.

Walmart is the world’s best cheap retailer. You can easily buy products on a very low budget.

Walmart not only saves money for people. They also encourage people to save their life from high budgets.

And live better for all life. They give items and products at low prices.

Customers’ first choice is Walmart for shopping just because of its Slogan.

What is the Walmart Chant?

Walmart Chant is the Walmart Cheer. Walmart Chant is the Walmart culture in which employees spell the words of Walmart.

There is a little jiggle between L and M. This Chant is conducted at the morning start of the day.

Cheer is conducted again at the end of the day. This chant is to encourage a positive atmosphere among customers.

This cheer was invented in 1975 by Sam Walton. Who was the founder of Walmart Inc.

Walmart employees feel very proud when they cheer daily. According to the Walmart policy.

This cheer is necessary for shifts and routine meetings.


 Walmart’s Current Slogan, “Save Money Live Better,” is a motivational message for the customers.

Walmart provides quality products at the lowest price. They also provide items on a low budget according to customers’ needs.

They prove their lifestyle through Walmart’s low prices.

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