What Does the Red light on eero Mean? Truth & Myth

What does the Red light on eero mean?
What does the Red light on eero mean?

You might be wondering how to fix a red light on a router if you’ve been experiencing issues with the Internet. After all, signal disruptions with an accompanying red light may occur with even the finest routers. To find out how to fix your router when it flashes red, continue reading.

what does the red light on eero mean?

If your eero has a red LED, your Internet connection is down or your service is unavailable. Verify that your Rogers modem is properly connected to your eero Wall-to-Wall WiFi hub and that your Internet connection is operational.

If the LED light on each of your eeros is red, see our advice for addressing connection difficulties. Review our placement suggestions if the LED on one of the attempted Wall-to-Wall WiFi beacons is red.

Various methods for investigating the enigmatic red light

Restart your modem and router. 

Simply unplug the modem and router, wait anywhere between 30 and 60 seconds, and then replug them back in. Why not just a moment or two? Before connecting an internet router back in, check sure it has totally drained because they tend to retain energy for a while. Once the power is restored, watch for the lights to come on and then check for a green signal where there was previously a red one. You can access the web at will and do online chores, including finding out how to unplug gadgets from your router, if you have permission to do so.

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 Cables and Connections

The dreaded red light displayed on the front of the router can frequently be brought on by faulty cables, wires, and associated connections. All of your connections should be properly inspected, and if required, replaced. Whether at all feasible, test the cables in various devices to determine if they function at all. Also, make careful to test any other wire outlets from which the Internet could be obtained. 

Restore default settings on a device

Occasionally, a router’s incorrect configuration might result in the appearance of that red light. Reset the device to the factory or basic setting to repair this. While you’re doing it, you might also want to install a driver software update. After doing this, reboot the router as described above and make sure the red light is gone.

What shade ought should the Eero light have?

The app displays the eeros as green to signify they are ready to use, and the white LED indicates that the eero is operational. Your eero is establishing or setting up if the eeros on the eero application are highlighted in yellow but the eero LED is white.

How can I turn on and off the eero LED?

Your eeros each have an LED status led. The light may be turned on or off based on your preferences and offers helpful connection information. To turn on/off the status light:

  • Activate the eero app.
  • Tap the eero you want to alter the light settings for on the home screen.
  • LED light, turn on.
  • Turn on or off the LED status light.

How come my Eero is so slow?

Operate performance speed tests from Speedtest.net for each Eero site to compare the speeds in order to determine whether the location of your Eero is to blame for its sluggish speeds. Alternately, try rebooting your modem to restore the Eero and modem connection.

When working, what color is eero?

Your network is active and operating successfully if your app displays a green outline around your Eero devices and a white LED on each one. The app displays the eeros as green to signify they are ready to use, and the white LED indicates that the eero is operational.

Why does my eero always go offline?

You might first please turn the Eero off now and back on again if it keeps sporadically disconnecting. If a configuration change led to problems with the router, then this could be able to repair them since a soft reset or reboot can return those settings to their original state.

On my eero, where is the reset button?

If you need to reset your eero, you may do it using the eero app (instructions can be found here) or by clicking or tapping on the bottom, back, or side of the device (for devices of the first generation or after).


When your eero’s Internet connection or Internet service is down, a red LED will appear. Above there is the information for you on how to fix this problem. Hope so the above data is informational for you. 

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