What is the Redbone TikTok Trend? Explained

Redbone TikTok
Redbone TikTok

As long as the author is creative enough, anything can be done using TikTok’s short video format. These include challenges, pranks, product promotions, and public statements. We anticipate seeing some fantastic stuff from TikTok on a regular basis. It is because this addicting Social Media platform is here to stay.

We know that the end of any trend on TikTok is views. The major purpose for adopting any trend is to take advantage of its viral potential. TikTok influencers need to support themselves. So whether it’s a dancing challenge or a skill-based challenge, TikTokers will have some content for you. But, not all viral trends are like that. Some offer fantastic rewards for minimal work. One such trend is the Redbone TikTok trend. It swept TikTok in the previous few months and is still going popular today. Here is all the information you require about it.

What is the Redbone TikTok trend?

There is no doubt that TikTok creators are evolving in terms of the type of material they are producing for the app. The newest trend to sweep the platform is the Redbone TikTok. In contrast to a dance move or joke skit, this one takes things a step further by disclosing a piece of fascinating information about the other person in the video.

TikTok influencer Khaleel Abdullah started this trend. It went widespread in a few months. He composed a song that blends Redbone by Childish Gambino and the instrumental sound that viewers of PornHub are likely familiar with as part of the prank. Hey Lol is the name of the song he composed. You can tell if someone is familiar with Pornhub and even a frequent visitor when the audio is played in front of them and they can identify the PornHub audio.

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How to identify the Redbone TikTok trend?

The song “Hey Lol” is the key indicator of the trend.

Usually, when a song is playing, the person who is recording the audio turns their phone camera toward the person sitting next to them or toward the general area of the room to see whether they react violently

to the music or if they enter the room to confront them. It is typically possible to determine if someone is familiar with Pornhub by their expression of recognition.

Another application of this pattern captures girlfriend responses. This song usually causes the girlfriend to enter the room where the person’s significant other is alone and see what they are up to. When they come

in, they immediately realize it’s only a TikTok video, even though it is suspected that they are watching porn.

There are various variations of this style, with one using Wiz Khalifa’s “See You Again” being well-liked. In all honesty, you can mix the opening with just about any song to make it your own.

What is the Redbone TikTok trend?

An explanation of the “Redbone” Challenge is that it entails playing the remix of Childish Gambino’s Redbone by Khaleel, “Hey Lol.” In essence, the trend works by watching to see whether individuals turn around and recognize the music to determine if they have watched PornHub movies.

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What is the “Hey Lol” by Khaleel TikTok trend? 

The trend entails playing TikToker Khaleel Abdullah’s song “Hey Lol” in a room with someone and watching to see if they tilt their head to gaze at the sound of the song. 

Why do they call them redbones?

The term “redbone” refers to lighter-skinned black people and has its roots in the West Indies’ chattel slavery of the 18th century.

What does the Khaleel song mean?

It simply indicates that you are one of the innocents. Many PornHub videos begin with the Khaleel song Hey Lol as the opening music.

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In essence, the trend works by observing whether or not people turn to look at the videos and recognize the music.


TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. The influencers keep on trying something new to entertain the audience. Redbone TikTok trend is one of the most popular trends nowadays. 

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