What Does the Crown Mean on TikTok? Explained

Crown Mean on TikTok
Crown Mean on TikTok

On websites like Twitter and Instagram, there exist accounts that have been approved. It is crucial to have a verified account on these social media sites, especially if you want to become famous or are already famous for any other reason. Like other well-known social media sites, TikTok, one of the most famous video-sharing platforms, offers the approved account option. In the past, you could see a crown on approved accounts. But with the most recent update, the crown is hidden. 

An account on TikTok that has a high chance of attracting users can get verified. So let’s find out how many followers you need on TikTok to get a crown.

What Does the Crown Mean on TikTok?

The crown on TikTok indicated that the account had been verified. The crown emblem used to be taken as a representation of approved accounts. This formerly-crown-shaped icon has been adopted by Instagram as well as Twitter and Facebook as the verification mark. But, due to changes TikTok made to the crown icon, it is now impossible to view the Crown.  

You can tell you use TikTok well if you become verified on the app. It could also imply that you are a famous person. 

How Do I Verify My Account on TikTok?

A verified account on the TikTok app may only be obtained under certain conditions. You should be aware that obtaining a certified account mark on TikTok is more difficult than it is on other social media platforms. 

  • You must be a renowned person. 
  • Then you need to get the Popular Creator badge. 
  • You must have a sizable following on TikTok. 

If you are not well-known on TikTok, they may believe that it is pointless to accept an account that just has a small audience. So, you need to stand out from other users in some way.

Applying for a verified account checkmark is an option if you become well-known on TikTok.  You must provide TikTok with certain details to verify your account. You should be aware that celebrities who are already well-known will automatically obtain the verification mark, regardless of whether they use the TikTok program or not, even if they don’t post frequently. Also, it is simpler for users to obtain a TikTok authorized account symbol if they already have an approved account on other social media networks.

How Do I Get the TikTok Popular Creator Badge? 

The following is a list of requirements to obtain the TikTok Popular Creator Badge: 

Follow TikTok Video Trends

Before creating a video to upload on TikTok, keep up with the latest trends in videos by watching those that are popular. Consider popular music and video topics. It will increase your audience and your following. 

Actively utilize the TikTok Application

The most crucial thing you should do is utilize TikTok actively if you are not a famous person in the world and want to have a TikTok account that is approved. You cannot earn the Popular Creator badge if you are not a frequent TikTok user. You can increase your TikTok fame by uploading at least one video daily. Your chances of earning the Popular Creator badge will rise as a result.

Engage in Conversation with Your Fans and Others 

Read feedback on your post and answer it. Show that you care about your viewers by taking into account the compliments and complaints they left under your films. If you communicate with them more, you will be able to attract more followers. Always keep in mind that individuals desire to feel significant. 

It’s also crucial that you communicate with other TikTok users. Begin to follow several accounts and leave comments on their posts.

Share Your TikTok Videos

Suppose you utilize Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Sharing your TikTok account on these social media platforms will be quite helpful for you. In this way, your followers on these networks will be able to follow you on TikTok. Your following will grow much more swiftly as a result. 

There are a few third-party programs like a generator for verification codes and TikTok fans. But, TikTok does not endorse the usage of those programs. Utilizing them might even result in a ban. So, never use prohibited methods to obtain a verified badge.

Is there any Other Way to Get a Crown on TikTok?

TikTok has introduced a new feature that can add a gold crown to your profile picture. This crown has red and blue jewels adorning it and is positioned along the top of the profile picture circle. They can be obtained very easily by all TikTok users and are a fun way to personalize your profile photo.

Why can’t I see the Crown Icon on my Profile Picture after my account is verified?

You can’t see the crown icon on the profile picture even after verification because of the new updates of TikTok.


In the past, you could obtain a crown on TikTok. However, there are now two ways for accounts to be approved: by receiving the Popular Creator or Approved Account badges. 

You must take the actions we listed above and excel as a TikTok content creator to get the Popular Creator badge. In comparison, obtaining a Verified Account badge is challenging because you must be a well-known individual or organization. You can only have a badge if you have a stellar reputation on TikTok. 

Remember that you may earn badges on TikTok, just like on other social media sites, depending on how frequently you use it and how much high-quality content you post.

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